What class will you play in Witchmarsh?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bobsplosion, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Torcida

    Torcida Space Hobo

    I'm looking forward to try out the Technician.
    But I'll of course try them all out :)
    • 1John5vs7

      1John5vs7 Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

      Long live the Moose.
      • Dr. Otaku-Sensei

        Dr. Otaku-Sensei Phantasmal Quasar

        Both Moose and Innkeeper seem
        fitting for the playstyle I enjoy.
        • fishoak

          fishoak Master Chief

          I mean, who doesn't want to be a smooth-talking private eye in the backwoods of America?
          Though on a related note, I was brainstorming more archetypes/classes for a Witchmarsh-inspired short story I'm doing, and I came up with several new ones such as:

          The Spider Master, The Dark Horse, The Lighthouse Keeper, The Bard, The Private Eye, The Photographer, The Guest, The Mapmaker, The Lumberjack, The Engineer, The Resurrected, The Moose, The Mule, The Bohemian, The Tycoon, The Runaway, The Jailbird, The Curator, The Tin Man, The Meal, The Double Agent, The Shucker, The System, The Stargazer, The Prophet, The Fanatic, The Prodigy, The Abomination, The Sinner, The Nomad, The Hanged Man, The Biologist, The Hermit, The Redshirt, The Highwayman, The Warlock, and The Psychologist.
          Many of these are classes already, but I dream of a day where they're all playable. If I had all these options I'd love to try out The Jailbird, a cutthroat escapee that plays kinda like The Mole from Monaco, with mining/breaking of things being a nice niche ability. Shame almost none of these guys exist, but with mooods (maybe?).
          • Matthaeus

            Matthaeus Void-Bound Voyager

            The Illusionist, maybe. Really digging that character design. Has there been any info about this class yet? I'll prob give all the casters a try and see which one fits my playstyle best!
            • Nodgarb

              Nodgarb Void-Bound Voyager

              Actually looking forward to playing as the Gentleman. The swordplay animations look pretty nifty so far and I have a feeling it'd be a fun and relatively straightforward class to play (which is something I'll probably do for my first time playing it).
              • legoblob

                legoblob Void-Bound Voyager

                Inkeeper looks boss. The dude with the sword though, if those combos feel nice and the parry makes me feel like a god Im definitely going to give him a spin
                • liero120

                  liero120 Space Spelunker

                  Moose or PI...want to play all of them though
                  • minion100

                    minion100 Space Hobo

                    i will go for any class that melee range to long range in terms of event i go for moose for the first play
                    • SqualidMisnomer

                      SqualidMisnomer Pangalactic Porcupine

                      I'll definitely be going with The Moose.
                      I'm incredibly biased to anything Moose related.
                      • DatYandereGirl

                        DatYandereGirl Big Damn Hero

                        I'd try out all of the classes personally.
                        • Zalbag

                          Zalbag Intergalactic Tourist

                          I will inevitably start 30 games with 30 combinations of team members (probably overlapping).

                          I mean, that's what I do in every other game involving skill trees... I should probably finish Dragon Age now, huh?
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                          • Sire Nukerre

                            Sire Nukerre Big Damn Hero

                            Okay according to how I normally play RPG games, I WILL play as all of the Characters.

                            I will start playing as a character I thought would be cool at first sight but (perhaps due to hype) then change to play as the least interesting character. Then reroll ad nauseum to test the other characters.

                            That said, I'll play Alchemist or Technician. Or Scribe.

                            Alchemist because potions and science, mostly potions. Technician because gadgets and whatchamacallits. Scribe because Eldritch Horror(?).

                            For some reason I love food and chemicals in my video game worlds and if there's a character that does that I'll jump on it immediately. I also love non-physical/not-your-usual weapons like lasers or somesuch. I also love min/maxing but it infuriates me if it's too difficult to attain perfection (but PLEASE DO NOT DUMB DOWN ANYTHING). Additionally, I like playing support characters especially in a co-op game because they always get the cool stuff. Running out of connectors in my limited vocabulary, I would also like to play a Russian-Roulette/Hilarious Dice Roll character.

                            Reply because I think "The Cartographer" would sound more fancy.
                            • fishoak

                              fishoak Master Chief

                              Yeees gambling characters are cool.
                              I picked the Mapmaker because I had been prompted so by my friend, she drew something and I had to write a story about it (her prompt: https://33.media.tumblr.com/0e599a77260ac343ccd0f5c8e4e5cb1a/tumblr_nbii9aOwwE1r3vxzgo1_500.jpg). My mind immediately made connection to Witchmarsh and I few pages I'm proud of. It's in the fan works section of this forum, check it out if you want to read Witchmarshy-fanfic about a whole new set of characters.
                              • Sire Nukerre

                                Sire Nukerre Big Damn Hero

                                Yes indeed! Always the risk and anticipating great rewards. Chaos is such a temptation.

                                Fair enough, pretty cool artwork and the story looks like some decent effort's put into it I'll give it a thorough read some time :DD
                                • DatYandereGirl

                                  DatYandereGirl Big Damn Hero

                                  lol yeah, that is true.
                                  • ares5566

                                    ares5566 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Alchemist sounds interesting but only if consumables also includes offensive items like bombs/poison/debuff stuff. A mid-range fight just behind the front lines type character would be fun since I usually play melee classes in rpgs and not quite ready to go full sniper quite yet.
                                    • The Lem

                                      The Lem Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      I honestly haven't had much of a look at this game yet, but I will get it.

                                      I'd probably go with whatever class is easiest (or start with) and try the others as I improve at the game.
                                      • BloodyFingers

                                        BloodyFingers The End of Time

                                        Sure, I'll spread my tendrils over here...

                                        The P.I. is looking sexy. I'll definitely give him a go first.
                                        • The-Seven-Worlds

                                          The-Seven-Worlds Zero Gravity Genie

                                          As of now, I cannot really tell. The P.I is rather tempting though...

                                          Though t'll probably end up the same it did with borderlands 2, choose a class, stick with it for 200 hours, and remember accidentally there are indeed other classes to play as. xD

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