What and where can I find 'Durasteel'?

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  1. Dainank2

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    I am having trouble finding tier 4 materials (DURASTEEL) and I have no clue where to find it or how to make it. Apparently it is craftable but how exactly?

    Thank You!

    Ok, whoops just found out you need a 'Titanium bar' and a 'Silver bar' at a industrial furnace to make it. I have an industrial furnace but still can't find the craft option. Do you need to unlock the recipe, and if so how?

    Thank You!
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  2. Wingidon

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    The industrial furnace is insufficient, you must find something of a higher tier: the atomic furnace.

    You should have that available for crafting at your nearest robotic crafting table.
  3. Dainank2

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    Yes I have that available to craft. Thank You!
  4. Ludovic

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    Yup, just be careful this is due for change in 1.0.
    Durasteel will become a new ore altogether, found on radioactive planets in particular. It will be available right from the industrial furnace now, which will be "acquired" by directly upgrading a stone furnace(in fact, new tiers of crafting stations aren't acquired anymore by crafting them from a crafting table, but by directly upgrading the station itself.
    The tables and tiers go as follow:

    Inventor Table: First crafting station of the game, used to craft the basic version of all others.
    Upgrade to: Drafting Table, Architect Station(upgrading unlocking not new tiers of existing station, but new stations altogether. For example upgrading to Drafting Table will unlock the new Apothecary Table that is used to craft specialized healing items). The last tier notably allow to craft the revamped Pet Crafting Stations and the new Rails Crafting Station(currently using the graphics for the old robotic crafting table

    Stone Furnace: As before it is used to smelt ores, but now come with two tabs: One for ore smelting and one specifically for "misc. materials" creations. This cover clay bricks and glass panes, but also the new "volatile powder" that is crafted from core fragments ore and can now be used to craft your own flares and even bombs(though those laters are not cheap, thanks to their blocks-busting ability).
    Upgrade to: Industrial Furnace and then the Atomic Furnace. Later tiers notably unlocks not just the ability to smelt newer ores but also newer components such as electronic components like batteries and silicon boards when you reach the Atomic Furnace. These are used in a lot of the newer advanced creations(such as craftable ship doors r the new fridge containers as well as the last tiers of most other tablets).

    The old "crafting workbench" is now dedicated solely to the creation of decor and building blocks, and upgrade to an industrial workbench to unlock all of the last tiers of decor/blocks creation. It could be argued that this make it purely optional to progression for those players interested purely in exploration/combat and thus uninterested in actual settlement building and the like.

    There's a ton more but to cover them all would stray too far from the thread's subject ^^;

    If anything I like how the new system does make each stations actually much more usable thanks to uncluttering their individual crafting lists.

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