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Bug/Issue Went underground with a friend then crashed with this. Can't join without it crashing (am using mods

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Supercow1122, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Supercow1122

    Supercow1122 Void-Bound Voyager

    [Error] Fatal Error: Access violation detected at 00007FF6F8456361 (Read of address 00000000000000F8)
    [0] 7ff6f7f3a213 Star::captureStack
    [1] 7ff6f7f3a45c Star::fatalError
    [2] 7ff6f8456361 Star::MaterialDatabase::radiantLight
    [3] 7ff6f8442c43 <lambda_5a76fe35d12bfa042c2f00b0d3af9e5c>::eek:perator()
    [4] 7ff6f8436492 Star::SectorArray2D<Star::ClientTile,32>::evalColumnsPriv<<lambda_8a98115b9af8469eadd3bf2387f471eb> & __ptr64>
    [5] 7ff6f843cc8c Star::TileSectorArray<Star::ClientTile,32>::tileEvalColumns<<lambda_5a76fe35d12bfa042c2f00b0d3af9e5c> >
    [6] 7ff6f84579b4 Star::WorldClient::render
    [7] 7ff6f7e82234 Star::ClientApplication::render
    [8] 7ff6f864d506 Star::SdlPlatform::run
    [9] 7ff6f864d68d Star::runMainApplication
    [10] 7ff6f7e87731 WinMain
    [11] 7ff6f88307af __scrt_common_main_seh
    [12] 7fff56057bd4 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [13] 7fff5770ce71 RtlUserThreadStart
  2. Kinoshe

    Kinoshe Orbital Explorer

    u too m8

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