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  1. I really wish I had known about this game the day it had come out but oh well. I absolutely love games that give you a basic idea as to what you should be doing but leave you to the game from there. I've been able to figure out a lot in this game so far but I have gotten stuck on that weird little box outside the characters house. When I place something in the box is says shipped item so I am not sure if it is a mailbox or a storage unit? I wish I knew where I could store a lot of my extra stuff if it isn't a storage unit.

    I did a lets play of this game as well if anyone is curious. I stay talkative and cut out any boring spots as to hopefully not annoy viewers too much:

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      That box sells the items. You can craft a chest to store them
      • Oh okay that makes sense. The "shipped" part was throwing me off I thought that meant I could send items elsewhere instead of carrying them around like if I built a second box or something :p

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