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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bach, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Rossitto

    Rossitto Space Hobo

    What exactly is ''wonderful''?

    And what exactly is looking interesting for you?

    Tactical game with real time( reflex based) portion? Why? It's more ''fun''? Is it fun ''move the queen as fast as you can TO checkmate the opponent?! For me it's not fun. It's infant.

    Ok, that was my question about. Thank you for the answer. And I am sorry for being cynical, it was only for provocative purposes. :giggle:
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    • Finn Learson

      Finn Learson Lettuce Bring Peace!

      I cleaned up a few posts, and I just wanted to address that it's okay to ask questions, but please be nice and respectful to everyone on the forums. Picking fights and name calling will not be tolerated.

      Thanks and happy posting. :)
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      • Dogkiller

        Dogkiller Void-Bound Voyager

        Rossitto, there is no exploration in chess only "combat". Do you drag the Rook around, before it enters the chessboard, exploring and searching for switches and items?
        Moving the queen is a "combat" action in chess, is it not? And in this game you already know that the combat is going to be turn based so i can't relate to your example.

        Also having turn-based combat and real time exploration is a pretty standard formula shared with almost all games of the genre, such as:
        Divinity: Original Sin
        Expeditions: Conquistador
        Fallout 1 & 2
        Fallout Tactics
        Knights of the Chalice
        Shadowrun Returns
        Temple of Elemental Evil
        Wizardry Series (Although you may call them phase-based)
        and many others.

        I am sure there are full turn-based games, but right now i cant think of any.
        What full turn-based games, besides chess, do you like?
        • DotBeta

          DotBeta Oxygen Tank

          Hotline Miami + X-Com + Alien Swarm = Halfway. I like the overall style and game concept.

          I'll be picking it up during the humble bundle.
          • mollygos

            mollygos Former Staff

            The Humble Store is a separate thing from the bundle. :) It's going up in the Humble Store-- it's not a part of a bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/store
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            • DotBeta

              DotBeta Oxygen Tank

              Ooohh, well thanks for clearing that up Molly :). I swore I read Humble Bundle not Humble Store, then again I did make that post at about 4a.m. so my vision may have been a wee bit impaired lol.
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              • Rossitto

                Rossitto Space Hobo

                These is no problem with the exploration in real time. BUT, the encounters, or in other words-when and where the combat starts and HOW it starts contribute to the gameplay. If you see the enemy and continue to move in real time, thats combat in real time(moving the queen as fast as you can). In fact in many turn based games like JA2, you see the enemy on the map moving and you move your squad in real time, this is in fact real time game. Move faster your units because the tiny little red dot on the map is coming to you. Shitgame. Underrail- when you are in stealth mode and moving thru enemies in real time. Shitgame. Fallout- you expect to encounter a fight and move in real time expecting a fight is in fact real time game. Shitgame. Paradise Cracked-turn based, real time-no. Play, think, explore, combat, everything-turn based. Not shit game. Try it. It is so simple to understand when you have to use your reflexes in a game and when not. If you must-shit game. I can tell you many many many turn based games with no real time portion. I will not. Google. Try it.
                • Rossitto

                  Rossitto Space Hobo

                  How is it possible to pick a fight here? Is it in a turn based mode or what...?:lickitung:
                  • Dogkiller

                    Dogkiller Void-Bound Voyager

                    Oh i see any game that only has turn based combat, but real time exploration is automatically bad?
                    That's a very strict criteria.

                    I never heard of Paradise Cracked, but let me google it.
                    According to MobyGames and Metacritic this game doesn't have a single positive review.
                    From what i read it sounds like a, how would you say, oh yes a
                    A pity it seems to be so mediocre i might had given it a spin.
                    So it seems that even a true full turn-based game can be bad. I guess there are no good games. :(

                    Edit: By the way, you might enjoy ShadowWatch.
                    Its not an RPG, despite having some RPG elements, but it is a full turn-based game.
                    • Combaticus

                      Combaticus Orbital Explorer

                      Funny Rossitto how all those games you mentioned were "shit games" are actually not shit games. In fact the only shitty game you mentioned is the one you think is actually good. I am not sure I can trust your taste in games lol.
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                      • Seminus

                        Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                        Hey everyone,
                        Simon here, Stefans brother and part of the Robotality development team. Nice to meet you all!

                        I hope you all will enjoy the game today and we can't wait to see what you think about it.

                        We are all a bit nervous here. ;)
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