Weird sounds?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lottom, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Lottom

    Lottom Space Hobo

    Mid-spring, at night when i got my income, it sounded a weird whale-like cry instead of the usual cock a doodle doo. Begin summer (now), its raining and sounding these same cries all day long. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    • zoeevee

      zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

      Yep. Still no idea what it is. Happens every time it rains.
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      • Lottom

        Lottom Space Hobo

        it sounds like the noise from the sewers when the kids see something..
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        • Wombat Wizard

          Wombat Wizard Master Chief

          Just imagine you're on Morrowind and it's only a silt strider passing by. I mean how else are people going to get around with the bus line out of order?
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          • Nilhelheim

            Nilhelheim Void-Bound Voyager

            LOL. So fa, ive been thinking, its frogs and other bugs that souund around... or the silt strider sounds more logical..
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            • loviebeest

              loviebeest Space Penguin Leader

              I just use the sound in the morning to know if it will rain that day or not. I find them usefull. (though still creepy at the wrong times)
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              • Lottom

                Lottom Space Hobo

                it doesnt sound like frogs or bugs though.. it does it every once in a while and its really spooky
                • Epicduck122

                  Epicduck122 Void-Bound Voyager

                  Ive heard lots of creepy sounds because im a total addict on the game and ive heard a woman screaming, low whale like sounds and inhuman howling. Also your farm is *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* Haunted by your grandfathers ghost so maybe the Whale sounds is by the ghost? cant explain the howling and the screams. Its probably not *SPOILER* the sounds are probably not Krobus the sewer monster because he speaks English and it considered a male either way explained or not the sounds are disturbing.
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                  • about drew

                    about drew Phantasmal Quasar

                    Maybe the sounds are part of this secret that ConcernedApe said is in the game
                    There's an entire Reddit thread dedicated to discovering some mysterious secret.
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                    • Ghostly Fox

                      Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                      Several possible culprits.

                      First possible culprit: Rasmodius. Marnie mentions that the Wizard tower makes strange noises.

                      Second possible culprit: Krobus. While yes, he can speak English, it's likely not his native language, meaning he could be speaking in his native tongue, that gets further warped by echoin around in and then out of the sewer.

                      Third possible culprit: An unknown spirit that lives in the region. We already know about the Junimos and Fairies, so the possibility of more is fairly strong.

                      Fourth possible culprit: Natural phenomenon caused by the air moving through the valley, given the sharp changes in altitude.
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                      • Gabaw

                        Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

                        Yeah and then there's weather balloons and swamp gas eh? You work for them. I knew it! What are you hiding??
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                        • Megzzzx

                          Megzzzx Void-Bound Voyager

                          Jas making weird noise to try and scare the town.
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                          • musical74

                            musical74 Space Kumquat

                            I suspect it's either Rasmodius, Jas, Abby, or a spirit that is trying to tell you something. The wizard because Marnie has heard bizarre sounds that could be related to the *what the heck is that sound??* Jas because she's got the creepy vibe and there have been reports of her out late at night. Abby because she hangs around the graveyard and would probably love to play a prank on her Dad with that (given some of the things she's asked for to play a prank on her Dad...)/ The spirit because there's probably more spirits than the juminos (which you can see)...
                            • Ghostly Fox

                              Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                              That was listed in order of most likely to least. I'd be surprised if it was caused by anything like natural phenomenon.
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                              • Borodin

                                Borodin Oxygen Tank

                                It always happens when Elliott discovers a pimple or rash on his face in the morning. That is the unearthly scream you hear.
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                                • Aurrelia

                                  Aurrelia Aquatic Astronaut

                                  I figured it was ghosts, not just Grandpa's...
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                                  • Gabaw

                                    Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

                                    Fabio's howls echo long into the night :rofl:
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                                    • NikkSword

                                      NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      Some roaming Joja MArt employee howling at the moon
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                                      • Gabaw

                                        Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

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                                        • Stener

                                          Stener Space Hobo

                                          If you go to the Wizard's tower when it's raining he says that some spirits can only be communicated with during rainy days.

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