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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Harssen, Feb 28, 2023.

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    First things first it's not your usual "update your graphics card" or anything.
    Now that's THAT out of the way, There's this weird lag I get in vanilla AND modded (latest smapi version) where my game would randomly lag down to like 2/3 frames...for the weird thing now is when I defend with any sword (has to be a long sword not a short crit one) the game runs smoothly again like nothing happened.
    Idk what causes this and I spent days thinking what could possibly cause it but this is a new thing I've never encountered ever before especially the fix for it which was not intentional at all (I gave up on playing the game and kept spamming random stuff till I hit X).
    I was wondering if there's a way to automate the process of defending with a long sword in the background without really using the sword?? or a 20s refresh or some sort of solution.
    I got desperate to the point I started learning how to edit the files to fix it myself (the code shouldn't be that hard ik what to do but not how to do it especially let it work with "Content Patcher" or SMAPI in general) but I ended up corrupting my save file (luckily I was smart enough to try a new farm).
    I hope someone knows a solution for this or is willing to guide me through making the mod or anything bruh I can't anymore smh :cry:
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      Hi, the modding community has moved like the poster noted above!

      If you still need help though, I use a mod called Sprite Master that makes my game run smooth even with 500+ mods and I make sure that Stardew Valley uses all of my computers cores (make sure you have that enabled) and you should see gameplay improve


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