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Bug/Issue Weird Glitch, There Are Multiples Of The Same Npcs.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Taroxim, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Taroxim

    Taroxim Aquatic Astronaut

    So basically whenever I talk to a npc, a duplicate of the npc will appear and follow the same walking pattern as the original, but delayed. I only have one .xnb file per npc so this shouldn't happen right?

    I did install the no bow legs mod but lost the back ups of the original xnbs, so I reinstalled Stardew valley via steam. Although steam also reinstalled my mods in my mod folder so maybe the no bow legs mod is still installed? It can't be though since this bug is affecting all npcs not just the ones changed by the no bow legs mod.

    I have the latest version of smapi, and it doesn't come up with any errors so it can't be a mod interfering with another mod right?

    Also when I first start a new game, all the npcs are fine then even if I don't talk to them they still double then quadruple etc...

    This bug is also glitching out cjbcheatsmenu in the relationship section, it says that there are tons of a single character.


    This is my current modlist:
    Advanced location loader
    animal sitter
    Better quarry
    experience bars
    forage at the farm
    loved labels
    skullcavern elevator

    I did recently uninstall these following mods, although the bug was happening before i deleted them:
    part of the community.
    • Lilliput

      Lilliput Supernova

      No bow legs is just a graphical edit mod; it does nothing to NPC behavior. Mods like that are just someone re-drawing the sprite sheets to clean up the graphics a little.

      Your most likely culprit is NPCmaplocations.
      • Taroxim

        Taroxim Aquatic Astronaut

        I'll delete it then report back her whether or not it works.
        • Taroxim

          Taroxim Aquatic Astronaut

          So I removed it from my mod list but it didn't do anything. :(
          • Lilliput

            Lilliput Supernova

            It may need some additional cleanup to remove duplicate NPCs. I have seen other threads about cleaning up this glitch here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/multiple-sprites-of-the-same-villagers.132659/

            I would suggest looking over the technical details of how to 'delete' cloned NPC's from your save using @MysticTempest 's technique. I notice the other player having this same issue was also using NPCmaplocations at the time. (I did not check for any other mods you may have in common as well.)
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            • Taroxim

              Taroxim Aquatic Astronaut

              In the comments the op goes on to say that it did fix the problem, but the glitch is still sometimes happening.
              • Lilliput

                Lilliput Supernova

                Indeed, but, they are still using a bunch of mods, and it's got to be one (or more) of them that's causing the problem. Anything that messes with the program is a possible source of errors-- so you have to decide if the risk of messing up your save file is worth extensive modding. Only you can decide!
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