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What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

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  1. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    The dream I had last night was when I got kidnapped and I managed to kill my kidnappers with my bare hands while I was handcuffed.

    Ironically I can't fight.
  2. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    I've been dreaming so much more often lately. Last night was interesting, it was like DBZ but without the yelling, and just fighting in general instead of martial arts. Also everybody was lizard-people. It was pretty fun when I got the Lvl 20 Invisible Ethereal Laser Buckler of Defense and I found out I could turn shields into weapons by trying to put them in my right hand. Pretty soon I had a giant blazing golden flail with a pommel that looked like a chariot wheel. It helped when I fought what I could only assume was the scalie version of Mr. Freeze.

    Second part was less actiony. I dreamed I was browsing Reddit and found a subreddit that predicts world events before they happen, with absolute accuracy. It didn't go so well.
  3. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    So you were their judge, jury and xHelcutor.

    I'll see myself out...
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  4. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    Yes. Please excuse yourself. Before I send you to Hel.

    That's better.
  5. NoTimeForStalin

    NoTimeForStalin Pangalactic Porcupine

    Last night I had a dream where I was in an alternate reality where people could monitor and change their body functions or thoughts through putting a high-tech syringe called "the scissors" in their head, and key lime pie was illegal. I was hired by a group of kids to paint their stairs and then they gave me one of the illegal pies. After they gave me the pie I fought and killed them with my brother, who disappeared after the fight. I ended up in some sort of auditorium where a woman who looked like Oprah was up on stage. I was hiding the pie under a blanket and a really fat woman thought I was cold and offered to use "the scissors" on me to fix it, but I said no because I wasn't one of them (and because I hate syringes). Eventually I was in a room full of yoga balls and giant pies and some sort of anti-key lime pie police force came in looking for the pie I had. I stabbed one in the head with one of "the scissors" but it didn't do anything so I ran. I tried to open the back door, (the whole dream so far took place in one building) but it was locked. At that moment I realized it was a dream, because the door looked suspiciously like my back door which we never lock. I unlocked the door (by changing the dream) and then I ran outside and gave myself a grenade which I threw at the building and then I woke up.

    That was the very first time I was able to alter a dream through the knowledge of it being a dream, but not the first time I realized that I was in a dream while in the dream...
    This was also my first dream in in a few weeks.
  6. Dr Fushba

    Dr Fushba Cosmic Narwhal

    In my latest dream I was waiting for an exam, when I felt my chest and noticed I had no heartbeat. I also noticed a bunch of rib bones poking out of the ground. A while later, all the bones just popped out of the ground along with a bunch of my internal organs, including my heart.
    My immediate thoughts were 'Oh no, they're gonna have to put those back inside me, good thing we found them in time'. I missed my exam, though. Good thing it was only General Studies.

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    My dream was both scary and funny.

    So, me and two of my brothers were following me in a huge, pitch black house, only with glowsticks. Then we hear laughing. We hear footsteps getting closer and closer and then...

    A cat. :3
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  8. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I don't remember exactly what happened in my last dream, but I do remember something about toothpastes.

    It doesn't get any weirder than dreaming about toothpastes.
  9. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    I had a similar incident.. I once dreamed I was in a car that was out of control and we hit all sorts of things.. Most of it being inanimate though.. When I woke up (afternoon/evening time), I was told my cat died that morning.. He got hit by a car early morning and was found dead before noon.. It was also my younger brother's birthday too! It will be 1 year after his passing July 10th.. I still miss him.. He was a super awesome cat too.. As long as you weren't hurting him, he didn't really care what you did to him and he was super cuddly.. As in, he loved attention.. He had to be the center of attention if he was awake.. He'd meow, purr, rub up against your leg.. When we had friends over and we're watching a movie, if someone is laying on the floor or couch, he would hop up on their chest/stomach and lay there.. Sometimes he fell asleep on them! He generally claw at my door trying to open it and meow until I opened it.. Then he'd steal all my leg space on my bed when I am trying to sleep! Yes, I have a small bed barely big enough for me.. Sammich (the cat) was a fat cat.. A big fluffy teddy bear kitty..

    My dreams mostly deal with death.. Mine specifically.. I've died more times in my dreams than Kenny on South Park.. Also, I can feel what is happening in the dream.. Chainsaw in the shin is not a pleasant sensation.. I have drowned, been melted by lava, stabbed, choked, crushed, etc.. I've had a small degree of lucidity to where I can "change the channel" and reset everything going on and switch to a different scenario with memory of the previous events is the only thing that persists when I do..

    I also tend to have poltergeist dreams where I am being attacked by one.. Sometimes I gain a some lucidity and manage to steal the poltergeist's power of levitating things around and even ride it while doing so! Poltergeist dreams are where the majority of the crushing and choking death nightmares take place.. Although the poltergeist nightmares were not 100% unfounded as I was attacked by one.. At first, I thought it was only a recurring nightmare (for over a month).. It turns out the store inflatable Frankenstein decoration (goofy looking kind) was haunted.. The one they put at the foot of my bed as there were space there and I kinda liked it.. We got it free since it was no longer in season (mid November).. I kept telling myself it was ONLY a nightmare as I was asleep and having nightmares.. I naturally thought nothing of it as nightmares will blow over and be replaced by something else within a week or so.. Christmas Eve 3:00AM I snap awake from the poltergeist nightmare, sit up and look at my clock and lay back down since it is too early.. Within a couple minutes, I get the air knocked out of me by something pushing down on my chest and stomach, then dragged up to the headboard! I moved about 1 foot up my bed.. That is when I KNEW the poltergeist thing wasn't only a nightmare! For the following 2-3 months I REFUSED to sleep on my back at night.. I told my mom (because high school age people generally still live with parents) about it and she laughed and dubbed the Frankenstein decoration "Franky".. They still laugh when I bring up the subject.. I quickly removed that thing out of my room around mid-Jan early Feb when I deduced that was the source of the haunting.. It stopped shortly afterwards..

    PS- I decided to save some space (and some of your sanity possibly) by hiding 2 walls of text with spoiler tags..
  10. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Ok, weird dream time! Guess who was in it again?

    Yep, that one girl I can't seem to stop dreaming about. It's like I'm infatuated with her or something. But don't worry, this is not a AO rated dream.
    Well, we did make out in that dream. Except my brother and cousin were in the same room. And it seems that this dream is a follow up to something else, because she made out with me as part of a promise I've previously made to her. A promise I don't actually remember making, but inside the dream it made sense so I went with the flow. And the promise? I would do anything she asks. And she asked to switch partners around the room. So let's do the math here:

    In the room there was four people. Me, my brother, my cousin and this girl. So switching around meant that...
    Oh. It means I would have to make out with a man, and a family member to boot, either way...

    I raised that question to her and how I really don't swing that way. She replied with "no need to actually kiss them, just go through the motions". Ugh, that would still be very, very awkward as we kind of... errr... groped each other fiercely back then. But she said we would go further if I did, so I was very conflicted about this situation. I must really like her if I actually considered going through with it...
    But before I reached a decision, my bladder woke me up with a #1 emergency, so the dream ended there.
    And it kind of makes sense that she would try to get me to kiss a male. You see, while I "don't swing that way", real world girl does swing the 'other' way. And we work in the same room, so I see her everyday. She's very cute and nerdy but I already convinced myself that it's not worth pursuing something with her. Or so I thought but it seems my subconsciousness doesn't see eye to eye with my me...

    And before someone suggests I should go for it anyway, know that I have already done that before. Not only does she not like men, she doesn't like me in particular, as my attempts to invite her to watch a movie together ended up with 'unfriends' both virtually and irl.

    "Oh I'm not really talkative so don't take this the wrong way". Yeah, except she's super friendly and chatty with others...
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  11. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    So in this dream, the world had ended. The apocalypse was already over, but it was just sort of empty. It still felt dangerous though, for some reason. Anyways, I was living in a tiny camper trailer in what used to be a state park camping grounds. I had to gather some materials from the area to do something important. I don't remember what I needed, just that they were completely nonsensical to find in the surrounding woods. So I left my camper trailer, found whatever I was looking for, and went back. Except I was convinced the entire time that the fastest way to travel was to roll around on an office chair.
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  12. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Oh, I had an apocalyptic dream once!
    All I remember of it was that my family and I knew that the world's end was imminent, and we were all inside our family SUV trying to skip town. The entire landscape was eveloped in a thick fog and the city was not deserted, but already emptier than usual. As we were speeding along the highway, we heard a loud rumble, and a shockwave blasted through us. Everything started to crumble and the ground beneath the SUV gave way, leaving it stuck amidst chunks of pavement and concrete. We had to climb out of the vehicle through the windows because the rubble was blocking the doors. And just as we managed to pull ourselves out of the car, the ground colapsed even further and the car vanished beneath all that destruction. We would have to walk our way through the apocalypse.

    That's all I remember about that dream.
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  13. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    Speaking of apocalyptic dreams...

    I had a dream once, where there was a huge spider the size of a mountain, made completely out of wire. It was kinda destroying everything. Kinda. :unsure:
  14. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    Apocalypse dreams are always interesting.

  15. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Dream logic.
    No matter how absurd it is, it makes perfect sense in our dreams.
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  16. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    I had a spy dream not to long ago where spiders were used as manual labor. Their main diet also consisted of glue. There was some other world building stuff about the spiders that had no relation to the rest of the dream whatsoever.
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  17. Kaiachi

    Kaiachi Tiy's Beard

    I had a really weird dream. I was at a bar, and someone switched the tv's channel to cartoons, and it was Dora the Explorer. She was playing Starbound (like actually IN Starbound), and she was digging through rocks but then ran into a bunch of soft sand (which falls everywhere, right?). So she gets buried in gravel and her axe broke, but for some reason, she doesn't have a matter manipulator. So she couldn't dig herself out of the gravel and died. O.O
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  18. rhomboid

    rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

    i have a shitty zombie apocalypse dream about twice a month. they're always different, except that i will 100% die every time upon dream completion. although usually i wake myself up when i'm tired of sucking at zombie apocalypse.
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  19. Kaiachi

    Kaiachi Tiy's Beard

    Wow, I've only had one or two zombie dreams ever... but it sounds kinda fun (except for the sucking part). At least you can wake yourself up!
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  20. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    I usually wake myself up from a nightmare by locking myself in the bathroom and sleeping on the shag rug.
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