Spooky Weird Dreamz Thread

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What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

  1. Dreams

  2. Nightmares

  3. Lucid Dreams

  4. I never dream!

  1. HuelerMage

    HuelerMage Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I had this one weird dream where i got so mad that i forgot everything including my name sooo i panicked and tried to yell but seems like my mouth won't open anymore.
    Then i woke up on sunrise finding out that i have fell asleep while my homeworks were at the ground. :saywhat:
  2. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    When I was really little I used to have a dream that the apartment we lived in was on fire. While everybody was running around, I couldn't move or talk and was just standing there watching.
  3. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I used to have a pretty horrid nightmare where I fall headfirst into a pool and, while I was upside down underwater, my body froze.

    I actually felt suffocated during the dream. Like I somehow stopped breathing while sleeping and it took some time until my body reacted violently enough for me to wake up. I desperately gasped for air every time I woke up from that nightmare.
  4. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    That reminds me! When I was in second or third grade, we took frequent trips to a local YMCA to swim (some kids didn't know how to swim). I once had a dream that my teacher was throwing us into the pool and we were being sucked under the water. When I woke up, I was gasping for air.
  5. Death-Slicer

    Death-Slicer Poptop Tamer

    well i have this one night mare
    long story short
    mickey has Ebola and his face is distorted and i hate 999999999999% also he is giving me hallucinations for real i sleep with one eye openD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
  6. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Last night, I dreamed that I was trying to log into something, but my password kept failing. As my attempts continued, Lord Petyr Baelish came along with a UV light to check if I'd written the password in invisible ink somewhere. He then proceeded to have a breakdown over Catelyn Stark.
  7. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Oh. I have a dream fresh out of sleep, so forgive the many typos that are bound to appear:

    I was a burglar and the score was the mansion of an old friend of mine. He wasn't that rich irl, but in my dream, mo'fo was loaded. Except I wasn't any common burglar. I had the amazing power of quicksave/quickload. Whenever I messed up, I'd go back and retry it. But as I savescum my way throught the mansion, one of the mess ups had me face to face with my old friend.

    During the job I came across his game collection. Lotsa 3ds and WiiU titles I wanted there. But this old pal caught me in the act and tried to subdue me. I loaded again, determined to avoid that encounter and bag his games, but this time I wasn't having it my way.
    To my surprise, he came running down the stairs and tried to take me down again! He was no ordinary person either it seems! So I had to improvise.

    Next run, knowing he was on to me, I hid and waited for him. When he came around looking for me, I jumped him with another trick of mine: Shocking grasp. That knocked him out cold...
    I swear, I hold no grudges against him. I had forgotten about him entirely before this dream. But you know, a score is a score...

    But after subduing him, some weird guilt overcame me as I pondered about his stash of games. I decided to leave those be and raid his father's bedroom for additional swag. I'd fence those for the games I wanted.

    The getaway was more dramatic. At that point the whole mansion was aware of me. I jumped throught the window, ran towards the front gate when I saw a bunch of vintage vehicles on display in his front garden (seriously, this guy was rich in my dream). I hid behind one of the cars as some of them stormed through the gate, opening it for me. That was my cue! I got inside the car, lucky for me, the keys were inside (dream logic) and off I went throught the gate as well. A chase ensued but I got away in the end. And so I drove off into the night planning a meeting point for my fence as the dream faded away and I woke up.

    So there you have it. If I had any super powers I'd probably become a super thief apparently... :sneaky:
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  8. Brassqund

    Brassqund Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I got a dream... that was more or less in the game of throne world...
    Sam (of Lord of the ring) was there and the bad guy was... Severus Snape (yes, from harry potter)

    I didn't have watch of those things for a long time...
    Wtf :rofl:
  9. Rohoph

    Rohoph Void-Bound Voyager

    I swear that I have lucid nightmares every night, but I just forget about most of them.

    One that I remember in particular goes as follows:

    I'm in a darkroom, and I'm developing a photograph. The darkroom is trashed, and there are bizarre pictures all around me on the walls. One of which was a couple holding hands at a carnival. They both wore masquerade masks shaped like rats.

    I develop the photo, and in it, there's me, staring at the hanging body of my best friend, while a third unrecognizable figure, a tall man with PURPLE hair whispers in my ear.

    When I put the photo down, the couple wearing rat masks are standing right in my face, staring at me, while the red light starts flickering uncontrollably.

    Then I wake up.
  10. theXavier

    theXavier Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I dreamed that I had a dream when I was dreaming in a dream.
  11. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

  12. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    When you're having a nightmare and then realize you're awake, and can't escape from what's happening to you
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  13. ZilverZap

    ZilverZap Pangalactic Porcupine

    One of my weirdest was dreaming that my hair was just a wig since birth and it actually spooked me even after waking up, needless to say I like my hair a lot.
  14. NoTimeForStalin

    NoTimeForStalin Pangalactic Porcupine

    Last night I had a dream where I was hunting super-intelligent tiny lizards with my dad and Liam Neeson. I guess my dream mind thought that he had a very particular set of skills that he acquired over a very long career that could help me find and kill those lizards.
  15. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Last night I had a dream that I was trying to escape a grocery store during some sort of awful disaster. I quickly ran to the air vents (of course) and got myself stuck between two vents. Fortunately, a friendly gnome named Ishmael came and offered me a key, which I accepted and used to get through the vents and into safety. I was then scolded by my friend for not turning off the air conditioning.
  16. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I couldn't think of a better tracker than Liam Neeson. He will look for your lizard. He will find it... and then he'll kill it.

    Back when I first acquired my driving license, I used to have nightmares about car accidents. It usually went like this:
    I would be driving somewhere, then I would fumble while making something basic, like a conversion or changing lanes, and then I'd crash and burn.

    But that's not really weird. What's weird is that I dreamed about dating my boss yesterday. And it was actually nice. Which doesn't match her real world persona at all...
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  17. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    Geez some of these nightmares are crazy. I have never had one, probably because I play way too many video games. I think I remember reading there is link between dreams and video games, but I'm not sure. Anyway, dreams.
    I had one a while ago where I was reading a book while I was also the main character of said book. In the book, my father, but not my real father, and I had moved to an arctic planet in search of life underneath the ice. As we built our shelter, a church choir sang to use in the snow. We stayed there for several years, and during that time others joined us. Four women arrived, three of them my age, while the other was a queen of some sort. My father died after their arrival, and I was left alone. Then the girls began to propose to each other and I closed the book. A bell rang and I tried to leave my classroom, but someone just stacked everything on my head.

    EDIT: I found an article about said link between video games and dreaming: http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/21/5330636/video-games-effect-on-dreams
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  18. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    I had a dream that I was in sleep paralysis.
    It felt so real and everything looked like how the room was before I went to sleep.
    And then I woke up.
    My dreams are getting way too literal...
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  19. DarkHypno

    DarkHypno Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I had a council with Abraham Lincoln, king of the biscuits.
  20. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

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