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What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

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  1. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Master Astronaut

    I never cared much for how in my dreams the public bathrooms have no privacy at all. There's no stalls or door seperating you from other people getting to see you doing your business.

    I also find it quite annoying how people like to congregate in the bathrooms and even sit n' eat lunch in there. It's not uncommon for there to actually be tables and chairs in the public bathrooms.
  2. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal


    Not really.
  3. Brassqund

    Brassqund Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    A couple of night ago I dreamed about a woman.
    I don't remember how she was looking but I know she was really beautiful...
    A crazy. Like... freaking crazy... and dangerous.
    She was testing me really hard and all the time to see how I was reacting,
    like I was about to be accepted to something damn rough like an assassination thing or something... (but I was not)
    That was moral, mental and physical testing... and she even stab me once.
    Strangely, I was pretty calm during all those "tests" (when I am actually stressed easily in real life)
    and taking it like a boss...

    After that I was in a weird place with all kind of people...
    and everyone was scared by one guy (me, I was more or less... I was just knowing he was dangerous.)
    and I was still bleeding of the stab.

    Sadly, I don't remember what I say or what other people had say to me.
  4. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Weight of the Sky

    Last night I dreamed that I was Homer Simpson and I was in a field with wind turbines, and the weather was pretty chaotic tho. So I suddenly get the idea to climb a wind turbine do draw a smiley on it. Yeah, I risked my life during a storm, climbing to about 30m of altitude to draw a smiley. Then I wanted to do the same thing on green-lighted security cameras on a sort of survey tower but I wasn't able to do so.

    Things are so weird sometimes. /o/
  5. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    Glad they are, always refreshing to have or to know about a very odd dream. Cheers!
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  6. Jake9039

    Jake9039 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, is was asleep on the buses, when I fell asleep(this was a school buss) and in my dream, I was in the school buss. Only thing that kept me from actually getting up and walking off the buss (while it was moving) was me noticing I was in a different position.
  7. Witch Cat

    Witch Cat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I used to dream A LOT but now I rarely dream, but when I do it's REALLY weird, but the most memorable ones is the ones I had when I was younger. Like the dream that I was drowning in the sea and the only way to escape was to (I shit you not) "hack" my way out of the water by turning my underwear into a keyboard or when I traveled with Selena Gomez to an ice castle so I could steal a special book for some reason until we were caught and a 50ft woman tore down the castle before we barely managed to escape or the dream that I was kidnapped by ghosts and taken on a road trip and for some reason Barney was there. But I also had a lot of weird nightmares like the one where I was taken to Hell and a dog that spewed more heads out of its mouth (Alien style) and those heads spewed more heads until they reached me and ate my lower half or the dream that I was running away from a murderer with a golden knife in my old school but when I managed to escape some students started stabbing my back and killed me or the dream where 3 ghosts were spinning over my head and hurling insults and threats at me until I was saved by a pink fairy who appeared behind my door and forced them to vanish before dissapreaing herself and I remember waking up crying that she left.

    So yeah, lotta weird dreams.
  8. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Cosmic Narwhal

    Oh, wow. This must mean something. This sounds like the kind of dream that does have a meaning. That fairy represents someone.
  9. Witch Cat

    Witch Cat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I mean the fairy did look like a straight up Barbie doll, a giant Barbie doll but still. But maybe it does represent something! Or maybe I was just watching my younger family members binge Barbie movies before I went to bed so who knows
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  10. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Weight of the Sky

    Last night I dreamed that I woked up in another bedroom (which was supposed to be mine in the dream) in a paranoid state, so I grabbed the phone (an old one with a wire and some touch for registered contacts) and suddenly get the idea of a phone that call the emergency services if you hit it enough, so you can use it to fight back in the case where someone is in your house to harm you while it calls the cops. (it's hard to call the 911 while being threatened)
  11. theflamingchuthulu

    theflamingchuthulu Big Damn Hero

    I had a dream from a reoccurring dream 'series' or universe i guess ye could say. In that dream universe, there is a merged and modified version of everywhere I've lived, different stuff from the neighborhood to streets and interiors, basically anywhere I've been (almost, my brain sorts them in some, way what goes in and what doesn't) anyhow, there are zombies in that universe, they are predators to humans but they are allowed to live in the same neighborhoods as humans (prairie-dogs have snakes live with them, even though the snakes eat them, they also protect the rest that they don't eat, so kinda like that) anyhow, in that universe they have zombies eat all eddible (by their standards) trash including the dead.
    Zombies are usually okay to be around with some caution, humans all have a little bit of a natural fear of them though, and zombies can smell that, but they won't attack unless they see the person run. Some have enough control of their instincts that they won't attack even then, but just like humans some easily lose control. Now, ankther thing is, you'd think they have them live in separate buildings and things because of the danger, but that isn't a thing mostly. So in the dream I'm with some friends and their is a 5 story building, there are signs that say "No running" and cameras everywhere, i assumed that it was just excessive rules in that dream and decided to run back and forth in front of said building just to taunt, but then i realised what i did.
    All i could do was run, my friends had to follow, the zombies instincts were all firing and since they are naturally pack-hunters, and treat prey as a herd, they started chasing us.
    The dream ended when i was too slow, and probably endangered everyone around me too.
  12. AccountPrivacy

    AccountPrivacy Pangalactic Porcupine

    So basically your dream is about events taking place in Sims2 and Sims3 since there are supernatural beings living among humans mixed with your own experiences. Which again is something related to Sims where people build their own neighborhoods or houses but due to game limitations everything looks altered... So yeah your dream is a Sims game.

    I doubt I ever wrote here so I will share my most common ones. When I was a kid my common dream was me being on top of some mountain, there was rain and heavy thunder, I am tied up on some sort of gurney bed and surrounded by weird looking woman, sort of like witches that just keep yelling and laugh manically they are about to torture me evident by the tools they keep bringing and preparing while few steps next to them is my mother who does nothing just stands there and stares at me with a occasional cracking smile but mostly emotionless. They usually just cut me but every time they would stab me in the heart I would wake up. Sometimes it ends with me being thrown down the ledge tied to that bed gurney or whatever it is. I use to dream this almost every night.

    Somewhat related to that happened in real life few years after when I use to go to the dental and people there were pretty much butchers just in woman forms. They had no skills to be dental practicians nor knew how to deal with kids at all. They traumatized me for life and did damage on few of my teeth so as surrounding area and my mother often just stood there like a zombie and didn't do shit about it... Again years later I had some legal problems and mainly problems in school with corrupt teachers and officials which my mother who was then my only parent had to take care of it, if anything a simple signature would be enough but she was often away from me and me being with my idiotic grandparents didn't help anything, and even when we were together seemed like she didn't listen at all what is going on and brushed it off like I am making things up or idk... It use to happen often, talking to her is like talking to a wall in a empty room. I use to move and change schools so I was always put into the worst class possible and perfect torture device, a bad apple to make and pick on by officials so as some students and me dealing with own personal crap with parents and relatives etc throughout the years didn't help a bit to find any peace. So due to this I quit school at got a more peaceful life for a change one point and doubt I ever waste my life on such things dealing with idiots and ''education''. I don't encourage others do the same, this is just my own experience and if something doesn't work then just abandon that ship before it sinks you with it. That is my only advice.

    Sometimes I would dream things that will happen, when, no one knows. But when it happens I know I knew about it beforehand. Or if I know there will be something related happening some event I prepare. Mostly avoid it when I know a bad thing will happen.

    Another more often dream is me flying around and going through some town that looks like it been nuked and abandoned for months and some parts that been abandoned for years all grown in with some plants but even they seem mutated and dead like. Occasionally I meet some people that don't speak some weird language but weirdly enough I speak it too and we communicate well just when I wake up I have no clue wtf was I talking about to them. Sometimes I meet a person or two who actually speaks my native language and when I wake up actually remember what is he saying. Mostly warning me about how things will happen or what happened.

    What is also weird with these dreams is that sometimes I would have a conversation with someone in a dream then would stop and apologize and me say how my mother (more often) or sometimes someone else is calling me on the phone and how I got to go now. Then I would wake up and maybe a second or two later I would hear my phone ring. Or sometimes how I knew exactly who will knock on my door and would wake up before it happens and would be angry most of the times that I just don't care and would rather continue sleeping instead of being woken up by whatever. Sometimes I wake up even by a mouse fart anyways... Maybe it's nothing supernatural and simply my subconscious during the sleep simply can hear foot steps and by the pattern know who the hell will knock on my door. And about the phones maybe it's the signal pattern that my brain picks up. I do hate phones tho they give me headaches anyways, especially the new ones because they operate even when they are off... So maybe I just have sensitive senses that just get mixed up with dreams.

    At one point another common dream I had me being abducted by aliens, usually me walking home from a friend's place late at night then a bright light and high pitched noise above my head then I would be beamed in and wake up. And those moments were the worst because the same fear and pain in my heart stays during I wake up and would last and hour or two. For some reason those dreams freak me more out then when I get killed or chased etc which should be a more traumatic experience. There was just once when I manged to run away and hide but they would find me anyways and drag me out by around four or five of alien looking creatures and we were beamed up again and I would wake up.

    They say anyways how dreams are just a mixed salad of our brain's memories and knowledge, conscious or subconscious, same thing. Maybe, maybe not, we will maybe never know 100% for sure. I know that even by knowing a lot I still don't know everything and always leaves us with questions behind. Unless you don't care... I sometimes wish I am stupid, naive and ignorant like for example my mother partly is (since she can get overemotional about the most stupidest things instead of focusing on the most important ones) , there are people who are like that have zero problems, well they do just they are not even conscious about it even when it hits them... and just go with a flow wherever takes me even if it kills me.
  13. theflamingchuthulu

    theflamingchuthulu Big Damn Hero

    Odd and funny since I never played sims and didn't know of much fiction where experiments and supernatural being coexist so that's neat :rofl:
    I had a few other dreams that were seemingly connected to that universe so there's that thingy.

    As far as the bad childhood events and horrid dentists, I'm sorry that happened to you. Recently my Mum when to the dentist and one was essentially how you describe the awful dentists you were forced to visit (idk the terminology right now)

    Also, interesting the prophetic/semi prophetic dreams along with speaking foriegn languages in some of them, something I've dreamt of aswell.
    I am hypersensitive espescially when it comes to touch, though I don't know if it affects my dreams.

    Also you really don't wish you were ignorant, as painful or overwhelming stuff can be when hyper sensitive in many ways, just remember that some are straight up numb. It's better to feel too much than nothing or near nothing at all though I agree it's nice to have a break when and if you can.

    Actually my dreams almost always allow me to read, count and even clocks move, though not super consistent as to where the hands are and what direction they move. Things are oddly realistic and stuff despite all the subspace bubbles, changing scenery and tortilla capes :rofl:
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  14. AccountPrivacy

    AccountPrivacy Pangalactic Porcupine

    Pretty much that, control of things would be much appreciated. A simple switch so I can have a moment of break whenever needed.
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  15. rickdomking

    rickdomking Space Hobo

    he had a #1 dad t shirt we told him what happened but he didnt seem interested(probley seen some loonies before) he noticed the end of the peace pipe
    lee said what is that in a serous tone we told him and he left came back with some good herb expressed the autheticity of what we had and how much his heart felt
    he taught proper etiquette. in his place we were having fun saying were do we go in a serious manner i was confussed lee protected with innocence
    brian said something like lee its US THe rainbow FAMily lee responded OOooo just stay in the green brian said why but where lee protected saying what? what do you
    mean i think were talking about two different things then suddly told us to leave. i forgot about it like most strange things the next day
    in the sun we venture off saw a mountion(paisades mt) we went to it there were green* trails throughout the town by the mt there is farm land with cows a river
    wild rye and a secret grate painted green litterly it was covered as if know one has been back there in a while i metined it to brian at first he didnt want to but "I"
    wanted to see heading down this trail towards the vertical peaks of the mt there were sighns that said no dogs allowed brian said someone who appreciats the zodiac wouldent like that
    i note that the time in this area i made the desision to go onword there is a deep river right up close to the mt and left trails then right trails we went right
    found a secret river crossing linked arms and legs then crossed. to the left 100 yards down was a fisherman brian fluttered the deluted thought that he was informed
    i said fuck him we continue to cross up close on the mt you can see what used to be caves that hav been blocked by rock depree we found a "trail" up the mountion
    the stone on the sides were black like obsidian it lead to a collapsed cave there was a deer trail of to the right we didnt go that way we climbed above the cave
    and continued up the mountion haveing lees words in mind we had respect for the land the terrain was similar o boulder falls mt but worse we slide down a couple
    times stopped a couple times due to lack of derectionand the great wheel in the sky was hurting due to us being there on our way up this steep mt
    there was a ledge 6 feet high i pushed brian up then he pulled me up but as brian got to the top he lost his vision pulled me up then got hit with the realitty
    of this now 7 situation she grabed me saying do you feel that his eye was breathing fresh air so was i but i think he got a boom we continue up to the top there
    was a dome house on the other side way down the hill on top of the mountion we found a wood pallet with old broken pottery
    our joints would not smoke it was if they were soaked with water we heard a loud gun shot like noise then again it was derectd towards us as a warning
    we hurried down the east side of the mountion we noticed some ancient rocks about a foot tall arangged like stoneheadge the locusts were aggressive the closer we
    got to this man made struturewe left it coming down and around to the front face of the mountion brian found a bone he called it a chicken bone a fence was in
    place probley for cows there was a gate but the use of this gate would of taken us out of the green and into the evil eyes bad side to the right we noticed a opening
    into the trees wide at first then narrower we walk into these cleared circle within the trees it was heavely in the exact middle was a tree not sure if it was
    a stuck there or it wa old if it was just old it would have to bee very old due to he deteriation it had a smooth surface and what seemed to be nail marks some
    deeper then others as if the nailed in the same spot serveral times one hole in particular was very deep the circumrance of this wood was about 6 inches
    facing toward the mt off in the nw corner is a stone with licken growing a nice patch brain was behind me when i came up to the stick of truth and feldt it
    i heard brian say something likedid you touch it? i told him yes bcause that was the truth he demanded i touch it aain in his pov ther was dried but fresh blood
    on it so i hesitated he reinforeced i was like ya i touched it whats the big deal but i didnt say that im not sure if brian saw it first or me but there was
    a desesed bear(black?) it was on its back most of the fur and flesh was gone leaving the majority of the bones exposed the limbs were criss crossed (legs below arms above snout pointed sort of towards a trail)
    this the trail we left by brian insisted i go through the trail first i was terrified left with brian behind me it was a small trail
    marked by two x's once you leave you take an iddmediate right turn 2 feet in the another right turn after a couple steps were the second x was laid by way of branch
    man made ovously a left turn takes you out of this little area inbewteen the river and the mt we found a crossing through the river were ashore the other side
    a stick sticks out of the ground and splits like a peace sign i derected my nose to leave him and was haunted by a bear like blackness that watchs
    brian turned to me and said i think we shoud go back frigtened little me said nooo what? i just think we shold go back to see if that just happened i said no
    other words were said i cant remember we made it the apartment i put my back to the wall we then talked about this stick of truth we googled key words and
    found the only thing that makes some sense ancient sociesties such as the kame in japan would ceramonisly kill a bear nailing it to the stick then sorronding it then they would shoot
    false head arrows at it then they would load real arrows and yadda yadda yadda never heard of them crossing the bones also i heard via grape vine they would raise
    a bear human like then once it misbehaved they woud shuunn it or something like that.

    split my mind made aware of good and evil left an right male and female
    in neverland i unearthed peters sword
    when jd
    sunny gunny the locals called it, white trucks survey on a male field watching me, as they told him
    pathways the heart derects, (stay in the green) lee said
    some trails lead to death
    we climed a holy mountion once

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