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What kind of dreams do you have more frequently?

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  1. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

    Remember when I said I would create a dream thread? No? Me neither! :rofl:
    Anyway, you can share your dreams here and, if they have freaky creatures, maybe I'll draw them for ya and make an art thread! :DD
    I'll start: When I was 5, I dreamnt that I was in a bus with my grandpa, suddenly, he said "Farewell, sonny..." and started melting, getting sucked into his seat. The day after, my family received the news that he had died... :(
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  2. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    You want a dream story? I got a good one:

    One day me and my brother stayed up late at night playing vidja gaems. Once we were ready to call it a night, we decided to go downstairs for a glass of water before hitting the sack. Once we got back to our room (the boys in my family shared a room. The girls shared another) things got weird.

    As I was about to lie down, I looked at the door and there stood my brother. He told me something that I was supposed to remember the next day. I didn't quite catch what that was because I was too drowsy so I just muttered something like "aight got it" and passed out.
    The next day I woke up remembering only that I was not to forget... something. I woke my brother to ask him about it. And he just looked at me confused and said: "what? What are you talking about?"
    As I explained to him the above tale, he looked even more baffled. And when I finished, he said: "well, I remember an entirely different story, bro".
    See, by his account, that little chat never happened. Instead he had a dream where I woke him up, standing by the bathroom door, urging him to go see what was all the ruckus downstairs. He recalled hearing terrible screams, like someone was being roasted alive. But as he was getting up he looked at my bed and there I was. Fast asleep. He went "what the..." and went back to sleep. But, once again, the me by the bathroom door woke him up, telling him to go with me downstairs. Yet, when he checked my bed again, I was still sleeping there. He became alarmed at this charade. At that point things got surreal and the flapping of several birds could be heard from underneath his bed. That's when I woke him up for real, as I said beforehand.

    That experience remains a mistery to this day. Neither of us could understand what happened. Did both of us dreamt all that up? If so, at what point did it began? Because from my point of view, he talked to me about something important even before I fell asleep, but he recalls no such talk. And how weird it was that both of us had a weird night at the same time.

    Anyway, that's it. Hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.
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  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I posted this on another thread;

    The other night, I dreamed that I went into a petro-chemical plant where they were experimenting with nanotechnology. One experiment had them use them to turn Ampris (feline alien protagonist of the Lucasfilm Alien Chronicles novels) into grey goo. After it appeared that the grey goo was going to spread, it changed back into the form of Ampris. She proceeded to throw things at everyone in the facility, except me; apparently, I was the only one who ever treated her well, so she spared me. Worried about her, I offered to wait outside near a tree trunk until she was finished in the facility.

    After exploring a nearby farm in true Just Cause 2 style (parachute and grappling hook), I began to worry that Ampris wasn't out yet. I waited some more, only to find some refugees fleeing the facility. Just before I woke up, the refugees were boarding a rocket, and I somehow realized that Ampris wanted me to go with them.
  4. rhomboid

    rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

    last night i dreamt that i had a zombie duel with an english stand-up comic, and it ran like a video game, with escalation and bosses. we could make huge zombie dogs by making zombie version of yourself and then injecting one of three... chemicals (yellow, maroon, or teal). since they were made out of zombie-self, they were loyal to original dna doner

    except i kept fucking it up and by the end i was very frustrated because he had two perfect giant zombie dogs and mine were small and fucky. i woke up because i was tired of being beaten so thoroughly and for so long lol
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  5. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    I once dreamt that I was at a concrete basketball court surrounded by apartments.
    Suddenly, whiteboard pens started raining from the sky and people starting drawing on each other.

    A relative explained to me a dream they had once.
    Apparently, they dreamt that they were going into different houses along this street.
    Every house would have a dungeon-esque basement that was similar to a maze.
    At the end of every maze there would be three sheepskins, all of them white.
    And he would go into each of these houses, traverse the maze and find these sheepskins.
    Suddenly, at the end of one of these mazes, a sheepskin was black.
    This freaked him out, causing him to wake up.

    One of my most vivid memories of a nightmare was when I was a child (sub-4yrs.)
    In this dream, I'd walk down a corridor in my family home and look out of a window where there was supposed to be a door.
    There'd be a massive, Majora's Mask-esque moon just hovering in the sky and it would slowly turn around and face me.
    Then the camera would zoom into it and some crappy CGI text would appear (can't remember what it said) below the moon.
    For some reason, this would freak me out.

    woo mental dreams

    EDIT: Another vivid memory of a dream was of a castle. (still sub-4yrs)
    I'd walk down a set of stone stairs and I'd find Nosferatu at the bottom.
    He'd tell me off for sneezing and this freaked me out.
    This was a common dream for me; sometimes, I'd hide in a coffin to avoid him telling me off.
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  6. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

    Woah! Your story's trippy! Had to read it twice! :rofl:
    Anyway, here's the most vivid, most realistic (and scariest... ;-; ) nighmare I ever had... Happened in December. I was waking up in a sunny morning when I saw a puddle of blood on the floor next to a corner of my room. Not believing in myself I blinked... I shouldn't have done that... After opening my eyes, what I saw was... Simply horrible and some what alien! A white tall slender humanoid creature stood there, as if trying to blend with the room's also white wall. As I gasped with surprise, it noticed me lying on the bed. It then opened it's red beady eyes and made a loud screech, revealing a poptop-like mouth. I closed my eyes in fear and hid under the blankets, shaking. I opened my eyes again thinking I wasn't dreaming anymore... OH GOD! It was now face to face with me! I could feel it sitting on my stomach! The creature hissed slowly and pleasantly, as if knowing it would kill me easily. That was it, my death had arrived. Accepting my destiny,I closed my eyes one last time... And the alien disappeared!
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  7. rhomboid

    rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

    ooo sounds like some sleep paralysis there

    happens when you wake up but your body is still in "sleep coma" (body's way of preventing you from flailing about in your sleep), and the most common thing people experience during it is pressure on the chest, though they also frequently hallucinate as well, which leads to people swearing the [insert monster] was there while they were awake.
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  8. Brassqund

    Brassqund Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yeah, even if you are kind of conscious, your mind is still in a half dream state... so you can still see stuff which is all in your head.

    The only thing you can do is close your eyes and try to relax... to fall asleep again to THEN
    wake up correctly.

    A lot of stories and believes were create (or reinforced) because of that during all man kind history...
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  9. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    I was at a party. It was a kind of courtyard, I think it might have been my house's courtyard by the pool, but it was different, I think there were more vines and trees. There were so many leaves in the water, it made me wonder why nobody had scooped them out. But anyways, I was there for a party. A really nice party, too, with hanging lanterns from cables that were strung out over the gap between the wall of the gate and the roof. It was the kind of party you'd expect James Bond to show up at. It was pretty quiet though, which was strange, considering the sound of everybody talking should be deafening at such a big party. All of the sudden, the party stopped, like everybody just collectively said "Ok, party's over, let's go." The bad part however, was that I needed to do a bunch of stuff before I left. I needed to clean the pool, put the chairs back, wash the furniture... There was also a gun, a .22 rifle, the same one I sometimes brought to the shooting range. The scope had just recently broken off, but in the dream, it had an excessively long scope. For some reason, it was like a double barrel shotgun on the inside. While I was checking the safety and unloading it to put it inside my pocket (despite the fact it's several feet long) I remembered that I had to go do something to the fuse box. So suddenly I was at the fuse box, which wasn't even near my house remotely, and there were different colored wires. I started rearranging them and switching them around, until eventually I got them "right" and the lights everywhere got a whole lot brighter. At that time my alarm went off with the sound of a kazoo.
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  10. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    One time I went on a what felt like a full length Final Fantasy style adventure. When I woke up I remembered everything for a couple seconds but only remember small details now.

    It was pretty badass though.
  11. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

    Well, I could move, I was just so terrified that my only tought was hiding in my blanket like a 3 year old... :boo::eek:
    :oops: Anyway, I made some research. According to a book about sleep disorders I have here, it's called hypnagogia, it's when like Brassqund said
    It's called the hypnagogic state!:geek:
    EDIT: Ok, searched more, this time on Wikipedia and... it says that this state includes lucid dreaming, hallucinations and sleep paralysis. wtf i bought a scientifically wrong book! Here's the link if you want to read more into it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia
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  12. taikina

    taikina Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i did something dumb, i can't remember but it was probably weed and got locked up in a foreign prison with one of my friends. i never got a clear picture of how long my sentence was, i kept asking the tough guy warden but he just laughed and told me not to worry. at first i thought i was to spend all my time in my cell but soon i found out i could have some laptop and yard time.

    i went to the yard and a bunch of 12 year olds stole sports bikes from the small central building with the office and visitors area. they launched themselves up from the gates by driving up from the garage-like central building but the guards launched chains to the back of their bikes, one of them nearly dropped on me and the whole yard roared in jeers and lmaos at the kids. after some while our friends came to visit at the visitors area to say "hello" and "what the shit guys" and i reassured them as i hid a small axe i took that a guard dropped before under the couch since i didn't want to deal with hiding it forever or taking it back to the guards.

    when night was falling one prisoner had somehow got his hands on some guns and he was shooting and rambling about something really incoherent. i was pretty scared but eventually the situation escalated and he fired at the guards who shot him into a bloody pulp and kicked it around, i felt sick but couldn't look away since you don't see violence like this every day. i went inside since the yard was off limits after the evening but the shootout situation repeated, like time just looped. this time the shooter disappeared into the forest and everyone was really anxious. eventually he guerrilla'd the guards after dark and i knew everyone was going to die so i went to the docks but there were no boats so i took a side path in the forest around the island.

    i ran until my running went all dream-slow so i walked in the forest and thought that no one would think to come this way. i the path winded upon a swamp and i continued, after some twists and turns the swamp started to look less and less like a typical finnish swamp and more like floating organic yume nikki-esque psychedelic snot-like melty shapes and patterns. i continued and i felt ecstatic looking at this new fantasy world i had found. right from the start as i walked on the swampy road i could feel the whole area gently bob up and down on each step as it floated on pitch-black water. the road became more and more patchy and eventually i was swimming among the organic-psychedelic bits of "land" in the water that i couldn't see anything in except my submerged body and blackness. i pulled myself ashore to the edge of the forest in the middle of the island by a sentient cord that was made of the psychedelic mass that was gently floating on the water, it was some sort of guardian of the swamp.

    after i crossed the swap there was a tiny house by the mountain-side (the mountain dominated the middle of the forested prison island) where some weird creatures were witnessing a birth. they said that it should grow up to be plump so they sent me to fetch a specific food from the prison complex. i thought someone had dealt with the deranged gunman or that the situation might loop again and i could deal with it with my foreknowledge so i might as well head back.

    i went back and told my friend and some guy he'd made friends with about my quest and lead a small party of inmates to the center of the island through a different route. we went to the mountain into an old temple-type-a-thingy and had to fight a giant monstrous version of the little creatures to get the food. it was a bullfighty kind of bossfight but then i woke up and now i'm writing this.
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  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I had a three way dream about Lucasfilm Alien Chronicles (again), the Shockwave mod and the Rise of the Reds mod (both of which are for C&C: Generals). I was piloting a Leopard tank, supported from the air by a Ride of the Valkyries-blasting Combat Chinook, while fighting against the Viis. All the while quoting the Tiger gunship ("Your advance ends here!").

    I'm beginning to think I am a tad obsessed with Alien Chronicles. Also C&C: Generals, to a lesser extent.
  14. Brassqund

    Brassqund Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Please people, make paragraph when you write so much stuff...
    It is a pain to write when this is like that.
  15. taikina

    taikina Subatomic Cosmonaut

    yyyyeaaah... i should fix that. i just wrote it hastily because i had just woke up.

    okay fixed.
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  16. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

    Anyone with more crazy dreams? I'll post when I have more time... (after tomorrow or so)
  17. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Oh, I just remembered one. It is a repost from another thread, but now that I found one specifically about dreams, I'll post it here:

    It was a nightmare. I can no longer remember the details, but I was sitting in this grungy little studio where an old, good friend of mine was rehearsing for an upcoming show. He leads a punk rock band called Pinhead, entirely independent. So after all the yeah yeah yeahs, he and the gang left to get some booze before calling it a day. Then the place started to flood.
    As dream goes, I was entirely calm while the place got filled with water from all sides. Then something came to mind: this place is packed full of heavy duty electric stuff. OH FU-
    All I know is that I somehow made it outside through the backdoor. I was running towards the street, but my body felt increasingly nonresponsive. I struggled and struggled but, eventually, I fell to my knees, unable to move. Unable to scream. When I looked down upon my body, I understood why.
    I haven't escaped from being electrocuted. My whole body was charred meat, my very throat fried from the ordeal, yet I wasn't feeling any pain. That's when I realized I was dreaming and woke up soon after.
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  18. I was in a fortress of twisting architecture with the main cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Apparently we were to discover what had happened to Twilight Sparkle's relative donkey -- a stolid, white creature with a horn.

    We enter a large chamber and spend an hour clearing the cloud from a huge mural. Two figures are uncovered: the donkey and his relative unicorn. The donkey fixed a section of wall with an intense gaze, which a narration voice helpfully stated was an attempt at communication from mural to viewer. Ignoring the words, I walked over to Twilight Sparkle, whose second head, which looks something like an anemic, cancerous growth shriveled at the side of the equine's neck, warbles that it has pancreatic cancer.

    At the end a tiny toy kitchen begins gushing blood from its various faucets while it sang of the other eldritch horrors in the lower levels of the fortress.

    Brr. I'm afraid to wonder what inspired this particular episode of dreaming.
  19. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    Oh it happened last night, i dreamt i was a saiyan! so logically i had that awesome tail, and my family wanted to cut it out, i was like "No! it is part of my vertebrae it will hurt as hell!" and basically was that :) it is not much i know...
  20. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Well, for some reason I had a dream today. Which is weird as I usually don't dream.
    It was a two part dream. The first half was me and two other dudes, apparently friends of mine despite being unknown faces to me, wandering around a city. We happened upon a door that lead to some dark passageways underground. After twists and turns and a half dozen flights of stairs, we came upon a huge abandoned facility. Then we had the idea of turning that place into a club and hold a party there.
    And a party was held. Except I found myself alone there amidst the crowd with nothing but a pair of bags, one in each shoulder, supposedly belonging to some ladies we were escorting to the club. How bloody typical.
    So after I realized I was being made a pack mule while the others were enjoying the party I helped organize, I headed to the storage to drop the bags there and that's the end of part one.

    Part two I... hesitate to post here. Not because of NSFW content, as it has none (that I recall). But it is pretty weird to dream of making amends with, and even starting to warm up to, someone you just declared not giving a damn about not one day ago...
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