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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseyPounds, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Chiluqn

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    Bug: All the farmers has the same amount of earnings

    • Nazzraizzan

      Nazzraizzan Space Hobo

      Bug : I can't use it for all of my multiplayer save it loading for a long time but never finish download upload_2020-12-24_1-41-45.png
      • bugglebees

        bugglebees Void-Bound Voyager

        Came here to ask about the same thing. It loads just fine on a single player save, but no chance for MP.
        • Nazzraizzan

          Nazzraizzan Space Hobo

          It already work thx
          • moredrowsy

            moredrowsy Space Hobo

            Can you please add farm animal stats too?
            • MouseyPounds

              MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

              Are either of you still having problems with multiplayer save or is it working now? If you are still having trouble, please send me a copy of the save.
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              • gotgot

                gotgot Void-Bound Voyager

                Bug (with 1.5 endgame spoilers) : Hi! little bug on the "protector of the valley" counter.
                I think the stardew checkup app doesn't count when you kill the "upgraded" versions of the monsters when you accept the qi challenges making the mines or skull cavern more difficult.
                In the game, the harder versions of the enemies are counted toward the goals, but the stardew valley checkup app does not.

                Thank you for all the great tools (predictor and fair helper)
                • MouseyPounds

                  MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                  Thanks for the report. The hardmode monsters should be handled correctly but I had not incorporated Tiger Slimes or the new ranged Shadow monster into the counts. Just pushed an update with that and some other fixes; please let me know if you notice further problems.
                  • gotgot

                    gotgot Void-Bound Voyager

                    Thanks, i think the upgraded version of the serpent is skull cave still shows as not complete in the checkup, and if i use the mod lookup anything and check all the new upgraded monsters from mine and skull cave, i think there might be more new monsters missing, but i completed those goals before reaching endgame monsters on my save so they also show as completed on your checkup app.

                    (not sure my sentence was clear and understandable :D a bit tired... )
                    • MouseyPounds

                      MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                      OK, I went through the code a little more thoroughly this time and hopefully we now have all the new monsters accounted for. Also will be adding tracking of completed special orders. Update should be up later today.
                      • jemimaalonzo

                        jemimaalonzo Intergalactic Tourist

                        Question regarding (1.5):

                        What exactly does the Warning mean? And how would I resolve this?
                        • MouseyPounds

                          MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                          The game keeps a count of the number of walnuts you have received and also tracks individual walnuts collected. That warning means the trackers have recorded 128 individual walnuts but the count only says 122. I'm not sure what is causing the difference but it will cause perfection to be uncompleteable later. It is a relatively easy save edit though. I can walk you through it if you are comfortable editing yourself or you can just attach the save and I will correct the count and send it back.
                          • MaxWhite3790

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                            Hi! Sorry to bother you with this but, you have any plans to in future predict the remixed bundles? :3

                            By the way, thanks for doing this project. It helps me a lot! Really an addition to the community in my opinion nothing relevant.
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                            • MouseyPounds

                              MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                              Yeah, better bundle handling in Checkup is on the todo list and I will also look into whether the bundle selection is something that Predictor can include.
                              • djburno2000

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                                I'm new here but I have an issue with my save game. I'm missing 7 golden walnuts so I came across your Stardew Checkup (very nice BTW) and in the details of the Golden Walnuts, it says that I haven't done the Island Cove Mermaid Puzzle.
                                But the thing is I did. And I tried to re-do it but it doesn't work. I looked into the save game file and found the marker <mermaidPuzzleFinished> that was set to false. I tried to set it to true but when I run the new file in the Stardew Checkup it still says I haven't complete the mermaid puzzle.

                                If anyone has any idea on how to fix it or on how to reset the puzzle so I can re-do it in game, I will greatly appreciate.

                                Thanks a lot in advance.
                                • slytherin-aesthetic

                                  slytherin-aesthetic Space Hobo

                                  I have the same issue, except that I have completed the Walnuts and it is not showing as such. (Not a huge computer person, it took me ages and multiple google searches to even find the save file to put in the checker lol) Thank you!

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                                  • revealer_dan

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                                    Bug: Stardew Checkup fails when checking a Save File in which the Group 10 hearts event was seen and NPC's are giving the player the cold shoulder.


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                                    • susb8383

                                      susb8383 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I absolutely love this and I use it constantly! One thing that it doesn't have that would be very useful: I would love a way to see all the ingredients needed to cook or craft the remaining items. So: 10 eggs, 12 garlic, etc. It's extremely tedious to check each recipe one by one and then add the like ingredients together so that I know I need to buy 10 garlic seeds from Pierre, for instance.
                                      • Desdaa

                                        Desdaa Intergalactic Tourist

                                        I just refer to this wiki page: https://stardewcommunitywiki.com/Cooking

                                        Maybe include this link in the checkup?
                                        • fernsandthings

                                          fernsandthings Intergalactic Tourist

                                          i can't get my golden walnut information (i've got the "warning" from above)
                                          how can i get the locations i seem to be missing?
                                          thank you so much!

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