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RELEASED Weapon Tech Mod V.

Adds special techs that can only be used with certain weapons.

  1. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    If you go into the starbound folder, there will be a file named starbound.log. You're gonna need notepad or notepad++ to open it up(I recommend notepad++). After you open up, copy those error messages and put it up here.
  2. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Okay. Now I see what's wrong. Thank you for this error report. So here's my explanation.
    Recent v.0.4.1 patch updated racial compatibility with other customized races. (Avali & Novakid)
    Right now Novakid doesn't have its race specified melee weapons so it doesn't make any problem.
    However, Avali has its genuine craftable weapon tree. There was a slight issue about this when I scripted this mod.(I just remembered.:rolleyes:)
    There is a swing animation projectile in Avali race mod which I couldn't copy paste it in my mod.(Due to the duplicated object error)
    So I just patched without it, and right now, this mod has a very small dependency on Avali race mod.

    Solution :Download Avali race mod and put it into your mods folder. It should work just fine. And again, thank you for your valuable error report.

    P.S. : I'll find some solutions for this matter and fix it up in future update.
    P.S.2 : One more thing. From now on, I'll take error report in my conversation box. 'Cause this kind of takes away a lot of space from discussion section.
    P.S.3 : I'll be really pleased if you can shorten the error log posting above.(since it has been solved, kind of.) Not for me, but for other people who watchs this discussion section.
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  3. darkxjack

    darkxjack Big Damn Hero

    thanks for the help
  4. ZerakamiZM

    ZerakamiZM Void-Bound Voyager

    The mod looks very promising, however I've been having some problems trying to get it to work. ' An error occured during loading:VariantException: No such key in Variant:get("kind") '
    I'm not sure how to exactly send error reports, but that's what I can give for now and Its a shame I can't use it.
  5. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    If your game crashes while loading, it's probably due to compatibility error or dependency error. This mod needs Tabula-Rasa mod and Avali race mod installed too, to work correctly. Make sure you downloaded those two. If you still get the same problem after this, then it might be some other kind of compatibility issue with the rest of the mods in your folder.
  6. Draymarc

    Draymarc Aquatic Astronaut

    This mod caught my eye, as I wanted to add more flair to my starbound combat experience. Sadly, I need some help installing, as unlike other mods, when I unzip the folder I get a .MODPAK file. What should I do with this? When I place the file in the mod folder like I usually do, Starbound wont launch. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps with this. AANnnnd, I found the solution five minutes after commenting. I have no idea if it will work, but I just downloaded the Avali Race mod.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2014
  7. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    First, thank you for your comment and about your problem, this mod has dependency on Tabula-Rasa mod and Avali race mod. So you have to download these two as well.
  8. Brigald

    Brigald Void-Bound Voyager

    how do i craft these? sorry, im using creative mods and my patience is at an all time low.[DOUBLEPOST=1417066839][/DOUBLEPOST]and nevermind i saw your comment on usage of those races :) thanks
  9. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Progression
    Sorry for the late posting. I couldn't work on this mod lately due to my personal matters. But luckily things have settled down a little bit so I can resume. Next few patches will be semi-major updates. Adding new weapons, new techs and new features. Brief outlines of the V.0.5.0 patch is planned right now. Here is the list of things that will be added.

    - New weapon : Spear - Gewitter
    - Spear tech
    - Dual dagger tech
    - Cooldown indicator for techs

    I know that Starbound V.1.0 will be released pretty soon so this might be the last update before the huge change. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this mod, related to the upcoming winter update, please leave your comment. And thank you for your interests in this mod.

    EDITED : few people have asked me, if I could make the V.0.5.0 patch to be compatible to current unstable build. I thought about that and concluded that it will be much easier to patch later if I make compatibility patch right now. So, next update will be based on unstable build. It might take more times than I previously expected though.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2014
  10. ThatEmoGuy

    ThatEmoGuy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Receiving massive lag just from this one mod, other mods doesn't affect my gameplay only this one mod made my Starbound lag like hell...Hoping for a fix soon.

    Ps. I have a High-End PC
  11. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Progression
    Happy new year, guys!
    I've posted a thread about brief change log of next V.0.5.0 patch.
    Due to the big winter update, a lot of stuffs are going to be changed and added in this mod too.
    I'm not quite done with listing but here's the current list of changes that will be made.(probably)

    # confirmed plans #
    - New weapon : Spear - Gewitter (completed)
    - Spear tech (20% completed)
    - Dual dagger tech (almost completed - fixing bugs/balancing)
    - Cooldown indicator for techs (almost completed - fixing bugs/UI colors & designs)
    - Cooldown / Damage / Energy usage re-balance for every tech (20% completed)

    - Optimizing mod to reduce lag

    # considering plans #
    - Adding status effects to skills
    - Racial affinity on skills(based on weapon type)

    I'll try to finish up confirmed plans in about a week or two.
    Considering plans can be changed during process.
    If you have any detailed / brief suggestions about this mod, please leave your comment in this discussion section.
  12. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Progression - Rebalancing techs
    I'm working on the skill balance right now. As I mentioned before, lot of things have been changed after new unstable update including damage system.
    After I almost finished compatibility patch, I realized that the weapons and techs of this mod are super-overpowered in this unstable build.
    I don't want this mod to be totally absurd so there will be a huge change on weapons and techs in terms of cooldown/damage/energy usage etc.
    Here is the list of things that I decided to change.

    - DPS of every modded weapon of this mod will be nerfed. (assuming by maximum 50%)
    - Energy usage of weapon techs will be reduced. (assuming by maximum 50%~70%)
    - Cooldown Timer of some skills will run after the skill motion is completely ended.
    - Damage of large explosions, flames, poisons, lasers (etc) will be considered as universal damage. Players won't be able to spem these in close range unless they have immunity status effect. (Since they are so damn powerful in long range)
    - Cooldown Indicator will pop-up right above the player's character after using skills.
    - Dash ability will be deleted from every weapon techs. (Since you can enable multiple techs at the same time)
    - Every weapon techs will be assorted in 'head' part of the tech facility. So players cannot equip more than single weapon tech.
    - Requirements to make modded weapons will be greatly reduced and pixels are no longer needed.

    So far these are the stuffs that I'm planning to do.
    If you have any detailed / brief suggestions or critics about this plan, please leave your comment in this discussion section.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2015
  13. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Quick Notice

    Sorry for being late on next update.
    Due to my sudden busy schedule at my work(in real life), I don't think I can make it in time.
    I will upload the patch. It's just that it will be delayed.
  14. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

  15. Arranzu

    Arranzu Aquatic Astronaut

    Hey, oneee slight problem with crafting at the separator's table. The recipe's still all use boss drops that we can't actually get anymore.
  16. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Riuny updated Weapon Tech Mod with a new update entry:

    Fixing recipe issue

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  17. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Mainly because of the tech animations and visual effects. Almost every animation and visual effect(about 95%) are made by me. I didn't used too much of basic assets which Starbound originally supports. So this mod takes 'extra large' space compare to other mods.
  18. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Plan
    Now that the "Upbeat Giraffe" has settled in stable build, things might speed up a little bit(Hopefully :rolleyes:)
    I've been thinking what should I do with next few updates and came up with some brief outlines of it.

    1. V. 0.5.x minor updates
    No schedules for bigger things in V. 0.5 series. Mainly it'll focus on basic features of this mod.

    - Adding color change option to spear tech
    - Adding race verified animation to spear tech
    - Adding cooldown indicator for spear tech
    - Adding new skills in spear tech for vanilla spears

    2. V. 0.6.0 semi-major update
    As usual I'm going to add new techs for other weapon types. Also, considering some other features.

    a.confirmed plan
    - Adding hammer tech
    - Adding pistol tech
    - Modifying white torrent tech to rifle tech

    Since Novakids are not big fans of melee weapons, I thought it is appropriate to make techs for ranged weapons.

    b.considering plan

    - Adding tech preference based on player's race

    There are concepts for each race in Starbound, I mean in terms of weapons they use. Adding passive skills in tech which are only available to certain race, might be a good way to emphasize that concept.

    - Adding special features to tier 5 to 6 weapons

    Right now, there are three types of tier 5 weapons and three type of tier 6 weapons, based on their ingredients.
    Except their designs, they don't have any sort of difference. So I'm thinking that adding various special effects to these weapons via tech might give players some meaning to choose what to equip.

    3. V. 0.6.1 minor update
    The current color changing system is kind of inconvinient. "Upbeat Giraffe" supports scripted GUI, so I want to make this feature to more 'user-friendly' environment. "No more scrolling. No more typing." This is the main concept.

    So far these are the stuffs that I've come up with. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about this mod, please leave your comment in discussion section.

    Also, I want to thank everyone who likes or supports this mod. I really appreciate your interest.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
  19. 0ctavian

    0ctavian Void-Bound Voyager

    Can you make this abilities in leg slot?
  20. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Are you talking about entire techs of this mod? or just some of it?:confused:

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