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RELEASED Weapon Tech Mod V.

Adds special techs that can only be used with certain weapons.

  1. Riuny

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  2. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

  3. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Plan

    So far, I added new skills or weapons in almost every update. It is always pretty fun for me to make new skills and weapons but, for the next few updates I'm going to set-aside those for later.
    Instead, I'm planning to work on some minor things. Here's the list of the works I've been thinking.

    1. Race Compatibility
    - After V.0.4.0 update, this mod now supports skills for craftable tiered weapons. So I think the time has come for me to concern about race compatibility. There are lot of things to cover when it comes to this topic. Things that I'm trying to implement are listed below.

    a. skill compatibility for other races
    - Avali

    - Novakid
    b. slight animation refinement to match player's race(Including custom races)

    - Probably, this must be the biggest part of the plan. It requires bit of a work so it might take some time to finish it up. But since I found a way to implement this, I feel some sort of obligation to make this happen.

    2. Effect Color Option
    - Currently, color changing option is only available for newly added melee weapons. I'm going to add this feature to craftable tiered weapons too, so players can change the effect color of new skills.
    - And about the color changing method(modifier & defaulter), I tried to find a way to get color code of items by LUA script but I simply couldn't find it. It was somewhat time consuming work with no progression.
    So I'm going to set this as it is for now.

    If you have any suggestion or idea about this plan, please leave your comment in here.


    P.S. \\ Some people complain about this mod using tech module to implement skills. Sadly for them, right now there is no possible way to actualize this without tech module. Simply it is not possible in the current biuld of this game. If anybody knows how to concretize this without it, I SERIOUSLY want to borrow his/her knowledge.
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  4. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    Love this mod as it is so it can only get better from here especially once the mega update hits with all of its modding improvements. Any plans for pistol techniques at some point?
  5. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    First, I would like to thank you for your comments. And yes, I am planning to add skills for every type of possible weapons. For the 1-handed types, I'm going to set different skills based on whether the player is dual-wielded or not.
  6. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    Makes sense. Especially given the gun inclined Novakids. Looking forward to it even more.
  7. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    Personally I like the idea of it using Tech slots. Right now the vanilla Tech's are extremely linear in progression. This mod makes the techs you choose have much more meaning. So you have to decide what tech you want to sacrifice for the skill. Gives more variability in character progression.
  8. Randou

    Randou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hi, I am a user of the mod, and despite being a beta, has excellent skill, however I think that the dagger has a lot of power in contrast to the broadsword, which only has 2 techniques and also can not be used in midair.

    I want to suggest some new techniques, the name you can give you are provisional changed if desired:

    skill, for Broadsword:

    Instant slash:
    works similar to the teleportation tech but an invisible line between the original site and the place where it appears, any player or mob that explodes touch that line (does not have to die for the explosion, but it definitely takes damage) forms this technique works even in the air.

    Giant sword
    Raise your sword and it begins to glow, while it grows to be as big as to cut a large town in 2 (if you've played disgaea and seen the technique "Slash dimensional" then you'll know I'm talking about)

    skill to Shield:

    Melee Defense:

    creates a bubble that lasts about 5 seconds and overrides any melee damage that is received, requires a minute and a half for reuse

    Defense darts:

    Create a bubble that lasts about 5 seconds and cancels all damage caused by projectiles (arrows bullets, fireballs etc) requeire a minute to reuse.

    Note: dart defense defense and melee cancel each other, can not be used simultaneously 2.

    Shield boomerang:
    if you have seen the captain america know that I speak, throw your shield, hit the enemy and this comes back to you.

    Final execution
    attack similar to Gallantmon (digimon tammer) called "Final Elysion", can be used in the air, but the attack will always be horizontally
  9. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Thank you for your interest in this mod. To be honest I'm experimenting lots of stuffs while updating this mod. I tested input method, projectile spawning style and force applying method with dagger so it has variety of skills compare to other ones. And I do aware of the current unbalanced skill distribution between different types of weapons. Broadsword skills were 'prototype' features of my mod so most of them are kind of crude than dagger skills. I will update new skills and fix existing skills in the future update.
    And about the suggestions you made, I'll keep them in mind but I cannot assure you that it will be implemented exactly as you wanted to be. However, as I wrote it in the overview, I want to hear suggestions and ideas of users. Cause sometimes it gives me a inspiration to create new stuffs that I couldn't think of by myself. Anyway, I appreciate your suggestions to make this mod better and cooler. :)
  10. Disco2

    Disco2 Existential Complex

    This mod sounds interesting!
  11. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Current Progression

    I'm working on skill animations right now.
    Recently, I bought myself a new drawing tool. And it's really awesome! It saves me some time just a little bit but more importantly, the quality of effects got whole lot better. I'll post small portion of my work in this thread. If you're curious about it, click on the spoiler tab below.
  12. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    Holy cow those effects
  13. Remmy101

    Remmy101 Big Damn Hero

    First of all I'd like to say thank you and awesome job! This is professional level stuff. I just have one request though... could you make an optional no cooldown version of this mod? I like to test play with mods ya know? ;)
  14. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    Riuny updated Weapon Tech Mod with a new update entry:

    Minor update / Race varified animations & Avali,Novakid compatibility

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Tuesday's Eyebrow

    Tuesday's Eyebrow Phantasmal Quasar

    I am a fellow mod creator, and I was wondering if I could reverse-engineer your techs to make my own for my own mod [link here] not only would it be very helpful, but you'd get 90% of the credit and possibly some exclusive content (if I can figure out how to make it exclusive.). Unfortunately, it's just me and there are hundreds of things to add, so this thing will be in development for awhile, but I'm releasing beta updates for those who don't mind an incomplete mod.
  16. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    If this mod can help other mod creator who wants to make their own mod, I'll be pleased to share with anyone. [ As long as he/she asks for consent. So, yes, you're free to reverse-engineer :) ]
    I'm not an expert but I'll answer as best as I can If you have any question with the script of this mod.
  17. Tuesday's Eyebrow

    Tuesday's Eyebrow Phantasmal Quasar

    Okay, so here is what I want to try first, before I get into the abilities:
    I want to make a system where players can only have one Keyblade at a time, and I thought that maybe I could make a tech that will check if certain items or a certain type of item (The Keychains) is being held that will then, based on the item found, replace it (or remove the item and then add) with a certain other item (The corresponding Keyblade), and then be able to use the same tech to then replace said item with the previous (Replace the Keyblade with it's corresponding keychain). So, essentially, a Keyblade summoning tech. (For that mod I linked before). I opened up a specific thread for this issue here so that I could get other people's help as well.
  18. darkxjack

    darkxjack Big Damn Hero

    this mod looks great but my game keeps crashing before i can load it. i have removed all other mods in the folder except the tabula rasa. is there something that im missing?
  19. Riuny

    Riuny Big Damn Hero

    1. Make sure that you unzip the downloaded file. You'll get WeaponTech.modpak file if nothing goes wrong. Put that file into mods folder.
    2.Are you using Nightly? If so, sadly this mod doesn't support Nightly. If you're saying that game crashes in the stable build, please post your log file. It will be much easier for me to fix up.
  20. darkxjack

    darkxjack Big Damn Hero

    i have unziped the file and im sure im on the stable build. im not sure what to do about the log file though

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