Weapon Generation Overhaul: The Broadswordening

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    With the combat update came a lot of additional depth to weapon mechanics, but also a lot of dumbing down when it comes to weapon variety and the unique properties that individuals weapons could have. So here I am to discuss ways in which weapons could be not only as varied as they once were, but even more varied than they've ever been!
    Since there's a lot to propose and a lot to discuss, I'll just start with broadswords for now.

    Broadswords essentially make up the backbone of Starbound's combat system; they were some of the best weapons in the game pre-1.1, they were the first melee weapons to have a secondary function, and they are currently the only weapons that have combos. They don't need quite as much work as the others, but there's still plenty of room to expand upon them.

    Length - Pretty self-explanatory. Currently, every single sword, axe, spear and hammer is the same length as every other weapon of the same type. Something like this shouldn't be too hard to change; just a simple multiplier variable that effects one or more parts of the weapon along with any hitboxes that it creates when used.

    Procedurally-generated combos - This could potentially be a bit more complicated, but it still ought to be doable. The game would pull 3 different sword moves from a list of about 15 or so and apply them to any generated broadsword to use in one of the three stages of its combo. Different types of swings would have different base damage values, different knockback strengths and trajectories, different windup times and different swing arcs, all of them of course multiplied and modified by the damage per swing, swing speed and length stats of the sword itself. Some especially rare broadsword moves might have special effects by default or be Pseudo Special Abilities that move the player and the target around in fancy and impressive ways.

    Swing Projectiles - Remember when legendary broadswords sometimes shot projectiles when you swung them? Memeridge Farm remembers! So yeah. They should...like...do that again.

    Weight - This stat is determined by a combination of the sword's base swing speed and specific weight values attached to different blade parts. The heavier a sword is, the more it encumbers the player and the higher the knockback multiplier. The behavior of different sword swings and special abilities is also effect by the sword's weight; for example, a really heavy sword will have a shorter Rising Slash, but the Pogo Sword special will do devastating damage.

    On-hit effects - A very general category; different generated swords could do different things when you whack things with them. Some might electrocute, some might partially restore health, energy or hunger, some might give a temporary debuff to enemies, some might give the player a temporary buff when they kill an enemy with it, some might launch airborne enemies into the ground and stun them if you hit them with an overhead swing...the possibilities are endless-ish!
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    Those on-hit effects sound neat. Much more interesting than just applying an elemental status effect.

    Also can we make pogo sword less useless? It eats way too much energy to be very useful. Not only that, but potential fall damage makes it a very high-risk, low-reward ability.
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    This sounds like a great idea. I can't wait to see what other ideas you have!

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