We really really need more light/lamps veriety!

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Absolutely all light sources (excluding glowing blocks) should be limited/blocked by walls/blocks.

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  4. I like bunkers too!

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  1. ogdred

    ogdred Phantasmal Quasar

    Today I was making an old'ish style bunker , inspired by the image of the upcoming buildings on the "Scorced city planets" and I realised how little options for lighting we have. If I want a moody'er weaker light sources than you are kinda stuck with GlitchCandles some of the Lanterns and "RedLight" from the ShockHopper penguin boss bunker... I found that severly limiting.
    Later on , I was making a more hi-tec kinda apex bunker (I really like making bunkers , they are cool) and I realised that yet again the light sources were limited since most eighter didnt fit the laboratory slick theme or they were waaay WAAY too bright and made it look bad. I do believe that really overdone super bright lights make everything look too plain and empty , sadly most light sources in Starbound are really powerfull. We need more lights veriety we really really do! You dont realise that but once you start building something big and complex you start seing the big "holes" that are present in the light veriety.

    Another thing that foams me at the mouth(not litherally) is that all wall mounted lights and lamps emit light through walls?! What?! How is that a thing , since when are heavy duty iron walls (IronBlocks) transparent for light?! I was making a compact bunker(I admit , I am a bunker maniac in starbound atleast) and I tried to make it with less lighting so it is more atmospheric and dark but in some places only one "ElectricLight" was able to light its own room and 3 other rooms through the walls! Thats crazy! Why arent wall mounted light sources like the Cone/Beam lights? With dynamic light that gets stopped by walls? Like the flashlight , like the Outpost Metal Fixture Lamps , like the PrisonMetalCeilingLights?! It will make stuff look real real good!

    Well... my rant is over... sorry for making you read all of this shiz...
  2. PabloElPuas

    PabloElPuas Pangalactic Porcupine

    Good idea

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