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Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Mar 2, 2018.

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    I played through the Dawnguard quest line with the beast blood. Obviously, if you side with the Vampires you will have to give up your Werewolf powers; but you can be both a Vampire hunter and a Werewolf.

    As for the Werewolf attacks (you are playing on the Switch if I recall) here are a few tips,

    ZR and ZL at the same time will make your character swing his forearm at an enemy. This attack is the weakest of Werewolf attacks, but it has the greatest knock-back of any attack.

    ZR and ZL While the enemy's health is low will cause a special "finishing blow" attack. Your character will either do one of two actions 1. pick the enemy up by the throat and toss them. It seems like your character will toss the enemy at the nearest wall or cliff (careful about tossing them off cliffs because then you lose the body) 2. picks the enemy up and crushes them. This one happens when you are finishing off the last enemy.

    Holding down either ZL or ZR will make you do a powerful three part combo attack.

    Werewolves are pure power, coupled with a good technique you can be unstoppable. I had once defeated two giants and their three mammoths at level ten with my beast form (I had all of the Werewolf perks unlocked.)
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  2. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    Great to know, thanks! I just wanted to make absolutely certain before I became one. I don't really want to finish off Companions right away just to have to get rid of my beast blood, so thanks. I don't plan on siding with the vampires, I already did that with my Dunmer character and want to see the other route.

    I assumed that Terror acted like Fear, so I didn't realise it could send dragons running. I never even tried for the most part- usually when I'm facing a dragon as a werewolf, I just want it to land so I can defeat it. But yep, I'm playing on switch. I knew a fair bit already, but it is appreciated, thanks.
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    Hmm i almost never hear about anyone that talks about the Dragonborn dlc for skyrim (but then again that wasn't exactly the best of the dlcs) but it dos spoile a bit about whats gonna happend in the new elder scroll and there are no good news.
    Also it lets us ride a dragons.

    We the dovakin are gonna become the main villain in the next elder scroll game and we will be forced to fight us from skyrim as someone else in the new elder scroll to prevent the world from going under because we the dovakin in skyrim becomes a permanently slave to hermaeus mora and will try to destroy the world and forfilling the second prophecy. we actually meet us self from oblivion as the new sheogorath in skyrim so its not a first time they let us meet us self from a previous game.

    By the way i wonder how many of you guys who knows of this old elder scroll meme


    i have never gotta what the deal is with this meme but it was so popular that the devs made sheogorath (us self from oblivion since thats where the meme started, turned into the new sheogorath after he died.) mention it.
    Also here in norway we say fiskepinner instead of fish fingers which means fishstisks.[/spoiler]
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    I didn't think it was too bad myself. I mean, yes, it was a little shorter than I would have liked, but I enjoyed
    delving into Black Books. Much as I disliked Apocrypha at first, it got to the point where I looked forward to getting them. Of course, the promise of bonuses at the end definitely helped, as well as all of the books you can find there. I love having the Black Market for when I'm exploring a dungeon and need to offload some loot. My only wish was that Miraak was as fun/challenging as a final battle as Lord Harkon was. Nice as it was to get all of those Dragon Scales and Bones (and having to hope that they didn't go missing when I gave some of them to Derkeethus), every power attack I did kept taking down his entire health bar until he finally died.

    It'll be kind of sad to have to take our old heroes down, I have to say. Especially if we were playing a more moral character. I think roleplaying has a lot to do with my reluctance to fight the Last Dragonborn in the next Elder Scrolls game, but still.

    I have heard of it, though, yep! Never seen it used, but I've heard it mentioned. I think it's mostly just how strange it is in concept. So really, it fits Sheogorath, doesn't it?
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    I am glad that we didn't have to fight Sheogorath in skyrim also it would have been really messed because then we would have becomed the new Sheogorath like we wheren't enough stuff already like it is.
    Just us the dovakiin dying and where we are going after that is already complicated enough as it is. I remember someone mention that someone made a comic with every god in elder scroll fighting over who is gonna get us after we dies xD
  6. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    Agreed. If there's one complaint I have about the game, it's that you become everything.

    I kind of want to see how it'd turn out. I suppose it'd all depend what the Dragonborn's canonical choices were. Assuming they didn't join up with any of the guilds or have any real interaction with most of the daedra, then it simplifies things a fair bit.
    While I haven't played through the entire main questline, so I could easily be missing something here, I believe skipping guilds and stuff leads to only ever really having dealings with Hermaeus Mora. Either way, Miraak technically wasn't dead, was he, if I recall correctly, but trapped in Apocrypha? I believe sometime in life, the Dragonborn probably will be forced into Apocrypha just like Miraak was.
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    I love being a werewolf in Skyrim. It feels to free and its a completely new way to play. I love the changes brought to werewolves in Dawnguard.

    I also loved being a werewolf vampire hunter. Those bastards insulted the wrong wolf xD
  8. Sparklink

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    Even if you never transform once during the Dawnguard campaign having the beast blood is still useful for its 100% resilience to disease. It is, in my opinion, a significant edge over Vampires.

    In addition a Vampire's armor is ill suited to blocking Werewolf claws, making it easy to dispose of them with a well placed swing. Just remember that Vampires are undead monsters and completely inedible.

    If you want to have a little extra fun fighting Vampires grab a Dawnguard War Axe and give it a fire enchantment. The war axe has a special effect that makes it deal additional damage to Vampires, the effect, however, does not count as an enchantment. Because of this you can stack the bonus damage of the axe and the Vampires' weakness to fire (Electricity would also be useful for its magic draining properties.)

    The changes brought about by the Dawnguard DLC are essential in my opinion. The Werewolf form is not strong enough to be used towards the endgame without those perks. At level 60 and up the powers of Lycanthropy continue to exceed my normal capabilities.

    Some times I just go crazy with prowling as a Werewolf. I will transform near some place like Markarth, and then find myself standing over a mountain overlooking Windhelm. After I am done and I decide that I need to change my to my normal form I will have to wait several in game hours because I raised the timer to some insanely high number.
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  9. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    So it'd save on Potions of Cure Disease, at least. When you're buying them in bulk, they can get surprisingly expensive.

    At the very least, there are still Thralls around that you can feed on to extend the timer.

    Might actually try that once I get a little further into the Dawnguard quest. Provided I remember to...
  10. General Nuclear

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    One thing i am disappointed with is that they rushed to finished the companions missions the quest line was actually suppose to be very long and it was suppose to be all about honor and such and the werewolf thing was suppose to be a very huge plot twist, instead it just felt rushed and half don like one minute you are just trying to join in and the next minute your their leader already and you have barely don anything.

    Also everyone was suppose to wear their own type of armor but instead only aela got that and a few others got the wolf armor while the rest used normal armors. which makes no sense when you do the quest with farkas and they say 'It dosen't matter HE WEARS THAT ARMOR HE DIES!' *wears a normal steel plate armor like 60% of everyone else in skyrim* he was actually gonna have a custom skyforged steel plate with a lot of wolf decoration on it but instead they made all the skyforged steel weapons and armors to look the same. also normal steel sword was suppose to look like the sliver swords and only the skyforged steel sword was suppose to look like the steel sword ingame now but they thought that they should make the trailer dovakiin set easy to get so you could use it very early in the game so now almost everyone wears, its also the same story with the iron helm, it was suppose to be a steel helm but they change the texture and made it a iron helm instead so you could get it almost right away.
  11. Roskii Heiral

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    Yeah, the companions were not very interesting for me, but I was a werewolf in the end-game well before Dawnguard. You just had to use your speed and knockback attacks to win. It was sooooo fun, and the added survivability from Dawnguard did not change that. Also, the ability to eat animals was such a massive help xD

    And yes, I never fast travel, so running through the wilds as a wolf is so much more fun than horseback.

    Speaking of, I wish they enabled the option to just ride on the cart from town to town in real time (similar to taxis in GTA). That would be great.

    When I played morrowind, I was a werewolf demon hunter (custom class). So it was really refreshing being able to bring that over to skyrim.
  12. Sparklink

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    I had always thought that was some kind of "left-over" from earlier beta versions. Perhaps Farkas did wear the Wolf Armor in past versions, or perhaps you had some one like Vilkas, Skjor, or even Kodlak accompany you. Personally I would have had all the members of the Circle wear the wolf armor, to give sort of consistency between members.

    I can understand giving players some of the iconic items early on, but it probably should not have come at the expense of other items uniqueness. I remember getting the Skyforge Steel Sword and being confused and underwhelmed by how it looks like a generic sword, I spent a few minutes comparing stats (although in the end it did not really matter much to me because I had my Master Sword.

    On a side note for those who play Skyrim on the Switch. You can actually get all of the stylishly fresh Legend of Zelda themed gear without using any Amiibo. The gear shares the same stats as the Elven gear; it is even upgraded with moonstone and benefits from the elven smithing perk.

    At the Throat of the World you can find a chest that resembles the treasure chests from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Upon reaching the summit of the mountain you will see Paarthurnax' perch on your right and the tip of the mountain to the left, go around the tip of the mountain to the left and you should find that fabulous chest waiting there for you.
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    All i can think of is that scene from shrek where he high jacks a cart and gets in that car chase with the police knights xD
    just with those guards from skyrim instead.

    also reminds me of this.

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    Good news! I've finished the main quest of Morrowind for the second time!

    Bad news! My install has completely corrupted! I had this happen on my Steam install, and ended up having to buy it on GoG.com since I couldn't fix it. And now the GoG version is fucked up, and I can't find the save location so I can't reinstall without losing all my progress. Hope Skywind won't take too long to develop.
  15. General Nuclear

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    Also i feel you man. steam have messed fallout new vegas for me so everything happends in game in the speed of sound. but unlike you i still got my saves its just super durpy to play. I have tried everything.
  16. Sparklink

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    I think I may have figured out how I managed to do this, It was all a fluke. I think that when I tossed the Nightlord Vampire it behaved the same way those rocks do in the falling rock traps. The Nightlord Vampire must have collided with the lesser Vampire with a strong enough velocity to fully deplete his health. The fact that the Vampire managed to die like that was simply some unusual, and very unlikely, circumstance. My character never actually aimed for the lesser Vampire, he aimlessly tossed his foe and the Vampire simply happened to be standing in wrong place at the wrong time.
  17. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    So hey, I'm sure this is incredibly late, but seeing as we were talking about Dawnguard, if you're playing it and you haven't heard of this already (or are kind of late to Skyrim like I was), make sure you don't discover Castle Volkihar before you take Serana there. I did, and the game glitched out. Gate wouldn't open. I could bypass it with more glitches, but it was kind of disheartening running into a potentially game-breaking glitch.

    Agreed. I kind of wanted to try and get the rest of the armour set, but... yeah. Clearly wasn't there. It's a shame, too- I've got what Skjor wore set up in Lakeview Manor, and I would have loved to have the full set on display. with Ysgramor's Shield and one of the Skyforge Steel weapons.

    Though in a weird, convoluted sort of way, it would explain why the Silver Hand attack you even if you aren't a werewolf or Companion (if we ignore the fact that they're basically bandit reskins). I mean, it's an explanation that falls apart really easily, especially if you're not wearing steel, but at least it's something? Yeah, I know I'm kind of stretching it a bit.

    Really sorry to hear about that. I know nothing about computer stuff, but hopefully you can manage to find the location. It'd be awful losing so much.
  18. Jonesy

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    I found the location and managed to reinstall. The new install works just fine... for new saves. The old ones are all corrupted, from the earliest to the newest.

    This does seem to be a common thing for Morrowind, and there are tools available for repairing them. I'll be trying one out sometime soon, so fingers crossed.
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  19. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    Hopefully it goes well enough.
  20. Sparklink

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    You can actually buy all the pieces of the armor from Eorlund Gray-Mane at the Skyforge. He stocks one of each piece and restocks pretty much every day.

    Speaking of armor sets; which armor is your most favorite? (This is a question about appearance) Do you like full armor sets or do you like to mix and match. My favorite is the Wolf Armor.

    Edit: I accidentally wrote the wrong name.
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