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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by friskydeath, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. friskydeath

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    hola was making my way thru the mods and notice we are lacking in a few areas. So fig I would point them out. Since greifing is so common and people just farm worlds in mass we need a way to list the planets and save the ones people build on. This way we can wipe one use worlds and role back greifed planets. Seen people manually doing this but would be better if we had a tool just for that so noobs dont delete everything on accident. This would not be to hard to make and it would help allot out.

    Also in allot of sandbox games like minecraft there's is always a mod or server wrap that helps optimize the server so it dont lag. So far seen one mod that just turns off the back ground. We need some to look at were the main source of lag is and make a fix. It dont have to be complex but it would help allot of the larger servers be more stable.

    Dont give me this is something the devs are working on. In most games these are things modders have done. Basic save editors and optimizers key part of any long time community.

    So post any other ideals and lets share ideals.
  2. If you think it's that easy to implement something like this, then why don't you do it?

    It hasn't been done for a reason. That reason is something like this is not supported for us modders. You would have to implement a wrapper for the game and the server, and that is not exactly easy.
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  3. friskydeath

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    missing the point and just looking to flame I see. The reason I posted was to bring this up to others and get their input. Dont be snotty and make claims about a so called reason. In minecraft modding at first did allot of things the devs dint support that are now stander. So go away if you cant add any useful input and just want to flame. This is a place for ideals and to see if any interest..
  4. The | Suit

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    Severed isn't one in the ways of sweet talk.
    But he has a valid point none the less.

    I am sure the reason he was agitated was because of this statement.
    He is simply pointing out - If the tool was "easy" to make. That means you are a programmer with knowledge of the difficulty in making the tool. Which also means as you said it was "easy" - it means you are fully capable of making this "easy to make" tool.

    So once you have made the tool - I am sure more modders would be much more happier to help about.
    You should avoid judging the difficulty in something - without knowing how hard it truly is.
  5. It was more along the lines of this:
    It's like hes making a demand on us modders and plays it off as something that he believes he is obligated to.

    Also, I just don't bother filling up dozens of lines of information for sweet talk anymore. Being blunt is faster, and easier when I'm on the run or have little time to check these things lately.

    Well considering I'm certain you have no idea about actually creating mods rather than just using them... I'm simply telling you what can and cannot be done. What CAN be done I'm explaining as to what the process would involve. It does not matter if there is interest if it is virtually impossible to do without wrapping the game - something that takes a lot of work and lots of trial and error. Just ask the guys that made Starrypy or any of the other server wrapper creators.

    I've already been getting requests like this for my own mod for a while, and the most recent one being here. Trust me, you aren't the first to want something like this. Hell, even I wish it was a thing. But right now its too difficult to do something like this, and hence why it has not been done.
  6. friskydeath

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    No you and mr troll are still missing the point. As a whole got to bring up the ideals and see whats possible. But this community got people who like the flame a post instead of contributing to it. Trying to get ideals flowing here and for your info have been in the modding community for a long time so know whats possible.
  7. Buddy, if you think we are trolls, you are clearly in the wrong forum. We are realists. We know what can and cannot be done. If you don't like raw facts, then please leave. I have already told you what is and is not possible.
    I'm trying to have a civil (albeit Blunt) conversation with you. But you seem to wish to ignore anything that does not go in favor for your view of what you want. That's not the way life works.

    Also, since February 4th is not a long time at all.
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  8. friskydeath

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    So you claim this is not possible shows ho much you realy put any thought into it then. For one the planet editor dont need to be a mod just a simple program to make sense of the saves so you can see when it was made and if possible by who. A simple tool to help with managing allot of saves that are created. Was seeking input and ideals on it.

    and for the 2nd request it dont need to be anymore complex that say a file were some one optimized the settings just we are lacking in that area completely.

    But instead of adding you just trying to run this thread in the ground and as a whole make this forum look like troll land.
  9. friskydeath

    friskydeath Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Buddy you are realy a true troll dint even bother to ask about my mod history been playing with neverwinter nights tool set and with dif minecraft mods. Starbound is not the first or last to have modding. So lets get back on track here found a possible way to do a optimizer but it would be os locked and have a file for each server config. Just mite be what people need to for auto configuring a server for the first time. See allot of auto IT programs that set up servers and comps so will try and see if I can get a config for starbound to auto install and setup a server real quick.
  10. Then perhaps I misunderstood what you wanted. The minecraft backup utilities that I am aware of all have ingame capabilities for the saving/loading, which is why I was stating you would need a wrapper for this functionality. If you dont care about any in-game/in-server support then its as simple as copy/pasting the files, which you can easily do without any programs what-so-ever. If you just want something as simple as "Back up this file please" then a simple batch script will suffice.

    Neverwinter Nights. God I miss that game. I do hope you are talking about the ACTUAL game and not that MMO Ripoff...? Gotta love it when the mods for that game's extensions are .hak and .hakpack.
  11. friskydeath

    friskydeath Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Am not looking to do a total programing of a mod just looking for ways to address things we need. Theres no rite or wrong just trying to fig out how to get a certain function since theres as clear need. Also I did server packs and dif themed areas in neverwinter the first game just 2nd did not have a strong community and died to fast. As for the mmo I avoid it like a preacher daughter out on the town. Nothing good can come from it.
  12. TheLoneGamer

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    Are we defining troll here as “someone I disagree with” because that’s just a horrible, horrible idea. Calling someone a troll doesn’t mean one is acting like one. I’m not seeing any trolling or even flaming here.

    Anyway, let’s look at it this way. It is indeed a common complaint that it is very easy to grief on multiplayer servers. There have also been several complaints about stuff like ships being too small, no craftable guns, lack of higher tier healing items, and much more. Now rather these are actual issues or not is up to each player to decide for themselves, but they all had mods created for them. Granted it wasn’t that difficult in most cases, although they still had to figure out how to do this by looking at in-game files without any real documentation.

    My point is, if this was “this would not be to hard to make” create, someone would have already made it or been working on it. It’s not like griefing is only something a few take issue with. The other games you mentioned with such tools is because the community has already figured out how to make those tools usually because it was possible to mod the game in such a way to do so, even if through wrappers. I’ve seen how popular anti-cheat and anti-grief programs/mods are in those games so it’s not like no one has a desire to create something like that for Starbound.

    What exactly do you have in mind with sharing ideas? Would that really help toward the actual programming of such a tool? It would appear you already know what you would like the tool to do. Is this a matter of forming a team of programmers to make this?
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  13. I Said No

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    Well, not only is this unsupported as Severed has stated, but with starbound still being in beta I think it would be inadvisable to work on a wrapper or anything of that nature or complexity yet. We don't know how much or how often the game, its infrastructure and its programming is going to change as of yet, so it's not something that should really be addressed right this second.
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  14. You know... I have yet to see how this is even a problem. There are millions of systems that any given player can chose from. On top of that, there are up to about 10 planets in each system. The odds of FINDING a player made civilization is virtually 0. The only way you can get griefed is if you send out your location to some publicly accessible area. Griefing isn't the problem... its trusting random people on the internet with your invested time and creations. This has always been my opinion on ANY multiplayer game involving creation gameplay mechanics. Be carefull who you invite, and don't turn your creations into open museums. You want to brag about something, then screenshot it and post it. Whitelist the server, and only let people on the server who you trust to be mature enough to not do this childish shit.

    Don't get me wrong, I still think anti-grief measures should be made, but no one should sit here and point the finger at the game and saying its the games fault that it is way to easy to grief.
  15. TheLoneGamer

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    I’m not even one of the players that have been complaining since I only played online with friends who don’t behave that way. I’m just going by what I have heard reported, in which there is little you can do against random strangers at the moment. I generally wouldn’t trust random people I play with online to not pull off some kind of dick move since it would be so easy to do so. While griefers always can find a way, it doesn’t mean it has to be easy for them.

    As for ideas, although this most likely would have to come from the developers and not the community, wouldn’t a way to lock down areas or even entire planets be helpful? What I mean by locking is that you can’t place or break any objects in protected areas. Such a system is already being planned for dungeons so the basic framework would already be there.

    Sure modding would be a solution without waiting for official updates, but would it be worth the community to go through that trouble for free when programmers will be paid to deal with this? I’m sure one the beta stages are over, if not before, the developers would want some sort of order on the servers. Yeah the community could pick it up from there, but at the moment, we’re dealing with beta software that could easily break attempts at modding such a wrapper.
  16. StarryPy does planet protection already though... I mean wrappers exist already and some of them are wonderful. Although they dont support explicit saving/loading, Im sure some of these could be edited or have custom plugins written for them already. Might take a while and its possible it might be quite hacky, but possible.

    Aside from that, I agree with everything youve said.
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    Just a response to the OP Post, My FPSBooster mod that removes the background is not just that now, aswell removes the tesla spikes animations, so now you can actually enjoy the dungeon's with billions of tesla spikes! Just felt id put that out there. Aswell half the people talking in this topic have a mod, so don't think that these people are just spouting useless information[Except for me, i do that xD ], Severed alone has 12,000 download's on his mod.
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    To use many mods you can use Forge and Farbic,

    Download here:
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