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"We’ll share a post detailing more about that update shortly!"

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by spiraluna, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. spiraluna

    spiraluna Big Damn Hero

    Maybe it's just me but 2 months (and counting) without a DevBlog update since the last one is hardly what I'd classify as "shortly".

    Chucklefish, you wanna give us an update? Alternately, in future maybe don't bother with the platitudes of how soon you'll get back to us?
  2. MrsGuu

    MrsGuu Star Wrangler

    :( "very soon" are 3 months? I hope they will say something to the update THIS year..
    Or was the news a Joke from chucklefish ? Idont think so but already its feeling like a Bad joke..
  3. Corleone

    Corleone Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Its the Chucklefish way. Frustrating yes but nothing new.
  4. tigerfestival

    tigerfestival Void-Bound Voyager

    Perhaps they said this thinking the update will come very soon, only to learn that getting this update ready is taking longer than they anticipated. If that's the case maybe it's for the better for the dev team to say "updates will be ready when they're ready" as opposed to saying "the updates will come very soon".
  5. Ickura

    Ickura Big Damn Hero

    Maybe "soon" and "shortly" has a different meaning in the UK? :rolleyes:
  6. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Or maybe they have a different perspective about "soon" and "shortly". A different perspective unlike any normal people would think.
  7. MrsGuu

    MrsGuu Star Wrangler

    mmhh or maybe a chrismas surprise? :D *hopeful looking *
  8. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    I like your idea, I hope its true. If not, I will be back on my bored state.
  9. MrsGuu

    MrsGuu Star Wrangler

    No Christmas suprise.. Silvester is nothing too. Dead Game?
  10. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    Hah... Haha...
    Chucklefish, actually posting news when they say they're going to?
    You must be new here.

    If there's one thing this game has taught me, it's not to trust developers to keep most of their promises.
    That of course can't be said about every developer... But Chucklefish has consistently proven that, while a good publisher, they have no idea how to make a game from scratch or keep anything consistent for more than a month. I can remember so many times where they seemed on track in one direction then randomly shifted an entirely different way not long after (see: Contact damage, to cool attacks, back to contact damage, the sector system that changed repeatedly until being scrapped, the EPP/skin tech/whatever system that changed a bunch, the fuel system which changed a number of times, the lore which was completely redone last-minute, the taking out of a bunch of unique content and replacing it instead with generic stuff, saying they'll implement the Novakid in a proper way only for them to basically tack them on with no thought besides a single passing mention of a hint in the story, the utterly random hotbar overhaul, the constant shifting of how ores and ore tiers work, the constant changing of how planets and planet tiers work... heck, probably nearly every aspect of the game has had at least 3 completely different, seperate iterations before release even happened, and a bunch of things they talked about and teased which never went anywhere (like remember that cool looking hooded precursor guy who was gonna be important for the story and literally never appears once in the final game? or how the Agarans were supposed to be a big deal and there was even some kind of Meta ARG surrounding them for a while but then they just ended up being a variant of Generic Town Number 30471648? or that whole bounty hunting system they spent months on which they scrapped last-minute because it felt tacked on despite half the features of the final game feeling tacked on too? or... again, pretty much everything.))


    But yeah. TL;DR: Chucklefish has terrible orginizational and planning skills as a whole, and you can see how that affected both the rushed-out end-product which suddenly did a complete 180 only a few months before release, and the community surrounding it which has been in steady decline ever since. To nobody's surprise, they continue to be awful at communication with the community, and likely communication among themselves.
  11. Vrow

    Vrow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    In Chuckeflish's Vocabulary, it seems that "Soon" equates to two months or more according to their own posting schedule. I loathe to see what "Very Soon" might entail in their terms. Maybe the Xbox thing will finally come out "this" year, as they've said... oh, 2018.

    Happy New Years everybody.
  12. Lintton

    Lintton Supernova

    Well, in December 2018 they mentioned about expanding the team in their blog, with two positions related to Starbound being looked for. https://blog.chucklefish.org/

    This is not so much news, at least, nothing to be hyped over...unless you have the job skills and a willingness to make that update with the team at Chucklefish, which sounds like a they seem like a cool enough group. Given that development of at least Wargroove and ("Spellbound"?) is ongoing, there is room for concern just when is 1.4 going to be, and if it will be more than just the famed xbox support port that, let's be honest, has been late in coming(with no word at all about the ps4 :( ).

    We could speculate all day as to why 1.4 has stalled, but given the positions open, it might be related to manpower now being diverted to other projects. Starbound hasn't been the swiftest in releasing content even when it was the sole effort, and schedule estimations conutinue to not be a thing. If they are hiding something utterly awesome they intend to deliver for 1.4, it would be lovely if they can share it ASAP, as the lack of information is translated by the fans into lack of interest.
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  13. Masiakasaurus

    Masiakasaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have seen posts online from an ex employee that suggest that this is very much not the case.
  14. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hopefully, Chucklefish knows what they're doing this year, and what they're suppose to be. I believe people wants to be better than the last year.
  15. Ripperjk

    Ripperjk Phantasmal Quasar

    It absolutely disappointing to see how Starbound has been all but abandoned by Chucklefish. Like many of you I have been here since the very beginning - and seeing CF go from having, what seemed like, a real passion for the game - to almost complete neglect...its just sad. Starbound could be so much more.
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  16. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. Yes the last post on the blog is the most recent official one. We're looking to update everyone on our plans for Starbound in 2019 as soon as we can!

    06:31 - 4 janv. 2019"

    Source : https://twitter.com/StarboundGame/status/1081196538259521536

    Now don't expect anything until Steam says that it is downloading an update, in other words : I'll believe it when I'll see it.
    Ickura and spiraluna like this.
  17. spiraluna

    spiraluna Big Damn Hero

    Thanks for the update. Sadly it seems like the word "soon" has lost all meaning in these forums.

    Also getting this news on Twitter first and not on their official blog on their official forums...
  18. Wickerson

    Wickerson Aquatic Astronaut

  19. Rusty99

    Rusty99 Void-Bound Voyager

    Shortly in Chucklefish's language means never.
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  20. Lintton

    Lintton Supernova

    Playstations's been at this rabbit hole before, too. From the magical land of 2013:


    It is a sad situation to be in, but when you keep making promises to provide more information, more updates of the game, and then go dark for long stetches of time it will only hurt the sales they are trying to make and the interest in this game.

    I used to go to the forums of fable III, back when it was released. there was some discussion and suggestions about the game, how it should be fixed and what things to address, but when it bexame clear that the devs were only paying lip service to us and have largely moved on, people stopped talking, trusting instead the reviews and poor experience they've received.

    Are we overdue for some realization that starbound is left to ruin?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
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