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    Key to the Ci-town!

    Here's a mod I just threw together which will allow you to enter all buildings from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM without the need to make friends with anybody starting from your first day! This mod requires Advanced Location Loader and Entoarox Framework along with SMAPI (please use the search to acquire these files if you don't already have them). Also! Please post if this works for you. I have only tested this on Stardew Valley version 1.11 with SMAPI 1.8, Advanced Location Loader 1.2.9 and Entoarox Framework 1.6.5.

    Updated to Version 1.2 [-Version 1.0 Removed]


    Access to the trailer (typing error)

    Added Sandy

    Known Bugs:

    You may only enter Sebastian's room once per play, so make friends fast or restart the game.

    Dwarf & Krobus are stil inaccessible as of now.


    Shop is still closed on Wednesdays.

    This mod was created to help players get to know the community during the first day of play and may NOT be uploaded anywhere else!

    Oh, that's cool too. No one used it. Haha.

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