Watering Can Underwhelming

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    When I first used a Foraging Table and saw that the Watering Can was a thing (not the wooden one, but the "upgrade"), I was a little stumped at why such a thing was necessary. Then I thought the devs must have made this new watering can better than the old one in some way (which they have). I was excited to craft it at the curious thought of what's special about it! :idea: I saw that I only need to go to a desert or forest planet (or better) to get the tungsten for it :confirm:. Then I found out that I had to wait for the next tier of ore, titanium, before I could upgrade the spinning wheel into a sewing machine and get that elusive green dye (a cactus won't do :cancel:). I thought that for this amount of work the player must be able to walk and water at the same time without having to stop and stand still, surely! :DD Nope. :saywhat: It just sprinkles the water a block or two further than the wooden version, requiring the player to yet again stop and stand still. :cry: Now I have to reach the next tier of ore (nearly end-game) to craft a sprinkler system...
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