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Bug/Issue Water glitched through solid objects

Discussion in 'Support' started by DeathTech154, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. DeathTech154

    DeathTech154 Orbital Explorer

    Hello there,

    Just came one to post about a weird bug that happened to my auto farm.
    Somehow the water reservoir I keep over my auto farm to feed the crops managed to break out when it shouldn't have.

    This happened outside my supervison and I lost a hatch sized crop of rice along with the entire reservoir or water.
    Weirdly it seems to have something to do with the hatches I used (wooden hatch) and the wired setup.

    I had noticed this effect before where weirdly if I go far enough to the side of my wired control system water leaks into the same spot as my hatch or just simply straight through it.

    It is impossible for me to observe it happening I think but I can see the effect.
    In my opinion what probably happened is the hatch got unloaded and the remainder of water still in the loaded zone washed through. I have no evidence this is happening but I suspect it is the case.

    Actually after writing the above I went to try and record a gif of my singleplayer game.
    You can see the effects of me moving out of range and returning as you will see water has shifted past my hatches.


    Just to make sure I tick all the boxes:
    • What happened?: Water flows through multiblock objects
    • What were you doing in the game at the time? Walking outside render distance.
    • Whether you were able to trigger the bug again by repeating what you did?:Yes, see above gif.
    • Your operating system name and version. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit service pack 1
    • Are you using any mods? If so, which ones? Yes, Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound & Improved Food Descriptions
    • Whether you're in full screen or windowed mode. It happens in both. I reproduced it in both. The gif you can see above was in windowed mode to allow recording the gif.
    If you need any more info on how my water farm is set up let me know.
    Although its a very straight forward setup.

    It could be because of my wire setup getting weirdly unloaded or something.
    But like I said, there is no way for me to observe the interaction. As I have to be far away from the base to make it occur.

    Hope it gets fixed soon. :3
  2. DeathTech154

    DeathTech154 Orbital Explorer

    I feel like my report has been ignored.
    Seriously its a big problem in my game, manually watering everything takes ages and sucks.
    And the sprinklers are nowhere near as effective.

    Thousands of views but not a single staff member can reply?
    Can we at the least get confirmation it's being looked into?

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