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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by TheNewTeddy, Aug 14, 2016.

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    I've seen this suggested dozens if not hundreds of times before; but not so much here in the official suggestion forum.

    I suggest a warp hotkey.

    If I was a dev this is how I'd implement it:

    Pressing the Tab key would activate the "beam up" button, causing you to teleport.

    It would not work on the ship, nor would it work in a dungeon or challenge room.

    It would not work at any time the beam-up option is disabled, such as when underground in survival.

    I'm not a stickler on:

    It does not have to be the tab key. I simply wanted to suggest a full suggestion. It can be any key you please.

    It can work anywhere, and likely, would be much more popular if it did work on the ship, in which case it should do the same thing as the button you can press with your mouse.

    It would, though, upset me if you could use the hotkey to circumvent the current restrictions on warping.

    The objective is that when you are in the middle of a battle (especially one on the left hand side of the screen) you don't have to try to rush your mouse over to the button. This is especially true if you use a dual screen in windowed mode, where your mouse may end up on top of a youtube video if you overshoot the button. As such, with a simple quick press of a button you can warp away when in danger.
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    sorry for the very late answer , idk if there's mod for it but i found someone on reddit giving out a code for AutoHotkey (script) basically you use a script to do stuff on your computer and basically this script when on let you (somewhat) bind a key to warp back up
    here it is :

    SetTitleMatchMode RegEx

    #IfWinActive ^Starbound$

    CoordMode, Mouse, Window
    MouseGetPos, MousePosX, MousePosY
    WinGetPos, WinTopLeftPosX, WinTopLeftPosY, WinWidth
    MouseMove, (WinWidth - 25), 310
    MouseMove, (WinWidth - 25), 270
    MouseMove, MousePosX, MousePosY

    now i don't know if there's anything useful or not to know or change about it but it worked perfectly fine for me (basically it moves your mouse toward the beam up button when you press h on your keyboardand click it automatically in a really small amount of time)i used it to get out of kicked out from server loop because i was in a planet with too many entity causing me to get kicked because it was overloading my connection i guess.

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