Wargroove: The Dark Conflict, a Wargroove Long Campaign Project

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    This is a project of mine to make Wargroove like Advance Wars with a long campaign, called ''Wargroove: The Dark Conflict''; here is the example of the plot of the campaign, divided on campaign chapters (it will be subject to changes after the announcement of new commanders for Wargroove!):

    Chapter 1: Scorched Earth
    In this Campaign, you will take command of the armies of the Cherrystone Kingdom.
    The beloved king Mercival II of the Cherrystone Kingdom has been assassinated! As the reign was investigating the culprit behind this cowardly act, a massive army of skeletons of the Felheim Legion, led by Commander Ragna, started a massive invasion of the Cherrystone Kingdom.
    Believing that the Felheim Legion was behind the murder of his father, Queen Mercia, new acting ruler of the kingdom, prepares a counteroffensive to save the Cherrystone Kingdom.
    Repel the invading forces of the Felheim Legion and drive them out from your land!

    Chapter 2: Seeds of Hatred
    In this Campaign, you will take command of the armies of the Heavensong Empire.
    As the Cherrystone Kingdom successfully defeat the invading forces of the Felheim Legion, Empress Tenri, ruler of the Heavensong Empire, is preparing her people to a punitive expedition against the undead army after the attempt of Commander Ragna to invade part of the Heavensong territories, but one of her commanders report that the Floran Tribes have started invading the mainland of her empire.
    Seeking to eliminate necromancy even if it was necessary to invade the Floran lands, Empress Tenri decides to prepare a punitive expedition against the Floran Tribes.
    Deliver the rightful retribution of the Empire to the Floran savages!

    Chapter 3: Flesh and Bones
    In this Campaign, you will take command of the armies of the Floran Tribes.
    Nuru, a recently promoted commander of the Floran Tribes, has a dire situation on her hands; with the Heavensong Empire invading their territories, the Floran Tribes are divided by the civil war against a separatist Floran tribe that seeks to remain the cannibals savage who Nuru much despises.
    With no other choice than stand and fight, Nuru starts to re-unite the Floran Tribes in order to defeat the Empire forces and end the bloody civil war.
    Show no mercy to the Empire and the separatist Floran forces!

    Chapter 4: Whispers of Ruin (UPDATE!)
    In this Campaign, you will take command of the armies of the Felheim Legion.
    With the armies of the Cherrystone Kingdom, Heavensong Empire and Floran Tribes marching to his doorsteps and with an attack imminent, the necromancer Valder, ruler of the Felheim Legion, has started suspecting that someone was spreading chaos and pulling the strings of this conflict behind the scenes for their own gain.
    Seeking to discover the truth, Valder send Commander Sigrid to investigate any possible trail left by the mastermind, while the necromancer prepares his undead legion to hold the three armies as long as possible, before this conflict ends up into a bloodbath.
    Uncover the truth and stop this conflict before it's too late!

    Chapter 5: The Master Puppeteer
    ''Such destruction.......So much hatred......it's a delightful sight! Those ignorant fools......they are playing right under my hands! Each and every one of of them is a piece of my chessboard....but, like on every game, the fun must come to an end and the incoming battle between the four faction will be the perfect opportunity to see those worms slaying each other while my army will reclaim what is rightfully MINE! There was a time when my army ruled on this world and it's time to TAKE IT BACK! Ahahaha.....MUHAHAHAHAHA!''
    (???, the mysterious leader of the black faction and the mastermind behind the war between the four factions of Wargroove)
    TBA (To Be Announced)

    What do you think of it, community of Wargroove and team of Chucklefish? Feel free to leave a comment! :nuruhappy:
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    • Colony

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      This is good, really good. And I'm guessing that the last chapter is going to involve the [?] character or possibly an even-more rouge character of the Felhiem Legion or other faction. When Wargroove releases and a couple of months pass, I'll keep an eye out for this.
      • GuardianJohnITA

        GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

        Something like that, Colony. I will try to surprise you when the time comes. To be honest, I wish to see the black faction like the Iron Legion or Xylvania from Battalion Wars 2; those guys were a lot of trouble and even their troops were terryfying (the Iron Legion like Orcs with medieval-fantasy weaponry and Xylvania like bloodthirsty vampires for their red eyes and grey skin); the Iron Legion's Battlestation was with an old fantasy style that it could be perfect that a similar tank could be perfect as the ''Giant'' unit, the most powerful land unit of Wargroove, but lacking on mobility and perhaps not great defense against air unit or long range indirect units; Chucklefish said ''Giant'' but there is a chance to mean also ''a giant moving fortress of metal and smoke'' like the I.L. Battlestation. :nurutease:
        • nacheteori

          nacheteori Master Chief

          I like the idea, each of your chapters have a lot of possibilities and may lead into a good campaign by itself.

          If I can suggest, something the master puppeteer may have is the ability to control your units once they're defeated. This is something that sometimes happens in videogames and it will be a lot scary to think that maybe your powerful dragon can be controlled by your opponent. Of course maybe is not the best idea to release this ability form the very beginning of the [?] campaign but somehow at some point you disturb so much the master puppeteer that he/she has to use this ability. It can make the campaign a lot harder and challenge your strategy skills.
          The units defeated and controlled by this dark general may change to the corresponding unit of his/her army, so that the development is much easier, since only a unit replacement is needed and the overall army characteristics remain homogeneus.

          The completion of this last campaign could also unblock a "secret prequel campaign" in wich you can control the dark army on its golden era, conquering the "good guys" in order to rule the world, so you can experience being the "bad guy" for once, something that is not very common, but would fit in the story according to your plot and give a different perspective. You will love to play this new secret campaign, but also you'll find feeling bad for it if you are a good person and you don't want to hurt anyone, or feeling great if you hate those stupid and overrated heroes muahahahahahaha.

          As I said these are just suggestions in order to increase the game experience you offer, which I think is great.
          Please let me know what you think about them.
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          • GuardianJohnITA

            GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

            I appreciate that many are starting to like this project of mine.

            Perhaps only the dark commander can control our defeated units when they are facing him, but also another great idea is a special power similar from an old friend called Sturm; I plan to release the battles against the black commander on the last two missions at least, while on the first part of the final chapter we will fight the Circle of Traitors: a group of commanders who followed the lies of the master puppeteer and decided to follow him (with their own will or by deception).
            Well the idea of using the same units from different factions but with a black color is not a bad idea, in fact when we first encountered the Black Hole Army on the first Advance Wars, the troops of Sturm were simply a black version of the Orange Star army.

            It is unlikely that my campaign project will unlock the ? campaign but I assume that it will unlock once you finish all the other commander's campaigns.
            A prequel campaign controlling the bad guys? uhm.......did you take inspiration from the Iron Legion from Battalion Wars 2, nachetory? :nurutease:
            • nacheteori

              nacheteori Master Chief

              I like the idea of limitting the power to control units to the commander, that would make hime/her scarier.

              About the prequel campagin, I didn't realize it was done in Battalion Wars ", I played it and when you've said I realized, and I liked it, how it was.

              If in this game everyone can share and create maybe you'll find some variations of your campagin, or even a new chapter of it after releasing it :idea:
              • GuardianJohnITA

                GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                Perhaps, but I assure you that this project will be a long one....and a complete so that a new chapter could ruin the whole thing or an event for a different timeline :nurutease:
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                • Bamboozler

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                  Sounds like you've really thought this out @GuardianJohnITA. I can't wait to see what you come up with when modding becomes available.

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