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RELEASED Warframe Crossover V1.05

Cronus Bug Should Be FIXED!

  1. agmoyer

    agmoyer Cosmic Narwhal

    I am going to try, at the very least keep it in a working condition for future starbound updates.
  2. Dusk_Cobalt

    Dusk_Cobalt Yeah, You!

    Alright, neat!
    (Would we be able to incorporate the two mods together (eventually)? 'Cus that'd be neat if the Tenno race mod also had the weapons in it without having to install both mods.)
  3. agmoyer

    agmoyer Cosmic Narwhal

    Well currently my plans are, start and finish melee update, then move it to steam (while keeping this one up to date). I've had the same idea a while back for the race mod but sadly couldn't find any tutorials that could help me and then when I had a template it was just one problem after another.

    I don't mind if you use my mod with yours on here though.

    If you have a basic race mod I could use for another project that would be great.
  4. Dusk_Cobalt

    Dusk_Cobalt Yeah, You!


    Here's Skittle's Race mod, the one I'm using.
  5. agmoyer

    agmoyer Cosmic Narwhal

  6. Dusk_Cobalt

    Dusk_Cobalt Yeah, You!

  7. gMaImNeDs

    gMaImNeDs Void-Bound Voyager

    You have my interest! Might there be my favorite, the drakgoon, added in the near future?
  8. agmoyer

    agmoyer Cosmic Narwhal

    I don't want to give any false hope. Right now I saw it was broken and fixed it and want to work on the melee update a bit but I stopped because I wasn't having fun and now it is still pretty much the same. This is why at the very least I'll try to keep it working for future starbound updates.
  9. landro117

    landro117 Void-Bound Voyager

    Is it competible with frackin? Using this manual mod i cannot start the game, as soon as i remove it it starts
  10. HenryLeeKungFu

    HenryLeeKungFu Big Damn Hero

    hey thank you for this epic fookin mod! :D are you still working on it? also are you suppose to be able to craft every weapon early on? or do i have to wait while to get the others thx

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