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  1. Hezablak

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    I have been experimenting with events to create "abilities" for different scenarios. I am trying to create a repeated event in which commanders can increase their groove meter with different actions. What I have noticed is that the rate is not the only thing different about how groove meters charge (slow/fast). Is there any documentations of how groove meters charge for different characters?

    For example:
    If I create a repeated event where Sigrid earns 1% groove every time a unit moves. Her groove will start at 0% > 1% > 3% > 6 > 10 > 16 > 25 > 39 > 60 > 91 > 100

    Instead of adding 1% at a time. It exponentially grows. This not happen to other commanders such as Mercia whose meter will increase by 1% each time. Just need to know if there is data on groove meter growth.
    • Milosz3107

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      Check here.
      Scroll down for what "Slow" etc. mean.
      • Hezablak

        Hezablak Tentacle Wrangler

        Thanks, that's what I was looking for! Sadly, it does not explain how her groove meter interacts with the Event Action add #% Groove. Her Groove grows almost at a quadratic rate. All I want is to do is add a certain% per turn, but this is what happens if I try to add 1% at a time.
        Her groove will start at 0% > 1% > 3% > 6 > 10 > 16 > 25 > 39 > 60 > 91 > 100.
        • Milosz3107

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          I'll look into it

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