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Wanderlust.... UNDERWATER

Discussion in 'W:R Suggestions' started by FreshSheet, Mar 4, 2013.


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  1. FreshSheet

    FreshSheet Pangalactic Porcupine

    Just what the title suggests, I think it would be pretty cool if you could have the ability to go underwater in WA with special equipment or be able to go underwater for short periods of time at first and get unlimited time with special equipment or something of the like.
    • Carlsman35

      Carlsman35 Astral Cartographer

      Going underwater would be cool, but it's a great game anyway. The underwater would look good and be awesome. (My first ever post!)
      • Bamboozler

        Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

        Catching up on years of forum posts in chronological order but if W:A doesn't already have an underwater map or biome it would definitely be an amazing addition.

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