Wanderlust Adventures OST - Official thread - Out now!!!

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    UPDATE: The time has come! I've edited this thread since there's no point in having separate links to the tracks now that the OST is out ;)

    Hey everybody,

    This is Chris and I wrote the soundtrack of Wanderlust Adventures. The music for the game is quite diverse and encompasses styles all the way from pure orchestral, to hybrid, to electronic, to rock. The full album is approximately one (1) hour long.

    You can listen to it (or buy it if you like) at any of the links below:
    • Bandcamp (you can buy the album here but it's also fully streamable)
    • YouTube playlist (to be populated over time with the entire OST)
    • SoundCloud playlist (this will include various tracks but not all of them since I'm running out of upload time... Sorry!)
    I'm looking forward to your thoughts and please remember to share the music around if you like it, it helps me out tremendously! ENJOY! ;)

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    • FreshSheet

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      I love the work you've done already, it truly adds volumes to the atmosphere. This thread is gonna be a real treat once the tracks start to flow!
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      • zfsnips

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        Thx for the preview tracks, love your work so far, keep up the fantastic work :3
        • AstronautDown

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          Two more tracks to preview. One will most likely be used in rural areas and the other in dungeons. Feel free to guess which is going where :p
          1. Bazaar
          2. Catacombs
          Btw, here is a SoundCloud set which includes all the previously posted tracks and will be updated as new ones come along. Enjoy!

          • SPLlT

            SPLlT Big Damn Hero

            I've spent many hours on Wanderlust:Rebirth, and honestly, I was worried about what would happen to the soundtracks in Wanderlust: Adventures.
            While your music style varies greatly from the tracks in Rebirth, I think your music will do a just as good (if not better) job in the Adventures soundtrack!
            • AstronautDown

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              Thanks SPLIT!

              One of the first things we discussed with Leth when talking about the music was that it won't be like Rebirth and it won't be like Risk of Rain. The former because they weren't interested in doing the same thing again and the latter because I wasn't interested in doing the same thing again :) We were both focused on doing something that was interesting, artistic and, most importantly, enhancing the player's experience (that goes beyond the music). The results are for you to judge but I can assure you we're all working very hard (actually, because of the time-zone difference I can attest to the extremely late nights that Yeti Trunk is putting into this project!) and hope you all enjoy the completed game ;)
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              • AstronautDown

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                Hey everybody,

                I've posted two new tracks for you:
                You might notice they are untitled :p That's because I want you to entitle them :poke:
                This is part of a competition we're running for a chance to win a copy of the game+OST. Please read the details on this thread, and as always, enjoy! :headbanging:

                • Dargona1018

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                  Big fan of your work, man.
                  I loved you on RoR, now loving you on Wanderlust Adventures, and have liked some of your other music (hadn't looked further than your bandcamp website).
                  Keep it up. You might become one of those people who get millions orchestrating music for Indie titles, small Developing Teams, and possibly even AAA games, and having fun all the while.
                  • AstronautDown

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                    Thanks so much! Doing my best and happy to keep doing it—even for merely thousands and thousands ;)
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                      Dear friends, the OST is now officially out! You can get it right here: https://chrischristodoulou.bandcamp.com/album/wanderlust-adventures

                      I've also started uploading the tracks on YouTube right here (no ads). The playlist is not fully populated yet but I'll keep adding to it in the next few days/weeks.

                      Please help us spread the word if you like what you hear, and as always, ENJOY! ;)

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