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    How do, my name is Jesse, and I am a Sigma.

    I know that doesn't explain much, and, honest, I'm not sure how to explain things, as I can't rightly recall how any of this came to be.

    I do know that I woke on a fine sunny day, on a lushly forested place, with a handful of possessions and my wits. I ain't gonna claim it was safe, but the predators soon learned I had a blade as sharp as their teeth. I didn't know anything about the area so I explored some nearby caves, and then dug out a scrape to spend the night. It seems I don't sleep much, and after a hard night's labor I had crafted most of what I thought I'd need to survive -- a campfire and a number of work-stations I thought might be useful.


    The next day I set out to explore my new world. I set off to the West and soon found forested hills, and a good number of potential crops. The land's well-watered, and fertile -- there are even some surface deposits of copper to work with. Exploration to the East soon revealed that the planet was not uninhabited -- well ... more precisely that it hadn't always been so -- which is to say that I fond the ruins of a small house. I'd guess weren't no older than thirty or forty years as the plants had overgrown much of it but the structure seemed sound. Right nearby was a river, and on an island in the middle -- with bridges to each side -- another building. Better yet, this one was in decent repair, and my hopes that I might find civilization began to rise.

    They soon fell as I continued East and found the graveyard of what was once a village-sized community. All the gravestones were old, and weathered. No one had lived here for years.


    Now I ain't one to quit -- even in a hard spot -- so I set to repairing those two places. I also built a smithy on the east side of the river, and on the west a house. I moved my tools in, and even ploughed up some ground to plant crops in. With a laugh I named my new home Bridgewater! I then set out East again.

    Some distance away I finally found help -- a ramshackle camp! There was a lone human there, he claimed to be the last survivor of a mining expedition -- and could point to a nearby mine as proof. His expedition dug too deeply, and woke ... something. Most of the miners were transformed, others killed, but he managed to flee the mines and had made himself a home not far from the mines. He hoped to re-open the mines and made me an offer I couldn't refuse: if I'd help him clear out the mines he'd give me his ship! He did warn me it was a mostly broken-down old wreck of a space-tug -- and entirely out of fuel for a jump -- but he swore it ran and the brains aboard weren't rotted.

    I'd be a liar if I claimed freeing the mines was easy -- and I'm mighty grateful to the handful of guards that held out in the depths and were able to help me fight those mutated human horrors. But in the end the human was true to his word and I had myself a new space-ship! Seeking civilization I set course for the nearest planet -- a desert wasteland according to the ship's AI.

    It turned out that entire world was claimed -- by a robotic people in a stone castle. Incredibly they had a king, and knights, as well as a full court of people. After hearing of my plight His Majesty, King Rustlord, offered aid. He gave me coordinates to Outpost -- where I could recruit colonists. He also named me Sheriff of Bridgewater, and gave me two fine knights as deputies to help protect the townsfolk.

    Now Bridgewater is a small, but happy, hamlet. We have a handful of craftsmen in town working hard. In the east there's the Smithy and the bridge-house, in the west the main house and the old house, and in between the two our fields. (we even purchased some livestock to raise for milk and eggs)

    East Enders.png
    The West Side.png

    But I have to admit to something. Just last night I kicked back and put my boots up and thought things out, and I don't think I'll stay Sheriff for much longer. Bridgewater can't really grow much more at this point -- not without more advanced materials I can't get on this planet. King Rustlord says he doesn't mind if I explore his world in more detail, and he says there are tungsten deposits I could mine for more resources! So maybe it's time to move on.

    Or ... maybe .... just maybe ... it's just that I got me a pair of Wanderin' Boots and we been still too long.
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