Volcanic Biomes!

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    Okay, so the Volcanic Biome is a pretty unstable place.

    You walk along, geysers spew volcanic gases into the air as you walk. (Painful to stand in) The ground surrounding the volcanoes are surprisingly fertile, owing to the constant mineral input from eruptions. This means that there will be abundant plant life among the lava streams.

    There will be pockets of lava dotting the landscape, even on the surface.

    Every once in a while, randomly, an event would happen. The words, "An eruption is occuring!" Would appear, and all throughout the biome, ash would start to rain from the sky, along with lava, (temporary that would immediately evaporate, it would not cause more lava lakes) and some mobs.

    I'll get more into the mobs here. But there would be more mobs in the various parts of the biome.

    What do you all think? Feedback?
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    Well... sorry to tell you, but there already are volcanic biomes... Tiy already released pictures of them :l
    Just a BIT late on the draw.
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