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Vita Version of the Game is Broken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Staibdude, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Staibdude

    Staibdude Space Hobo

    Dear Devs,
    I love Risk of Rain. I'm super stoked to finally play it on Vita with my friends via PSN. But I've run into a ton of issues, and I wanted to report them here so that they might be pointed out and resolved. Here are the bugs I've encountered so far:
    -In Single Player, I press Start to access the menu, then choose to leave the game. However, the game exits the menu, keeps me in the game, and disables pressing my Start button to open the menu again. The only way to leave Single Player is by dying.
    -My friend and I have been trying to play Co-Op. Our games somehow get disconnected, but we stay playing with computer players that quickly die. There is no way of regaining connection with my friend unless we exit out and remake a game.
    -I cannot join any games via Join Game. It stays stuck on the Connecting screen.
    -When I exit a Single Player game, the main menu is black. I can touch my screen and an arrow appears, and I can randomly select menus. But going into a submenu and then back into the main menu, it still stays black.
    -Sometimes, health bars do not appear over enemies.
    I would really love to play this game, but so many of these glitches prevent me from enjoying myself. It makes me sad to see such a great game feel incomplete on a power platform such as the Vita. Please do more testing and release patches for this game.
    • arnodino

      arnodino Space Spelunker

      Hey, I had too many problems on the vita release. The most important being a concern related to the safeguarding of the game I finished the game. I unlocked after this run 2 new sniper and loader figures. I let the credits back to menu. Today I rekindled the game, the two characters are no longer available and the game did not take account of this run. But yesterday when I run, the release of the characters appeared well in the "unlockables" menu, but nothing today.
      Also, sometimes by throwing the game intro starts without sound and not go to the menu by pressing the keys. Problems sometimes also at startup black screen that blocks the game.
      Thank you to the necessary. Best regards
      • Mentok_tmt

        Mentok_tmt Space Hobo

        I don't know if I would go so far as saying it's broken. Yet I have seen some of the same issues on the PS4 version. The enemy health bars missing and the online co-op wasn't working right. When i search for host it just keeps searching and when i try to host it just locks up on trying to create the match (or instance or whatever).
        • arnodino

          arnodino Space Spelunker

          I again finished the game today with bandit. I recovered sniper and loader, I played a bit with online. I close the game, I turn back, the characters have disappeared :zzz:
          Uh it would be nice to do something there ...
          • Linio

            Linio Big Damn Hero

            The PC version has been buggy for a while now.
            Don't even understand why they chose to release on other platform.
            Shady commercial tactics are shady after all.
            • arnodino

              arnodino Space Spelunker

              I understand not. For information for developers, I managed to unlock certain characters (forced to let die to get a backup). Indeed, the problem is that the game does not save when I finish, can not get sniper.
              It's a pity, but I will put the game aside pending a possible patch.
              I sincerely hope that the developers will consider it. Thank you in advance.

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