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Bug/Issue [VITA] Journey of The Prarie King game freeze.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lihkid, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Lihkid

    Lihkid Space Hobo

    It's tuesday the 23rd and it's spring, the day before the Flower Dance festival. I get two strawberries out of my chest to give to Emily, except I don't know where to find her, but I do know she always works at the The Stardrop Saloon so I do some other miscellaneous business and somewhere between 9:00 to 10:00 I head into the saloon to give my strawberry to Emily, she says "Thanks." Not exactly the reaction I was looking for but whatever... I then proceed to play Journey of The Prarie King and at about the fourth zone/level my game freezes. Though the music is still playing I press every button and nothing works.
    Obviously I don't know what happened so I'll just list some small details if it helps or something:
    1) The coffee speed bost was in effect.
    2) The 8-Way Bullets power up was in effect.
    3) Before the game froze one of the bullets from the 8-Way Bullets hit an orc-like creature.
    4) I had 2 lives.
    5) I had 9 to 12 coins.
    6) As I mentioned, the 8-Bit music continues as normal and exiting to homescreen and reentering the game does nothing, all buttons have zero effect.
    7) There were between 8 and 13 emenies on screen.

    That about finishes my bug report, hopefully this helps.
    • shureek

      shureek Space Hobo

      I have this issue too. Sometimes the game just freezes when playing The Prarie King. Today I managed to take process dumps of it. It seems that Stardew valley has 2 processes:
      Stardew freez.png

      So I took few full dumps from both of them: https://dropmefiles.com/nCzkw
      I've got Steam version on Windows 10 x64, game buildID 3021943. The game was in fullscreen mode. No error logs was found in %AppData%\StardewValley\ErrorLogs.
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      • margotbean

        margotbean Existential Complex

        This happens to me on Win7 ALL THE TIME. It's more likely to freeze than not freeze. SMAPI never throws an error either.

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