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Discussion in 'Mods' started by TheNinjaM, May 3, 2017.

  1. TheNinjaM

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    I have been playing Stardew Valley since day 1 of release and one thought has always crossed my mind every time I used the Bathhouse, "Why am I the only dude in town that takes a bath?:facepalm:" Now I know that some villagers will enter the locker rooms or the lobby, but none of them enter the actual bath. Is everyone just too scared to clean themselves or are they just too stupid to use it? :nope:

    Basically my request is:
    1. Alter NPC schedules to have them enter the actual bath.
    2. The minimum amount of effected NPCs should include at least the bachelors and bachelorettes but if possible should include most regular adults.
    3. The effected NPCs should have a unique bath texture for both the world sprite and portrait, so that they aren't entering the bath in their clothes.
    4. If possible, they should have new dialogue referencing being in the bath.
    5. Does not have to take into consideration bathhouse mod edits, which should have in their edits a patch for this mod.
    I hope that most of these requested feature are possible and may just need SMAPI to work. Any more suggestions of this potential mod would be nice. Also, I'm not a mod creator so don't be confused thinking I'm intending on making this myself. :up:
    • SheepMilks

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      I second this, I hope someone can add this to the game!
      • Orion and Dog

        Orion and Dog Void-Bound Voyager

        Personally, I see the bathhouse as less of a place to actually take a bath and get clean, and more like a spa/pool/hot spring. It's just for relaxing. My headcanon is that most houses have their own bathroom that just isn't shown. Maybe that can assuage your sense of immersion until a modder comes along ;)
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        • Aristobulus

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          it's been a while since I checked the forums. Recently started a new playthrough for the first time in ages, and coming across the bath house again it's just...this really does bother me. It's such a HUGE building. That has to be unlocked access to. and it just...goes completely unused. It would be really nice and more immersive if at least some of the villagers would occasionally use the bath. Even Harvest Moon occasionally had one villager that used the available hot spring. I've checked different websites too, and I've never seen anyone actually make a mod that will have villagers use the spa. Is this kind of thing even possible for modders to do?
          • foggywizard

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            I think the main issue here is less about getting them into the bath house than it is an issue with the characters swimming and doing bath house things in general. Having them actually use the bathhouse instead of simply walking there once in a while would require adding in unique sprites for each character that features them in a towel or swimsuit, and you'd have to see if the game will even let them "swim" like you can for them to use the pool.
            • Zosa

              Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

              dude, as far as that goes i wouldn't mind helping with the sprites, if someone could do the coding and pathfinding i'd gladly pitch in(in particular harvey and haley as they both have vanilla personalities that would support spa visits and it made no sense to me that they'd abstain)

              if it helps though i've read that penny does have a heart event in the spa so she'd be the easiest to get in there X''D

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