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    I NEED HELP! ive been trying to find a mod on steam workshop so that i could have multiple pets in a capture pod out at a time. however i cant find this, and i dont know anything about making mods. could someone either help me make this or just make it and link it to me. It would be greatly apprieciated if this could be on steam workshop because the friend i play with doesnt install mods manually!
    Edit: my main inspiration is that gosh dang floran pet keeper with all the little pets when you do the gladiator side quest. im really jealous of him cuz he had like 80 pets out at once!
    Another Edit: If this works out well i may go on to fuly revamp the capture pod system, adding items, tweaking dodats and etc, buuuuuut i dont know ANYTHING about modding so i would need a lot of help(even though i kinda already do with the mod above.)

    Thats it!!!

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    I'd be interested to see this done. Why can't you download mods manually?
  3. BunnyFooFoo5

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    mainly because the friend i mostly play with doesnt want to but idk why.

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