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    WARNING : This thread uses the Old Forum Black Skin theme !!!!!!!!


    Here's my suggestion for a New System and Factory for Vehicles.

    You can find also Other suggestions for all kinds here :

    Vehicles at the moment can be purchased to Pirate Pete, but a cool way to get them via crafting mechanics, would be this one

    Suggested and Introduced mechanics :

    - By pressing " E " and pointing the mouse cursor on the Vehicles, you can jump in or get out from it. >>> Introduced : Vanilla 1.0 <<<

    - Exiting from the Vehicles, they will not disappear and they remain on the Ground like they are placable / permanent objects. >>> Introduced : Vanilla 1.0 <<<

    - If you are on a vehicle, other players can be picked up if you have available Seats ( Jeep can carry 3 people, Car 2 people, boats can carry unlimited players and they are free to move because they just stand on it like it's a ladder, Dirt Bike 2 people, etc etc, for example ) >>> Introduced : Vanilla 1.0 for Hoverbikes <<<

    - You will be placed in the driver seat when jumping in an empty Vehicle ( other players will get the seat near the driver, etc etc ) >>> Introduced : Vanilla 1.0 <<<

    - Vehicles can be Destroyed / Damaged ( if a Vehicle explodes, the AoE will inflitct damage ) >>> Introduced : Vanilla 1.0 <<<

    - Vehicles can be found parked ( if you are lucky ) in random ecounters / villages ( maybe a Rare random spawn of a building where Cars or other vehicle are sold ? Yeah, NPC Vehicle Sellers with their custom showroom ! )

    About the Factory :

    - The Vehicles Factory is a placable and craftable item ( check the mockups in the posts below )

    - Interacting with the factory will pop up a Crafting Menu ( like the crafting table, anvil, etc etc )

    - Categories in the Crafting Menu :

    - Air
    - Land
    - Sea
    - Space
    - Various

    With those categories, we ca have a large type of craftable Vehicles like :

    - Cars ; Jeeps ; Motorbikes ; Dirtbikes ; Sidecars ( combat Sidecars variant too )
    - Tanks ; Hovertanks ; APCs
    - Helicopters : Transport only ; Havoc and Little Bird style for example, with a Sci Fi touch
    - Blimps / Hot-Air Balloons
    - New kind of Boats : Submarines ; Fishing Boats ; Cargo Boats ; Pirate Ships ( Galleon ) ; Yacht
    - Construction based Vehicles : dozers, etc etc

    ...and many more !

    - Vehicles Colours : can be crafted with customized colors ( red, blue, yellow, green, black, camo skins, etc etc - maybe ZZ Mech Modifications will do the trick : )

    - Mats for crafting Vehicles : can be gathered on the planets, from mechanicals NPC's / Mobs, bought from random NPC Vendors OR obtained in the randomly spawned chests

    With mats you can craft the single pieces for the vehicles : engine, wheels, etc etc.. and other materials, then merge them all togheter to get the Vehicle

    - Crafting the Vehicles : you will need to find the Recipe ( or it will be available if you find a Vehicle parked when juping on it - like when you collect materials to unlock new recipes - a rare spawn OR rare item from NPC Vendors ) and you start off with only a Jeep / Car in the Vehicle Factory ( for example )

    Deployable Vehicles

    - Vehicles can be teleported from the Spaceship to your location only if you have them in your hangar / space garage, instead to keep the Vehicle Controls in your inventory.

    The Custom UI with the Available Vehicles you have " parked in " the free garage slots, will let you select the one you want to be teleported, click on the " Teleport " button et voilà : the selected Vehicle will be teleported in the nearest point near you

    Warning : this deploying mechanic works only when we are on the Surface and ships ( boats ) can be deployed only in the Water !

    Vehicles Upgrades

    - Armed Vehicles : Combat suited vehicles, will have weapon upgrades. This means you will be able Upgrade a Mech ( for example ) everytime you advance in your progress OR find new recipes

    For example, we can have a Jeep variant, armed with a default Heavy Machinegun that can be used by the backseat passenger OR used by the driver if there are no passengers on. Default weapon can't be modified / swapped from those standard vehicles that have no Weapon Slots

    - Weapons : can be the classic machineguns, plasma guns, rocket launcher / small rapid fire rockets, snipers, beams, grenade launchers, railguns, etc etc

    - Upgrading the Weapons : weapons can be upgraded by combining them to get a better / rare / legendary one AND / OR craft new ones with mats ( mechanics : just like when you need a previous armor tier item to get the next one )

    - Attach the Weapons ( EPP Mechanics ) : like you do with Augments for the EPP ( ie : right click on the item ), Mechs will have one or two Empty Slots that can be used to attach the weapons.

    With 2 slots you can have 2 different mounted weapons, so right click and left click to fire with them. Attached weapons goes in the first available empty slot

    IE : craft a Mech, add two Rocket Launchers or one Grenade Launcher + one Machinegun, and so on !

    - Remove the Weapons : to remove the weapons from the vehicles you will need a dedicated " crafting table " with input and output. Simply place in the remote control of the vehicle and click on the " Remove " button : weapons will be removed and placed in the " Output " empty slots !

    Like in ZZ Mech Modifications mod :

    - Wapons Recipes : you need to find the Recipes to craft the new Weapons ( you start off with machineguns )

    Vehicles Dealers

    Vehicles can be also purchased / obtained from Vehicles Dealers ( will not unlock the recipe when acquired ) on the planets

    Those NPC dealers are randomly spawned on the planets inside a Showroom building ( like the surface mini dungeons ) and will have a one-purchase-only ( ie : a limited sale ) per vehicle available in the item list ( randomly generated, like the various Vendors found in the cities / alone )

    Vehicles in the showroom are just decorative items, you can still " steal " them, but obviously will work always as placeable stuff !

    Bring many pixels if you want one ^^


    *** VEHICLES NOW WORS AS PLACEABLE TOO : Starbound 1.0 + *** Below, old suggestion introduced

    This is an example of Vehicles that does not disappear when exiting out from it and should applied to all the vehicles ( no techs ) :


    How the Vehicles work if they are " placable objects " and not techs :


    Vehicle Factory - WIP :


    This one is the Mockup of the Crafting Menu when we click on the Vehicle Factory item ( obviously it's just an example to show how it can be ! Clicking on " Jeep 4x4 " will display what materials we need to craft the Jeep ! Other items like wheels, chassis and engine will require different materials ! ) :



    If we hold the mouse Cursor on the Jeep Wheel in the Crafting Menu of the Vehicle Factory, we will see what mats are needed to craft 1 Wheel ( 4 Wheels are needed to craft the Jeep with the other primary mats ) - this is still an example / mockup , required materials can be different , same for the quantity . Each " Primary Item " have different ingredients, for example the Jeep Engine can be crafted with Iron Bars and other stuff !

    Refined Tar as displayed here in the mockup, is crafted by extracting Raw Tar from Tar Pool / Oil Pools and then Refined in the Refinery :

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    Yea!!!! love the factory and the vehicles, maybe make a post about fishing and capturing fish

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  3. Psygnosis

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  4. Sgt_Hankey

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    Hm, not sure, being able to carry a monster truck using only one slot in your backpack seems weird.
    Though I suppose it doesn't exactly make sense you can carry 1000 cubic feet of dirt in a single slot either.
  5. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Ketchup Robot

    It's a game ;)

    And a Monster Truck would be awesome to drive !
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  6. Sgt_Hankey

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    Though I fear it may be problematic to code.. As with any 'wheel propelled'-Vehicle. I mean, that would require them to actually make some real physics in the game. xD (Gravity isn't real. Deal with it. :cool:)
    But then again, this Thread isn't about the actual vehicles.
  7. Psygnosis

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    Well vehicles can jump and climb up 1 block like the Characters does, they just need to put in the game this Feature, no physics and stuff is required, just the Crafting menu and some coding to let players sit on the vehicles ( like chairs ) ! Gravity is different for each planet now and it's fine, maybe they will polish it more and make it better.
  8. Sgt_Hankey

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    Obviously, but no it is a super unlikely thing to have a planet where the terrain only variate by one block. Do you think Cars should be able to jump too?
    And when the vehicle climbs upward, do you really want the rear end of it to just float in the air? I doubt think it would look good.
    And by Gravity not being real, what I think I actually meant, was that the devs, to counter the uglyness of half-flying cars, would need to have both ends of the vehicle be able to fall independently of each other, and still collide with terrain.
  9. Psygnosis

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    The cars already jump in the game and climb one block of terrain :

  10. Sgt_Hankey

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    Oh, didn't know it was a thing. But well, it is rather different from a multiple-person vehicle, or say a Monster Truck.
  11. Psygnosis

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    For example, in that car one will Drive and the passenger picked up, will be put in the back seat !
  12. Sgt_Hankey

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    I meant it would be unrealistic for Monster trucks or multiple-person vehicles to jump, as those vehicles will be required to be much bigger than the current One-Person Car.
  13. Psygnosis

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    Ye, but still it's not a driving simulator or real life stuff, pure Arcade gameplay where you can do whatever you want - there are also many mods with Vehicles, also a Camper and a Dozer. Vehicles with no Jump feature would be totally useless in this game.
  14. Cyberguy64

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    Actually, a vehicle that doesn't jump but plows through terrain and flattens it could be pretty useful for minor terraforming.
  15. Psygnosis

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    yeap, also those kind of Dozer vehicles can be useful - there are some mods already with them, but they need some nerfing at crashing blocks, otherwise they are too much powerful in this job !
  16. Alaster

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    Oh wow, I love the ideas in this thread! Full support! I think riding a boat around in ocean biomes would be so much fun.
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  17. Cyberguy64

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    Pretty sure I've seen a screenshot of someone doing just that, it just hasn't been released to the masses yet.
  18. Psygnosis

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    This is a mockup created by someone here in the forum ( you guys talking about this? ) :


    To this screen posted above, add the Mechanics & New Vehicle System suggested in the main post, then add this Mockup - down here - for Fishing ( full suggestion click here ) I've done :


    We have the perfect match for the Boats, ludicrous fun with them and fishing with friends ( or just a swim ) ! Vehicle techs are very very very limited, without them as techs, well, it would radically change how vehicles will be used !
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  19. Psygnosis

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    Mockup : This is how Vehicles would work without Techs, you can park them in a garage too and they will not disappear ;)

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  20. Psygnosis

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    This is a first try ( obviously need some work around ) of the Vehicle Factory look :


    Would be great if a Modder can create this Vehicle Factory mod and make it happen ^^
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