Vehicle storage idea.

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  1. Jake9039

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    An idea for vehicles is vehivle storage in ships. This means that the capture pod-type storage would be gone, bcause I feel that it makes the game a little too much like pokemon. A good way to do it is to have a garage bay in your ship, that expands with the ship everytime you upgrade it. in order to use a vehicle, you have to clear a small landing pad approximately the size of the vehicle, and dependint on the type of vehicle, it could come with a different animation. For example, if you wanted to do a mech, it could drop from the sky like titanfall, or if it were a hoverbike, it would just be teleported in like the player character. a small beacon could be placed at the landing site of the vehicle, and in order to bring the vehicle back into your garage, it has to go back to the landing beacon that is not unique to that vehicle, but marks that a vehicle of that sizer can be spawned there, and removed there. This would add another dimension to gameplay.

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