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Vector Squared -- Starbound Community News, Issue #19

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by nababoo, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hello, and welcome to the nineteenth issue of Vector Squared! There are some interesting tidbits of information this time. Last issue, we covered plastic, the first comic, a tour of a human spaceship, and a new screenshot featuring a human in some Hylotl armor. So this week, we have a crafting preview screenshot, words from Tiy regarding the beta roadmap, a guest wallpaper, and the new Help megathread.

    Prepare thyselves, sharpen your knives, and eat pig.

    Table of Contents
    Crafting Preview Screenshot
    Many interesting tidbits of information can be uncovered via a picture shared by Tiy. For those that have missed it, Starbounder navar0nius brings this golden picture of delight to our attention.

    Knowing to take any information pre-release with a grain of salt, it’s quite interesting to let your eye wander around this minefield of information. The left side has the recipes - schematics - in a highly organizable window. It appears that not only can you refine your search by item type (armor, weapons, building materials, etc), but also by level and rarity - of which it seems there are four tiers that are craftable.

    On the right, is a window that previews the selected schematic’s end result with very detailed information and even a visual preview. A person can see not only what the item itself can do, but also what a full set bonus would look like.

    Adjustments to health, attack, defense, movement speed, jump height, energy, carry capacity (presumably), and another stat can be seen, making a very nice preview of what basic character stats will be based upon. Personally, my favorite addition can be seen at the bottom right corner - Augment! What crazy and interesting bonuses and varieties can be applied to all sorts of items is mind tingling.

    So where you wish to gaze in awe at the picture, contribute in discussion and speculation, or terrorize folks that we get yet another gallon of gasoline to add to our fiery hunger of wanting Starbound, be sure to check out the thread.


    Starbound - The Road Ahead
    Ever wonder what is left to be finished in the development of Starbound before the moments before us - the eagerly anticipating fans - can play it? We all wonder that as we see streams and pictures of the game hung so tantilizingly close to our faces as we salivate. Fortunately, however, kcbledsoe has shared with us not-so-lurkers of Reddit a very interesting post Tiy has made that assures they’ve been hard at work despite what seems to be evil attempts at making us want Starbound evermore.

    Basically it details some of the features that have been finished, and what needs to be worked on some more. A lot of time-consuming portions of the works such as Universe generation, Navigation, weapon generation, NPCs (mostly), Farming, Water physics, sand physics, explosion physics, Building (mostly). and Cooking is done. Sounds like a ton, right? That’s because it is! The devs have been very hard at work.

    With such accomplishments under their belt, there is still much to be done, however. Included is more dungeons and villages, some bits of ship leveling system, Crafting (revamp), a lore/book reading system, shields in, more work on friendly NPCs/Shops/Quests , and the pet and vehicle systems.

    This information gives us a great view that much of the game has been finished, but there is some creation, fine tuning, and polish to be done before we get the final product - so hold strong fellow Starbounders and keep on believin’!


    Guest Wallpaper for March
    Contributor and concept artist fetalstar announced a couple of days ago the most recent Starbound wallpaper. The announcement was performed through this website’s main page and you may find the update right here, should you like to take a look for yourself.

    Anyways, here’s the picture, authored by Bietol:


    Needless to say, Bietol has done a pretty nice work with the drawing above. As you may see, we’re able to take a good look at all Starbound races publicly announced so far at once! If that weren’t enough, we also get a male and female of each species (Bietol’s Ark?). The outfits and stances in the wallpaper also transmit a good idea of the concept that each race revolves around, such as the primitive Avian garments demonstrating their tribal culture and even the crouching/ambushing/scouting Florans displaying their wild card factor. Somehow, the artist was also able to make everyone look sexy, from hairy apes to voracious plantlings!

    A few people officially associated with Starbound have even shared the image through their twitter accounts, some mysterious stranger known as Tiy included! - Thus granting the wallpaper even more recognition.
    If you’d like to join the debate about this specific wallpaper, head on to this thread by forum user Darthkitten. Have fun!

    By: Your friendly neighbourhood Keeper

    Starbound Signature Generator (Poland)
    The Polish community known as StarboundHQ has brought us a quite interesting feature known as the Signature Generator.

    Basically, you are able to upload your character, or even use one of the pre-made avatars, type in a nickname, and combine the result with one of the five currently available Starbound backgrounds. The purpose of such is to create your very own Starbound image, which you may use as a signature. Some members are already doing so!

    Here are a couple of examples:



    You may find the announcement topic right here, which has been created by forum user Sorat. Enjoy!

    EDIT: Apologies, here are the links to the German one and the avatar generator.

    Signature Generator:

    Avatar Generator:

    By: Keeper

    Help Hub - Centralized Assistance
    To help combat the issue of many stickied threads and some outdated information, Ordona has mentioned in this thread that most of these topics will now be covered in a more updated and organized Help Megathread.

    Cleverly organized, this thread is organized into four main parts, each with their own post - one for general forums, and one for each game Chucklefish is supporting. Inside each post is a carefully labeled and sorted section with information pertinent to the subject. Many of the old help threads are even archived via link within the appropriate section!

    Go ahead and poke your digital nose into the thread to get acquainted with the sleek new Help section. Be sure to post any questions, comments, or feedback within the Feedback Thread!


    This week’s suggestion spotlight is about things such as [dataerror=1], at the [SysCorruption=17/36]. Scott Hammond’s suggestion about computers in Starbound gives an interesting idea at the potential of free systems that could possibly be built into the game. It presents a series of ideas on how functions for these oldfangled electronics could be expanded to further the game experience (any Fallout-esque logs, anyone?).

    Drop by the suggestion and offer what ideas you have! We all want logic gates, so why not this?


    This week’s art feature goes out to Bloolink’s armour and weapon requests. Bloolink has already got a nice collection of snazzy characters set up, with awesome-looking gadgetry and attire. There have already been several requests finished, some of which look like the following:
    Quite impressive. Drop by and get some of this magnificent art, and leave remarks of appreciation for such a talented artist as this one ;)


    Weekly Comic


    Q: What would you name the comic robot above?
    A: And no, it isn’t the Bicentennial Man.

    Closing Comments
    • Slaticus is no longer able to write with Vector, due to time and responsibility constraints. Wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
    Nababoo-- Manager/Writer
    Keeper-- Wordsmith
    Strife -- ???
    Active Link -- Scientific Consultant
    WackyWocky -- Space Artist
    ReverseShadow -- Comic L0lcats

    blind sniper -- Banner

    Previous Issues:
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    Blue’s Fanmade Newspaper Archive
  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Nice to hear Chucklefish have been hard at work, and have finished quite a lot of the features. For now, though, we wait.

    As for that robot, we should call him something...electronic. Tron is too much too ask for, but maybe Byte or RAM or something.
    nababoo and Keeper like this.
  3. navar0nius

    navar0nius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Bytus probably? I dunno about ancient greek names but this sounds fitting.
    Jonesy likes this.
  4. I must admit, I come here more for the comics than anything else.

    Dem comics.
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  5. R3MI

    R3MI Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Another great edition, loved the idea behind the comic!
  6. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    I love this edition, and the comic is pretty funny as well. You guys are doing a great job.

    The robot is called Wox, no doubt about it. With a few helmet modifications... of course.
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  7. Mianso

    Mianso Black Hole Surfer

    I got the title.
    Never eat after intimate data exchange.
  8. Who are you and why do you know my name?! :cry:

    But yes. Wox head confirmed in game.

    Wox Bot ActuallyAmWox.png
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  9. AlphaMongoose

    AlphaMongoose Ketchup Robot

    Great issue guys! Keep them coming!
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  10. Babwabwah

    Babwabwah Star Wrangler

    Awesome Issue!
    nababoo likes this.
  11. Sgt. Sprocket

    Sgt. Sprocket Spaceman Spiff

    More feeding the info addiction. :p
    But I applaud your guys' patience in taking the time to put these together.
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  12. Awesomized

    Awesomized Master Astronaut

    Thats the only reason I read newspapers.
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  13. The_Doctor

    The_Doctor Orbital Explorer

    The future I know, has no starbound, creators where wiped out in the fire.....
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  14. MachoBandit

    MachoBandit Pangalactic Porcupine

    I bet the German sig creators are pissed for not being mentioned. Cool articles, though. Keep it up.
  15. Oh, crap. I must edit things...
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  16. Zezarict

    Zezarict Big Damn Hero

    Bigger on the inside?

    Time Lord technology made it in game :D xD

    Good update, thanks :)
    nababoo likes this.

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