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Outdated Variety is the spice of the Universe for Enraged Koala

Over 50+ new biomes, 10+ new weather types, new music & more

  1. Caudyr

    Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

    Here's hoping for some new releases. =D

    I do hope there's 2 versions as was said above (one that excludes the ones that would be duplicates with the FU biomes, and whatnot).

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, though! ^^
  2. danest

    danest Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    My thoughts on variety and mods: Some time before release, I don't remember the version, angry animals, etc, I remember each invidivual biome varying more within its biome type. But now, for instance, lush biomes look pretty much like other lush biomes, not like how I remember. And the introduction of non-procedural "unique" (bad name) monsters has reduced that variation even more. So right now rather than worrying about more biomes, I tend to wish each biome type could vary more from its same biome type. Like I seem to remember from the pre-release. I do believe that variety is the spice of the universe, but if we really only need one example of each biome type, it hurts that variety, hurts my interest in exploring.
  3. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Welcome back. I'll install FU soon, so I'd love to see an extension like your mod. A lot of people miss the variety of earlier versions, I'm sure your mod would be appreciated by many here, even on its own.
  4. Darkspinesupersonic8

    Darkspinesupersonic8 Pangalactic Porcupine

    IL would DEFINITELY play VitSotU 2... I want it badly. FU does a lot but has a lot of irritatingly coimpolex content and for what biomes it has apparently they need to have a use and cant just be player service or more biomes to actually enjoy. You know what I ahve to say to that? Variety is the Spice of the Universe~
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  5. Pigbear

    Pigbear Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    aw yeah, this mod was my favorite back when it was working, i was quite sad when it stopped working, hope you can work on this and successfully.
    Also I wouldn't say this mod would be competing with FU at all, FU biomes are mostly boring, and largely samey.
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  6. Audba11

    Audba11 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey everyone. I am unable to get the recipe for corruption seeds, even though I just updated the Frackin Universe mod. I have tried mining corrupted biomass with no luck. My mods are FrackinRaces, improved_containers_1-9, TrueSpace, and TrueSpaceFUPatch.
  7. Raindrac

    Raindrac Existential Complex

    This isn't the thread for Frackin' Universe! I can't help ya. Ask that over here.
  8. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    He's on break for a few more days, on vacation. Doubt an answer will come soon.
  9. xaliber

    xaliber Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Is the mod still being worked on? I'd love to see biome varieties that are not total overhaul like FU. :) Been wanting a metropolis biome, something like Coruscant or Nar Shaadda in Star Wars.
  10. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    its been dead for like, 3 years dude.

    You'll never see a city biome, because the game engine couldnt handle that many NPCs at once, let alone objects
  11. xaliber

    xaliber Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hiya sayter! I know, I've considered that. The solution is of course not to add lots of NPCs at once (at least until Chucklefish makes it possible), but to give a justified reason why a populated planets don't have that many NPCs.

    My idea would be making it like more Coruscant than Blade Runners: where each buildings are distanced quite apart, and between them only flying or pillar-supported platforms. So you don't have to populate every corners in the planet with NPCs, because most of the surface is actually empty or just flying platforms. Same goes with subsurface layer, it's empty. Only when you get to the underground and below you get the lower city where the mutants, gangs, and scums of the planet dwell. Just spawn monsters and hostile NPCs like usual on these layers.

    So something like this:


    Again, I'm not pushing or anything (sorry if you get that impression from my insistence). Just something I and a number of other people would really love to see. :p

    I posted here because I the recent discussion was from August, so I guess it might be worth a shot.
  12. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    except someone has to make every single building into a dungeon or microdungeon which takes a while, unless you want every building to be almost the same thing. So you need to bear that in mind as well. Resource intensive for the game itself, and time and effort intensive to anyone adding it
  13. Scival

    Scival Oxygen Tank

    I mean, we have villages and stuff. Just make a slightly bigger village that looks a bit more modern.
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  14. apinanaivot

    apinanaivot Cosmic Narwhal

    If you are not working on this mod anymore, please let me update it to the latest version of Starbound, the mod is too great to be abandoned.
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  15. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

    The vast majority of the biomes from this mod have since been transferred over to Frackin' Universe. Please give that mod a look. On the other hand, if you are willing to go to the lengths to update this mod into the modern version as its own entity... godspeed, friend. I would very much like to see that.
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  16. apinanaivot

    apinanaivot Cosmic Narwhal

    I can't update this, because it is not downloadable, maybe I'll just make my own biome mod.
  17. Darkspinesupersonic8

    Darkspinesupersonic8 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hm.. not downloadable? I think I have a copy of an old koala build version of the mod laying around somewhere. If I were to give that to you (if I evne have it..)
    Do you think you could try to work some magic with that? (I could also give it a try myself sometime if you can't.. but y'know, just offering)

    EDIT: Yes, infact I do!!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  18. apinanaivot

    apinanaivot Cosmic Narwhal

    I am not sure if the mod author would be okay with it... I'll have to get his permission first.
  19. Darkspinesupersonic8

    Darkspinesupersonic8 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I've already asked myself, infact.. so yeah..

    maybe this'll go somewhere..
  20. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Pangalactic Porcupine

    from the overview it looks like he planning on rebuilding this for 1.0

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