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Outdated Variety is the spice of the Universe for Enraged Koala

Over 50+ new biomes, 10+ new weather types, new music & more

  1. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

    Draco, if you're still about, you can ask a mod to lock this thread. That'll be the end.
  2. Raindrac

    Raindrac Existential Complex

    As long as the thread can possibly be unlocked at some point in the future, sure. There is a chance that I might want to come back at some point in the future. I don't know.
    I just noticed that the mod was confirmed in a coma exactly on the 1000th reply. What a way to end it.
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  3. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

    will it become part of fracken or will it be separate?
    id like it to be separate cus id be easyer to not have like over 100 new biomes lol
  4. Raindrac

    Raindrac Existential Complex

    Oh yeah. Sayter tossed me the idea a while back of having the VitsoU content as an add-on patch to Frackin' Universe. I could just remove the stuff that he adds to my biomes from the add-on at some undetermined point in time and be set to use this mod thread for the VitsoU biomes. It is up to him if he wants to make it as an add-on or not.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it yet again, it wouldn't make too much of a difference to have it integrated with the mod itself. The files for my custom biomes would be mostly the same as they would be if it were an add-on, so that'd leave just a few other minor things to do.
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  5. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

    that and alot of the biomes in your mod and his are almost the same
    like the swamp and the darkness ones to name a few
  6. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Which is why I'll be integrating them piecemeal into FF where needed, not wholesale. I don't need 50+ biomes. However, a lot of sub-biomes and underground biomes? That's a different matter entirely. Biomes should not be added just because, but should have a purpose. Otherwise you visit most of them once, and never go back.
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  7. DarthTrethon

    DarthTrethon Spaceman Spiff

    If or when you decide to return I have no doubt the community will be more than happy to have you back, until then thank you for allowing this mod to live on.
  8. sρooκs

    sρooκs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    RIP Numbra Planets.
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  9. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    or..yknow... Head on over to FrackinUniverse and grab the latest update in the TEXT of the latest update post (since the site is broken and not taking uploads properly right now)

    Then you don't need to say RIP to those, or most others, for that matter.
  10. Murplesman

    Murplesman Void-Bound Voyager

    You should update this :)
  11. Murplesman

    Murplesman Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd really like a stand-alone mod for just adding new biomes, not new mechanics like in Frackin' Universe
  12. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Well, you're out of luck then, since this mod is discontinued and it's author is elsewhere:)

    And there is no way I am making a biomes-only version of FU, because there are far FAR too many items, techs, monsters etc tied to the main mod to go through and remove it all. It's all or nothing, basically. For the time being , at least. That said, no one forces you to use any of the FU mechanics (apart from the environmental effects built into some biomes, but those are mitigated easily enough with specific gear)
  13. Phantaeon

    Phantaeon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's literally what I did.

    (Until I grabbed admin mode and tested out every single FU weapon)
  14. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    lol. Just remember not to fire the Atom Smasher inside your base like...ever
  15. Raindrac

    Raindrac Existential Complex

    Well, it's been a few years. I'm back into Starbound, and I'm getting an itch to create VitsoU 2. Unlike VitsoU 1, I'd focus on quality over quantity. Most biomes in V1 were a lazy copy/paste job, and I don't want to do that again. I want to create biomes on-par with what Chucklefish created, with unique dungeons and assets. I'll throw in some vanilla biome improvements as well.

    But is there room for V2 in the Starbound mod scene? V2 would be competing with Frackin' Universe, and that's not a fight that I want to take. V2 would just be a biome mod; FU is a complete overhaul. Not to mention that FU already contains a lot of the biomes that I'd be adding for V2.

    I suppose that I could create an extension for FU or something, but I've never tried FU. I'll get around to playing it eventually, but I'm still busy doing my first vanilla playthrough.

    Would anybody here use V2, or does FU already have your biome needs covered? As much as I like making biomes, I don't want to waste my time and create something that nobody will use. Also, no guarantees that V2 will ever get finished.
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  16. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    You're back! :nuruhappy:

    Yeah, FU has gotten pretty big. And they're still adding new biomes occationally.

    I only recently started trying it, myself. I had been too distracted with other mods and stuff to try it before.

    I'm impressed with the biomes that FU has. Though, I think there might be a few in your old VitsoU that it still lacks. However, personally, I think there is still room for more than what FU has.

    That's one possibility.

    Another possibility is updating VitsoU to work with 1.0 and endeavor to be a pure biome mod, filling that niche. FU seems quite popular for a mod. However, some players dislike it and flat out refuse to use it. Indeed, I'm not aware of any multiplayer servers that use it. (As much as I wish some of them did.)

    Ideally, you'd have a separate FU-compatible version that leaves out the similar biomes, only containing types that FU lacks.
  17. Ramones_fan

    Ramones_fan Pangalactic Porcupine

    I personally would love to see and use v 2
  18. DarkPursuer

    DarkPursuer Void-Bound Voyager

    I played FU extensively and while I like the extra biomes I didn't like the extra ores and plants and the crafting side of it. I also didn't like the spritework and design of some biomes as well. FU while providing a lot to exploration and stuff, also adds too many things that I'm not interested in using. If they had split the mod to a more modular form, I might just give it a shot.
  19. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    Myself, I've wished for the longest time that either VitsoU or FU would have a biome like the old Tech Planets mod or Mechanical Planets Mod. (Think abandoned Death Star, without the death ray or all the equipment.)

    In my mind, these could be artificial planets, perhaps as part of the same experiments that created the Glitch, created by the same ancient race before they disappeared or abandoned this galaxy.

    It has potential for interesting exploration and resource gathering, I think. Though, it'd be nice if it came with an appropriate backdrop image instead of a cratered moon or something. I'd have it actually look like an artificial surface, like the planet was one huge (abandoned) city.

    To complete the biome, I'd have nothing but robots and mechanical monsters spawn as enemies. Here's what I found in vanilla:


    Biome Monsters
    * Scandroid
    * Triplod
    * Voltip
    * Bobot

    Dungeon Monsters
    * Cleaning Bot
    * Glitch Spider
    * Mini Drone
    * Repair Bot
    * Serpent Droid

    Village Monsters (non-hostile)
    * Robot Chicken

    Ideally, there would be a special dungeon or two which would spawn on this biome. (And, perhaps, very rarely on other biomes.) And such dungeon could contain certain robot enemies that are not encountered on the surface or elsewhere in the biome.

    I also thought about unique, randomly generated monsters. I suspect it is possible to have a biome that only uses random monsters from a special list of cybernetic or robotic parts. I did notice that some of the monster parts mods, like AnTiMonster - Big Bag of Monsters and Freaks of Nature have such parts.

    Finally, I'd limit the attacks of such randomly generated robots to only Physical and Electric (per the wiki page on Monsters):
    Air Chomp ........ Physical .. Flying  Range    Flying Melee attack
    Beam Burst ....... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Body Slam ........ Melee ..... Ground  Melee    Jump attack
    Cell Shock ....... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Charge ........... Melee ..... Ground  Melee    Ram attack  
    Dark Plasma ...... Physical .. Flying  Range    Fires a rectangular star shape
    Dive ............. Melee ..... Flying  Melee    Falls directly on the enemy
    Light Ball ....... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Plasma Sweep ..... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Plasma Torpedo ... Electric .. Ground  Range    Fires medium length beams of plasma
    Shock Ball ....... Electric .. Ground  Range    Fires a large ball of Electricity
    Shocking Wave .... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Spark Spray ...... Electric .. Ground  Range
    Spin Slash ....... Physical .. Flying  Range
    Static Discharge . Electric .. Ground  Range
    Swoop ............ Melee ..... Flying  Melee    Flying charge
    Twisting Pulse ... Physical .. Flying  Range    Shoots swirling red energy
    Please, let me know what you think of the idea.
  20. Raindrac

    Raindrac Existential Complex

    VitsoU 2 might just happen. I got a placeholder biome working first try. Not even one missed comma or patching error!


    This seems like the way to go.

    I love the idea, especially the idea of them being abandoned, planet-sized Glitch factories, but it's going to be a lot of work. Especially the parallax! I might take a shot at it, but as usual, no guarantees. I'm starting simple for now; the first biome that I'm adding will be the Alpine biome.

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