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[Vanilla Modding] [SOCIAL] [RP] iLoveBacons.com - +60 Slots & More!

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Bacon, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. r00t

    r00t Orbital Explorer

    How much proc/RAM overhead does your wrapper cause per user or do you find it consistent throughout? It sounds like there is a major issue with the wrapper you are using.
  2. We are not using on wrapper, at this moment server is OFFLINE due one DDOS attack till we figure what we are going to do about it.
  3. r00t

    r00t Orbital Explorer

    I'm sorry to hear that :(

    I run on a vm farm connected to an IPS module that supposedly drops DDOS based on attack signature. Since that portion of the firewall is managed by my upstream ISP (I only have contextual access to it), don't know much about it. I know that there are soft firewalls out there you could install on your machine that could possibly prevent it (SNORT and the like). I don't know the particulars of your situation, but hope everything works out for the best.
  4. EUROPEAN SERVER IS NOT ONLINE, please check our temporary US Server on IP:
    Soon we will have European and American server, both for the same community. :love:
  5. Cavendish

    Cavendish Space Spelunker

    New US server IP is! Please get off that horrible band-aid server immediately!
  6. UPDATE ~~ The New American Server is UP, this will be the final IP, this server will have a much better uptime but we will keep working on it.
    Check our US Server on IP: us.ilovebacons.com
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  7. Update ~~
    us.ilovebacons.com have been updated to Vanilla Server, it's less laggy with better performance but still with some lag spikes (of a second or 2) but that's software issues with Starbound itself.

    IP ilovebacons.com is already redirecting to this new one. ;)
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  8. Hello all! Good News! :love:
    - US Server have been upgraded. Now handles more players and more stability!
    - Server Protections are back in place, such also includes ability to players claim planets!

    Check us on us.ilovebacons.com IP.
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  9. bayley

    bayley Cosmic Narwhal

    Wow,sounds likel that guy is a Prick.[DOUBLEPOST=1409309146][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Everyone, i have a confesion to make,i,Bayley,Known as Ballbag the barbarian, prefer Sausages to Bacon.[DOUBLEPOST=1409309496][/DOUBLEPOST]Guys,i got a question,i want to go on this server,so,so badly,but how do i join a server?
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  10. @bayley on Starbound is very easy, just going to multiplayer and pasting our server IP then clicking join, there's no special thing, multi is just singleplayer with many people. :p
  11. bayley

    bayley Cosmic Narwhal

    i think i might be doing it wrong.
    i put in 'ilovebacon' in the server adress bar,
    i put Bayley in the sever account bar
    and i put the IP in the server pass word,but it said 'Join failed! Error connecting to 'ilovebacon:21025''
    Is it cause i just choose the normal starbound game and then click multiplayer?[DOUBLEPOST=1409312650][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Well, i don't have much experience with multiplayer,but you get to choose one of your characters,right? so if your character is also accsessible on single player mode,can't you just go on to singleplayer,get coal,go to Multiplayer,pick that character and load the coal into your ship?
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  12. @bayley do this:

    No need for server account/password unless you created one in-game.
  13. bayley

    bayley Cosmic Narwhal

    thanks,on server now.[DOUBLEPOST=1409318192][/DOUBLEPOST]Some guy named crimson Killed me at spawn
  14. Server was Updated:
    - Increased the CPU to 16 Cores and RAM to 20GB.
    - Spawn Protections are now stronger, blocking also Spawn Killers / modded guns, eg: Remove HitBox / Make player naked gun.

    Have fun. <3
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  15. <3 iLoveBacons Server Updates:
    - We now own a TeamSpeak Server, visit it on us.ilovebacons.com IP! ;)
    - Server can now have a password at peak times, on our site you easily can get the guest password if you don't have one account.
    - Due the high number of players, player abuses are more common, if you can't reach a moderator, create a report.
    - iLoveBacons Community have reached 1.200 Registered Users!

    We consider the server stable for now, the crashes, lag spikes and similar issues are something Starbound developers need to poke on that we can't help on our side, being a big server faces more of this kind of problems, still they aren't common enough to break your gameplay. ;)

    Have fun playing.
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  16. Breakout

    Breakout Big Damn Hero

    Does this server use any mods?
  17. Via mods folder no, to make it compatible to everybody. Still people mod their own stuff on multiplayer that works and is visible to all players without need mod files, specially drawables.
    Will think of officially have a modpack after next starbound update when things get more stable.
  18. Breakout

    Breakout Big Damn Hero

    Thanks for answering my question Bacon! I haven't tried multiplayer yet in Starbound and may give your server a try.

    Do you need a brand new character?
  19. You can join with our own existent chars yup
  20. Ignify

    Ignify Big Damn Hero

    Mmmm, such a tasty community! ^_^

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