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[Vanilla Modding] [SOCIAL] [RP] iLoveBacons.com - +60 Slots & More!

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Bacon, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Katorone

    Katorone Giant Laser Beams

    We can solve this by giving a few trustworthy players the ability to kick or ban. The catch is though, that this person also has to be on IRC (for authentication purposes).
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  2. Yes @Toady as @Katorone said as soon we have easy commands for kick at least working, i will start recruit some players inside our community to moderate it, so they can be at spawn and keep them to track and get them out our server. :)
  3. - Added Player Count and Server Stats at main post.
    - Added Buttons to Vote on Our Server.
  4. :paper: NEWS: Server Performance is Improved, we┬┤re now Protected against Grief and SpawnKilling.
    - Server is now Anti-Grief, no more Spawn Bombings / Spawn Killings.
    - We have a Rank System for Staff (kicks, bans, mute, building permissions, etc...)
    - We have now many server commands working, that i will describe soon on the main Post.
    - And Moar Tastiness!
  5. - Added List of Server (Public) Commands.
    :paper: Server Commands
    !mod <Message> - Sends a message to all Staff on ADMIN Channel.
    /admin <Message> - Sends a message to all Admins in-game.
    /fuel - Provides enough fuel to travel to another planet from spawn.
    /starteritems - Gives you a few starting items to help you make your own legend.
    /help /? /commands - List of allowed commands.
    /players - List of Online Players.
    /me <Message> - Sends one emote message.
    /rules - Show a list of the server rules.
    /spawn - Warps your ship to the server spawn (must be used from ship)
    /home - Teleports you to your home planet.
    /warpship <Player> - Warps your ship to the location of another playet.

  6. UPDATE ~~
    Forgot to update this thread, just to let you know this server DID NOT died, and it's still up and running always with players online! One of the most favorite servers of many due the focus we had on Non-Laggy and Uptime.

    :paper: NEWS:
    - Oldest server still running since Starbound day 1# and still a Top #15 Server with more than 15K THOUSAND unique players! :party:- Server Performance is Improved, we have software running for reduce lag and downtime.
    - Permissions and commands are not yet up as server optimization do not allow wrappers on big servers without lag.
  7. T-Rex

    T-Rex Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Ohhh :3 I don't play Starbound that much :(
  8. Duck Rogers

    Duck Rogers Orbital Explorer

    My favorite server :party:
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  9. PunderfulYT

    PunderfulYT Void-Bound Voyager

    downloaded some songs for the game and now i cant join anymore D:
  10. Normally your mods are not supposed to conflict with the server. What it can cause is you to disconnect / crash when you use them inside of it. Servers should not make use of client mods to avoid that. :(
  11. Tomato Master

    Tomato Master Noob Simulator 2014

    Now it says I can't connect to the server, it gives an error message and says can't connect to ilovebacons.com/
  12. Yup it crashed and auto-restarted, sometimes it needs to recover data files starting that's why it doesn't get online just in a few seconds, what is one of the most frustrating things we face because the downtime. You can check on The serverlist page, if it's on/off or if it shows NA/30 on the player count, if it shows that the server got suck and needs one force restart. We're waiting for next starbound update that seems to be far away :(

    We will start to give some known server players the ability to restart it manually in that case, when it shows Offline that is not fixable, it's the recovering files the server does sometimes when starting that takes one absurd amount of time (3 to 30 minutes).
  13. PunderfulYT

    PunderfulYT Void-Bound Voyager

    i wish there were admins or something on...the fact ppl can just do whatever they want with no punishment kinda sucks...was just robbed by some guy with an invis mod...
  14. Tomato Master

    Tomato Master Noob Simulator 2014

    When will you guys be getting Admins / Moderators on the server. Lots of people just do whatever they want with no punishment like Wesdawg said. Many griefers act like new players and they grief players ships. I would be happy to help in any way I can when you start getting admins / mods.
  15. Heya, due the starbound software now, we can't have admin tools without end up with a laggy server because we have a decent high number of people online, when starbound updates with core admin tools, we can add in-game mods that will be able to kick / ban and fix the server if it is behaving laggy.

    For now, as we are a public server, we are limited in what we can do. You can always report a major problem in IRC Support Channel to one admin that is able to search the player ips to block.
  16. Tomato Master

    Tomato Master Noob Simulator 2014

    When the admin commands do get added, will you be taking applications for moderator?
  17. Yes
  18. Snowpup

    Snowpup Giant Laser Beams

    Just an FYI you totally can. It just requires some work. Look at our server, we have anywhere from 3-20 people online with an extensive amount commands.

    (Not trying to call you out or anything, PM me if you don't like this post and I'll edit it.)
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  19. Starbound server software itself already lags randomly and specially on linux do have several issues not fixed, from Memory Leaks to Server Process hanging not responding, etc... As we tested several wrappers, as they work fine, when our server reaches around 30 players the data transfers between wrapper and server are simply too high and the delays are very noticeable (and understandable as the high amount of data to transfer ASAP), as long it's not constant and it's still playable, i prefer less lag for now, that's why we have people playing 24/7 since the very first game this game released.
    The ball is with the developers now, servers need some desperate attention to minimum stability for now. ^^
  20. Snowpup

    Snowpup Giant Laser Beams

    We're running Linux 64 bit. I know what you mean, but that delay can be fixed. Listen, all I'm saying is you have to work on the wrappers a little bit. If you were to hop onto our server I would guarantee you wouldn't lag.

    The only things the developers need to fix is the:
    1) Slow leak
    2) Starmap data/loading issue
    3) Corruption of worlds due to leaflet blocks.

    The netcode actually isn't all that bad. The wrappers out there just need some modification as they are the cause of that latency.

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