Valkyria Chronicles is Back 10 Year Anniversary Sequel.

Discussion in 'Games' started by Lumina, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Been a long road for this franchise. One masterpiece game, a few hand held sequels with of which their mileage may vary. Then one spin off that actually made more fans mad than happy.

    Now after TEN YEARS.... they're making finally, a proper Sequel.

    0:20-1:00 literally made me cry. The melody is from the song The Minstrel Boy, a song I was very fond of as a child, so the fact it's used in this game, it's like destiny. When that picture faded into color that melody kicked it, I was almost in disbelief. I felt as if they Trailer was speaking directly to me.

    Then the trailer gets ruined shortly after that sadly. That 40 second sequence though, that is the perfect potential for a good TV Commercial.

    The game will be based with what seems to be Easy Company of the Federation Military during the same war that was in the first game. But of course as I said you're fighting in the Federation Military instead of the Gallian. I gotta say I approve. Definitely being the Tank they're using in the Trailer seems to be an American M4 Sherman that had a baby with a French Renault Light Tank.

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