Using the Hoe to lift out tree seeds

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by azraljael7, May 29, 2018.

  1. azraljael7

    azraljael7 Space Hobo

    Hi ya'll, small fix that may or may not need to be made for Computer/Steam play. While in Single Player, you can use a hoe to lift fallen tree seeds and they pop out of the ground. In Muli Player, even with using a hoe, they just smash.

    Great game, thank you!
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    • PennySnowfox

      PennySnowfox Tentacle Wrangler

      It may be this small bug that has always been in the game where if your forage skill that day, you won't collect seeds from chopping seeds or digging up seeds till the next day
      • Katalaeia

        Katalaeia Master Chief

        I'm having the same issue. We're in the final week of Winter of year 1 and I've never been able to use a tool to pick up a tree seed, regardless of whether I gain a foraging level or not.
        • Fuzzyman

          Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          same here
          • Mondai

            Mondai Title Not Found

            Yeah, it seems like it's bugged. It works in single player as long as you've got level 1 foraging, but it doesn't seem to work in multiplayer. Fortunately, you seem to get enough seeds by chopping down trees that you never really run out, if you're just using them to plant... but if you're trying to do anything else with them, like make the lumberjack snack or whatever it's called, you're kinda doomed on that.
            • Mr. R

              Mr. R Poptop Tamer

              I've been experiencing this bug as well.

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