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Should your cat or dog be more involved in the gameplay?

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  2. No

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  3. Eh...whatever, don't care.

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  1. Ghostysaurus

    Ghostysaurus Seal Broken

    It would be cool to have your cat or dog do more than just roam the farm and meow/bark. Stuff like occasionally using them to help aid in treasure hunting or fighting monster when mining. Or have them retrieve various items as their gifts to you. It'd be nice to have something to do with them.
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    • lordofdragonss

      lordofdragonss Void-Bound Voyager

      Of course I do want that! Aspecialy they are so cute!

      Harvestmoon 3 on GBA had many basic animals with lots of unique perks!
      Dog guarded your lifestock if they stayed outside
      Cats bring random seeds
      Pig bring random ammount of money every day
      And there also a falcon which also bring the seeds.

      I personaly think Cats protecting your crops, while dogs protecting your lifestock would be enough, but I love to see them as upgradable fighters as well!
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      • Nurio

        Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

        I always love it when companions (usually of the animal variety like pets) fight alongside you in games and have skills, levels and experience of their own
        • Jumboshrimp

          Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

          I agree, dogs and cats should be able to use in cooking as well like hot dog or something.
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          • CarbonCoal

            CarbonCoal Void-Bound Voyager

            I love games where your pets can travel with you and help you fight.It would be nice if you could do that in this game.
            • Sweetmeats

              Sweetmeats Space Hobo

              I was thinking about how cool it would be for there to be mice and wild dogs/foxes similar to how crows/scarecrows work in game. If you choose a cat, it can hunt mice (which steal crops or feed) and the more it loves you (the more you love it), the more it catches. Otherwise you have to put down mouse traps?

              With dogs it could be the classic Harvest Moon-esque wild dogs coming to make your livestock unhappy (or possibly kill them?) Your dog would take on the role of scaring them off and defending your fowl and livestock (instead of you having to do it yourself).

              Being able to acquire both pets somehow would be really cool too.
              • Fabian68

                Fabian68 Space Hobo

                Yes 17 vote 100%

                Lol we agree
                • ssokolow

                  ssokolow Cosmic Narwhal

                  Yes, with the caveat that audio needs to be rebalanced so I'm not choosing a cat exclusively to spare me ears.

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