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USCM request

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Futz205, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Futz205

    Futz205 Master Chief

    Question idk if any devs will see this or if this will be noticed but can we get the USCM bunkers, weapons, and enemies back I didn't get to see them myself and I honestly think it's a cool concept and I would really like to see it come back in the future
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  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I suggest that you say that directly to the dev (even though I am not sure if they will listen or not), because I doubt they ever check this forums nowadays. But if you want, there is a mod that brings that back.
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  3. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    your best bet at this point is to mod that stuff back in, I doubt CF have any plans to introduce more USCM content given that lorewise they're a defunct organization in-universe now
  4. Masiakasaurus

    Masiakasaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Pretty sure the devs stopped looking at the forums years ago
  5. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    it's more that there aren't any SB devs around at this point in time
  6. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    Whilst it's true that Chucklefish are focused on Witchbrook at the moment it doesn't mean Starbound is dead. There are devs and they will be working on Starbound again in the future. There is a content freeze right now so they can properly optimaise things for Xbox port. Yes, the port is still going to happen.
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  7. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    I do recall rumors that some new devs were hired for SB after 1.4.4 was released or so, but I guess this is confirmation for me that those rumors were true? Admittedly we might be getting a little off topic here, unless it's fine for things to go off course a bit on these forums
  8. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    I can't confirm anything. I am not a Chucklefish employee, just a volunteer moderator. But what I've said comes from what they've posted in their official discord. Visit the Starbound channel and check the pins to see for yourself.

    Going slightly off topic is okay so long as it doesn't go too far.
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  9. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Yup, they did pin it.
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  10. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    well, that's good to hear at least, maybe I should hop into the CF server sometime heh
  11. BAM-BIN-0

    BAM-BIN-0 Guest

    Welp, suprise suprise!

  12. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    fun fact, I repurposed this to make USCM remnant bunker dungeon

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