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Closed [Urgent] Need help!

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Poklok44, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Poklok44

    Poklok44 Master Chief

    okay so Im changing my ISP very soon and my e-mail is hooked up threw them, how am i going to get the game to not goto my old e-mail but goto the new e-mail i make! I really dont want to have any troubles with getting starbound when the beta comes out so i was hoping someone could help me with this!
  2. Hey Poklok, you just need to click in your Key that is in the mail, and go to the Redeem page (click the key) to change your EMAIL. You can also change the humble page email you claimed in the bottom of it.

    Do that and no worries!
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  3. Poklok44

    Poklok44 Master Chief

    thank you bacon!
    hopefully this will work
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  4. Pardos

    Pardos Pangalactic Porcupine

    ...also, FYI, you should have an e-mail that isn't hooked up to your ISP. It's generally a bad idea. You can always make another one.
  5. Poklok44

    Poklok44 Master Chief

    I do have one that isnt hooked up to my ISP but my general one IS hooked up to my ISP :wut:
  6. Kevio

    Kevio Star Wrangler

    I know with some ISP's they allow you to keep your email address with them even after you've cancelled service. You may want to check with them. You may also be able to forward all the mail that goes to that address to your new email account. Just a thought!
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