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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Eric, Jul 8, 2017.

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    The thing that made Terraria one of my favorite games of all time was the adventure maps. No other game has really come close. Starbound has everything you could ever DREAM of being in a shared map, but with the complete lack of ability to share maps. All those buttons and blocks and special widgets mean nothing if you only run into them because you put them there.

    I'm certain its been said before but it NEEDS to be said again, let us upload our planets to the workshop. I have a full idea on how this could work.

    New Furniture Items: Wayfaring Station and Wayfaring Beacon.

    The wayfaring beacon would, when placed, allow you to turn the world/space station you are on into a wayfaring instance/mission, which you can upload directly to the steam workshop, the beacon will have parameters such as mining being an option, time limits, lighting cycle on and off. Other things like that.

    The wayfaring station would allow you to teleport to downloaded wayfaring instances/missions and go through them like any main game mission. They would act like a sort of SAIL/Captains Chair. From there, other players can just teleport directly to you.

    Further ideas: If implemented, there could be wiring devices that control the world much more precisely, but ONLY activate if they are in a wayfaring mission. They could be crafted in a new tab on the wiring bench. Things like: Set Time, Set Weather, Spawn Monster, and Set Gravity.

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