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    I really like the way Hill Top looks, but one loses so much farm land to settle there it is hard to justify.

    So I tried to make the map a bit bigger and that ended in lots and lots of failure.

    So instead I decided to improve the ore that spawns.

    Here is an explanation of how normal ore spawning works:

    I've redone it so things work a bit differently.

    The start of the game spawn works exactly the same.
    Every day, the ore spawn mechanic runs as described, and then it accompanied by a new one that spawns more ores. This new one tends to spawn more ores and better ores, and scales better with mining level.

    Every 10 minutes, there is a .1% * mining level chance to spawn a random ore with the new mechanics.

    Every season change, you get a whole bunch of new ores (and the higher the mining level, the more ores you get).

    Future Plans

    I'll add details later and plan to add a config file to let the user configure this.

    Help Needed

    I'm also looking for suggestions on how to disable the build in daily ore spawn (the start of game one I'm not even going to try to touch) so I can fully replace.

    Balance Issues
    More ores, and you do get higher ores faster (Iridium has a chance to spawn starting at mining level 8 instead of 10), but this shouldn't feel like a cheat. That said this is my first pass with the numbers and a lot of fine tuning in required.


    If you are if the ore spawning area, ores could spawn around you and block your path out. Only go there with a pickaxe (any level).

    I'll take any right now. No promises.

    Comparison Charts

    Anyways, here is the ore generated by default:
    LevelStone 1Stone 2Magma GeodeFrozen GeodeGeodeCopperIronGoldIridium

    Here is the ore I generate every time.
    LevelStone 1Stone 2Magma GeodeFrozen GeodeGeodeCopperIronGoldIridium

    Here is how many ore spawns every day on average (remembering that if an ore spawns on top of a square with something in it, it fails to spawn).

    Original: 2 (with the most on any single day being 9).


    Pretty much anything unless it edits the item ids of the ores being spawned (which I highly doubt).

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    • Mineral Mike

      Mineral Mike Space Hobo

      Great mod. It's what I wanted from the hilltop all along and now I can have it. Thank you.
      • 2Scribble

        2Scribble Void-Bound Voyager

        Not to be a nit picker - but wouldn't it be a better idea to make this like a DAILY thing? I mean... every ten minutes sounds like a bit out of balance
        • Lawtonfogle

          Lawtonfogle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          It is both.

          Every ten minutes there is a 0.1% chance per mining level a single ore spawns. If you normally play between 6am to midnight, you play for 18 hours, or 108 ten minute periods.

          I ran a simulation (simulating 1 million days at each mining level), and the result was you get 1 ore every ten days per mining level. So even at level ten, you would on average get a single ore a day. The main source of ores are the daily and the monthly runs.

          Another way of thinking about this is that 0.1% * 108 = .108 ore per day, which is then multiplied by mining level.
          • Timidx3

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            Does this affect the quarry area at all?
            • Lawtonfogle

              Lawtonfogle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              It does not.
              • DuosAngel

                DuosAngel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Downloaded this earlier and it works great! Thank you for the great mod!
                • Moonstruck Muse

                  Moonstruck Muse Big Damn Hero

                  Thank you so much for this! I really felt like the hilltop map was pretty useless (A shame because I really dislike the mines themselves) and this will make playing the game and avoiding the mines much easier/nicer.

                  (Edit of an Edit: I thought this didn't work for the mac version of SAMPI, but it appears to now.)

                  This is really helpful and appreciated. Cheers!
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                  • NexusVoidZero

                    NexusVoidZero Void-Bound Voyager

                    Is this mod not going to be updated?
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                    • thebiggestbigfoot

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                      Hey! Just wanted to say I love the idea of this mod; but it doesn't work on SDV 1.3.32 / SMAPI 2.10.1
                      I'd love an update, if you coud do that please!

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