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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Hello There is this lovely mod but it needs updating to 1.4 there already is a unofficial link but the creator said it wouldn't work for 1.33+ anyway the mod is called Advize's Farm Expansion here are the links to it

    unofficial for 1.3:

    This is a very good mod and I looked through the Posts on nexus and their getting the same issues (no global forage, no truffles, etc).

    Official link:
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      Anyone had luck getting Deluxe Autograbber to work properly? Dunno if its because of automate or what.. Log is here:

      I have global tile set, map set, grabber is on the tile. I also have another grabber near crops, and in the greenhouse. Sometimes the global grabber will have stuff, sometimes it wont and I can't interact with it at all. Sometimes the grabber will place stuff to an attached box, sometimes it wont. I have tried doing them standalone, connected via machine group, with/without boxes, etc. Seems like it will gather stuff like 1 out of 5 days, and eventually the global grabber just returns an error that it is full. At that point the only thing I can do is knock it down and place it again.

      Appreciate the help!
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        i dont have automat and its working just fine for me. have you tried uninstalling both and rerunning then reinstalling?
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          I absolutely cannot get this to work... I've installed the standardized Krobus and this file. The dialogue seems to work but the sprites and portraits are still showing vanilla. HELP?
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            Well seems that mail order pigs might be the key :) it doesnt do everything but it skips the step of selecting the barn/coop which was a big time user for me
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              I was hoping someone could update this mod? It was converted to Content Patcher once before, but it crashes when attempting to save, so it seems to have broken.
              Penny to Pryce Personality Overhaul (Gender Swap)
              original mod(6/2017):
              unofficial update (9/2018):

              When saving/starting the next day, the game crashes (due to an NPC update issue?) when running this mod on a clean install.
              1. put this mod and contentpatcher in Mods folder
              2. start stardew valley with smapi
              3. load game
              4. sleep and try to start the next day
              5. the game will crash without completing the save successfully, and the next day will never come.
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                Hello ..anyone can update the UI INFO SUIT mod for android??
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                  Can old animal BFAV before your update used on your mod? like Bear animal that still use edit data action?
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                    Thank you very much for updating this mod! However, it doesn't load during Summer, whether the backwoods entrance is set to be used or not. Can anyone give me any ideas for a fix? I've come to rely on this mod..

                    EDIT: Found a fix, for the others having this problem-
                    Find the file "summer_outdoorsTileSheet.xnb" in the game files- Stardew Valley>Content>Maps. Copy the file, and paste it into Stardew Valley>Content.

                    Not sure why, but the summer outdoors tilesheet was missing from the content folder, but all the other seasons seem to be there.

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                      I made an unofficial version of this mod, but it has some bugs on the code. (I made a pull request, this time)
                      I corrected all these bugs and i made another version:

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                        I came back to the game after a month long break. I did the usual and updated all my mods and smapi and everything seemed to be working mostly fine until I tried to access my fridge. The Expanded Fridge mod is updated to the latest version found in this thread, but I'm getting a "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this, because it won't let me access my fridge or save the game. Here's my log if you need it
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                          Have you tried doing a clean install of the mod? Meaning deleting the old folder instead of just letting it overwrite with the new version?
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                            Yup, that's what I always do.
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                              Does this work with the animal chooser?

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